Meizu M3s Google Play Not Working

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Meizu M3s Google Play Not Working

Recently, problems with the Google Play Market in Meizu smartphones have become more frequent. As a rule, application malfunctions occur after updating and flashing the OS. Consider the two most popular Google Play issues and their solutions.

Why the Google Play Market doesn’t work on Meizu – main reasons

If the Play Market does not work on your Meizu phone or tablet, then this can be caused by a number of errors, ranging from a failure to connect to the Internet and ending with a conflict with other applications. To prevent the Play Market from breaking, you have to browse through a large number of settings and try different methods of troubleshooting. Let’s talk about the most likely causes of the malfunction:

  • Internet does not work on smartphone
  • Conflict with installed applications
  • Failure or error updating the operating system

As you can see, the malfunction of the playmarket is not such a difficult problem, so you should not take your smartphone and run headlong into the workshop, but you should try to fix the problem yourself.

Video: Solving the problem with the Google service on Meizu m3s

Why Google Play does not open on Meizu

After the corresponding icon is created on the screen, you need to open it and select the item in the application “Unistall”. After uninstalling Google services, click “A Key To Install”, after which all the applications will be reinstalled. After the installation is complete, you can again use the Play Market, after re-activation. These actions will help to get rid of the problem when the Play Market in Meiza does not open.

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Meizu M3s Google Play Not Working

Meizu – applications do not load in Google Play, or gives an error

Meizu users may find that Google Play apps simply don’t load. And again the question arises: why does the Play Market not work on Meizu? If the above method did not help, then let us turn to another. First you need to create a second Google account: go to “Settings”. “Accounts”. “Add Account”. Google » and activate. After that, open the menu in the Play Market and connect through a new account. You need to upload any file (program, game, widget, etc.), and then switch to your previous account.

Meizu M3s Google Play Not Working

Video: Meizu M3s Google Play Not Working


This “reload” of accounts allows you to resume the process of downloading applications. This method is suitable for most models, including the Meizu M3. Note that there is an even more radical way. this is resetting to factory settings, however, it is worth bearing in mind that with this method all user personal data is lost, and all applications that are installed on the device will be deleted. After any of these procedures, the OS again sees the Play Market on Meizu and supports its correct operation.

Uninstall and install Google Play on smartphones Meizu – step-by-step instruction

IMPORTANT! THESE INSTRUCTIONS ARE FOR USE ONLY FOR MEIZU OFFICIALLY SOLD DEVICES! Smartphones for the domestic market of China, bought from Chinese sites or from unofficial dealers, may give errors when performing this installation. You can always check if your MEIZU smartphone is official, by IMEI-1 of your smartphone on the official website: IMEI-1 can be found in the settings, in the information about the smartphone.

ATTENTION. On some smartphones, the default in the settings is a ban on downloading applications via mobile data. In order to disable it, you must perform the following steps.

How to use Hot Apps, or Featured on Meizu

Hot Aps has an interface similar to the Play Market. It also displays applications. However, they do not form in different categories. All software is laid out on one first page. To view it, you just need to scroll down the page. For convenience, there are pointers on which section the user is currently located:

  • Recommended apps
  • hot new games;
  • Popular apps of all time.

Many out of habit try to find a search to find material of interest. Just say that he is not here. All program lists are automatically generated based on demand for a certain period of time. The more popular a particular program is gaining among users, the higher its likelihood of getting into Meizu’s Hot Apps.

Meizu M3s Google Play Not Working

This approach allows you to always stay in trend. It becomes impossible to miss all the hits released this week. Thanks item “Popular apps of all time” the most necessary software is always with you. There are times when you have to change the OS on a smartphone. To facilitate the search: the popular Privat24, Facebook, Vkontakte, Odnoklassniki and much more already has a separate item in Hot Apps. It is enough to install everything from it, and the smartphone is again connected to all social networks and other important applications.

Everything is updated daily or weekly, depending on which item to look at. In order not to get confused in installed applications and those that are not yet there is a corresponding button next to the shortcuts. If something is already installed, the inscription will be displayed. “Open”. Accordingly, the inscription “Install” indicates a lack of software on your smartphone.

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