Meizu M3s Mini Can’t See Computer

Meizu M3s Mini Can't See Computer

Meizu company improves its smartphones every year. We give money for a colorful screen, wonderful sound, high-quality pictures, games, high performance and autonomy. But if Meizu’s phone does not see the SIM card, then it turns into a useless toy. Let’s try to figure out whether it is possible to independently correct the situation or not.

Reasons for the malfunction

We’ll figure out what to do if, for example, Meizu M5 does not see a SIM card.

Faults may include:

  • In the chip. Since there is a special chip on the SIM card that is responsible for telephone communications, a network failure occurs when it is mechanically damaged, and the device stops seeing the card.
  • In the map itself. There are situations when it expires. Then it is blocked by the operator.
  • In the operating system. If you unsuccessfully flashed software (software) or introduced a virus into your phone.
  • In a smartphone. Several elements of the gadget are responsible for telephone communication: a card holder, a connector, a transmitter, a power controller, an amplifier, and others. If at least one of them suffers, the SIM card will not be read.

Meizu M3s Mini Can't See Computer

Simka cannot be read. self-fix

If two SIM cards are installed in the device, then check if the power saving mode is turned on. If it is active, the device will turn off the second card due to high power consumption. To enable it, follow these steps:

  • go to the control menu;
  • open the tab “SIM cards and networks”;
  • select the “Manage SIM card” section;
  • turn on both SIM cards, placing opposite telecom operators, for example, body 2, pay, beeline, checkmarks in check boxes.

SIM card mechanical damage

First of all, you should take away the simplest reason. the malfunction of the SIM card itself. To do this, check if the chip is intact. If it has deep scratches, it may be damaged. You could also damage it yourself if you cut the standard card, trying to turn it into a micro-sim or nano-sim. Meizu often uses the smallest of them, namely nano-cards, which are entirely composed of a chip. This is why you need to be careful to crop the card. It will be better if you get ready-made from the operator.

To fix this problem, check if the SIM card works in another phone. Doesn’t work. need to change. It works. the problem is something else.

Meizu M3s Mini Can't See Computer

SIM card not readable

When you do not use a SIM card for a long time, it can be blocked. This problem is easily solved: just call your mobile operator.

If you just purchased a SIM card, but it does not work, replenish the balance. In this way you can activate it.

Perhaps the smartphone has got wet and the contact has oxidized, or dust has got into it. In this case, wipe the card holder with alcohol.

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Maybe Simka is not tight to the contacts. To fix the problem, press the card with a piece of paper so that the edge of the sheet protrudes. Then you can easily remove it without clogging the device with paper.

Video: Meizu M3s Mini Can’t See Computer

If the reason is in the operating system

The situation when the smartphone does not see the SIM card (for example, Meizu M3 Note) may occur if you reflash an Android device. At the same time, you could add a virus to your gadget.

Meizu M3s Mini Can't See Computer

If your smartphone is infected with malware

In this case, to fix the problems, reboot the device by resetting it to the factory settings. Save all important information in advance. To do this, back up and transfer the information to a computer or USB flash drive.

Turn off the smartphone, and then turn it on while simultaneously holding down the power button and volume up button. When the Meizu sign appears on the screen, the recovery mode will boot, and then the menu will appear on the display.

To reset to factory defaults, click on Clear data. Then the system may ask you for a password. Even if you do not remember the password for your Flyme account, just install the new firmware version.

Before starting the smartphone firmware, disable the antivirus program that is installed on it. Otherwise, the new software will not start.

Check that the battery is at least 20% charged.

If you unsuccessfully reflash the software

In this case, download the new version of the software from the official website of the manufacturer. To do this, you need to choose the version that suits your model. For example, if you use the Meizu M5, then the software for the M5 Note or M5S is not suitable for you, as well as the Meizu M3 you do not need to install the M3S mini or M3 Note software.

To reinstall the software, follow these instructions:

  • download the latest software for your gadget to a computer or other device;
  • move the file to a separate folder and upload it to removable micro-SD media;
  • insert micro-SD into the phone;
  • start the smartphone in recovery mode (for this, press two buttons together: turn on the smartphone and the volume rocker with the “down” position);
  • in the menu that appears, click Install flash and wait until the software is installed.

If the manipulations did not help, you should contact the service center.

Meizu M3s Mini Can't See Computer

If the cause is mechanical damage to the smartphone

Mechanical damage to the phone could occur as a result of its fall or contact with water.

If, for example, a SIM card slot is damaged in the gadget, then you can fix this problem only if you have special equipment. To repair it, soldering is required. This is the case if you use a smartphone that has a remote hybrid card tray: M5 Note or u10. If you use the flagships mx3 or mx4 pro, then such a breakdown does not threaten you, since there is no lot in them and the SIM card is hidden deep under the lid.

Damage that affected one of the elements of the gadget will be difficult to fix on its own. It will require knowledge and skills, so it will be correct to contact the service center.

Meizu M3s Mini Can't See Computer

Terms of repair and cost in the service center, at the private master

If you could not fix the smartphone yourself, then contact the service center. The official service center has advantages. Firstly, they have all the necessary details for the gadgets of the Meizu company, and they won’t have to wait until the necessary one is delivered. Secondly, they give a guarantee on their work. Thirdly, the diagnosis at the center is always free.

It remains to compare the time and money that will be spent on repairs.

In the official service center:

  • The time that will be spent on a certain part of the work will be half an hour.
  • For a private master, prices are usually higher and start at 700 rubles. The time it takes to repair varies from 45 minutes.
Meizu M3s Mini Can't See Computer

Meizu M3s Mini Can't See Computer


This video briefly and clearly explains why the smartphone does not see the SIM card and how to solve this problem:

When a meyza does not see a SIM card, it is not always possible to correct the situation yourself. In the event that you have a SIM card stuck in your smartphone or have mechanical damage to your gadget, do not rush to fix it yourself: contact professionals to not aggravate the situation.

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