Meizu M3 Note Installing Google Play

Hello. In 2016, the Chinese manufacturer of mobile gadgets Meizu made a responsible decision. to abandon all Google utilities in a standard set of applications. Thus, a lot of disk space and RAM were saved, but users began to have a question. how to install Play Market on Maize. There are two ways that will be discussed in this review.

We use the built-in installer

This method is not suitable for all models. It will definitely work on Mayes 5 or M3 Note. Here’s what you need to do:

  • On the main screen there should be a folder with the best applications, which may be called “Hot Apps”. Opening it, you will see the Google Services icon, which is designed to install the necessary software:
Meizu M3 Note Installing Google Play
  • Upon completion of the operation, a notification about the need to restart the gadget will be displayed on the smartphone screen. And after a few minutes, you can freely use Google software.
  • After installation, many users immediately delete the installer, considering it unnecessary, taking up unnecessary space. But I would not recommend doing this. Indeed, in the event of failures from the Play Market, it may be necessary to reinstall it in the future.

How to Install Play Market on Meizu Using an APK File

If the above option is not relevant for you, any problems arise, then the question is solved as follows: you need to download the installation file to your computer, and then copy it to the smartphone’s memory by connecting it with a cable to the PC. Here is a step-by-step guide:

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  • The installer can be downloaded from any resource that you find on the network, but it is better to use proven sources. Here is the link to Play Market on Meise download:

Video: Meizu M3 Note Installing Google Play

  • When you try to install, the Android system can swear, so you should first activate the installation from unknown sources in the security settings:
  • Now take the supplied USB lanyard and connect its ends to the laptop and mobile device. Then move the downloaded googleinstaller.apk file to any place in the phone’s memory.
  • Launch “Explorer” (File Manager) on Meiza, find the necessary installer and just tap on it to start the installation.
  • It remains only to wait for the end of the procedure. Rebooting the gadget is not required.

Possible conflicts

We figured out how to install the Play Market on Meizu, but there are some problems that can pretty much ruffle the owners of Chinese smarts.

  • Suddenly the Play Market will stop starting, you should reinstall it.

On the main screen, go to the “Hot Applications” folder. Hot Apps and using the search bar we find the installer (we write the request “Google installer”);

We install the found file, and then run it. Since the software is already present on the phone, the uninstall button “Uninstall” will be available, which should be clicked:

As soon as the cleaning is completed, open this application again, but now there will be another button. “Key to install”. By clicking it, we will reinstall the software and get rid of the problems.

  • If the Google software catalog is launched, but you can’t download a single utility or game, then the problem is the account. You need to try adding a new one, log into it, try downloading something through it, and then switch back to your usual account.
  • Often, users complain about a defect associated with downloading software on certain phone models. It is recommended to enter the settings, then. “Applications”. In the list, find “Download Manager” and go to its properties. In a new window, it is worth erasing the data by tapping on the corresponding element:

It is good that the Chinese manufacturer promptly eliminates all errors by issuing updates. My friends have repeatedly complained about the devices of this brand, they wondered. How to install Play Market on Maze. As a result, everything was decided very quickly and simply. I am sure my instruction will not be difficult to implement. But if controversial issues arise, please report this in the comments.

Meizu M3 Note Installing Google Play

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