Meizu M2 Mini Upgrade To 6 1

Continuous development of the mobile phone market leads to the fact that new models of smartphones are constantly coming out. Rapidly gaining momentum, MEIZU also offers users more advanced product lines all the time. However, earlier MEIZU models are still in demand and attractive, which is achieved thanks to the support of the relevance of software in the company’s products. In particular, the company regularly releases updates for its proprietary Flyme shell.

For example, Meizu M2 Mini is very popular among users, the firmware of which can be regularly updated, due to which the phone does not lose its relevance, although it was released in 2015. This review will be devoted to the topic of firmware of the aforementioned phone. For him, there are many modifications of firmware, in particular:

  1. Firmware International It is multilingual, including supports the Russian language. It is focused on the European market.
  2. Universal public. This is a universal firmware provided for various phone models, and is also suitable for the Meizu M2 Mini. The only thing worth noting is that it lacks support for the Russian language.
  3. Unicom It is sharpened for the original Chinese firmware and is also deprived of the Russian language.

In addition to official firmware, there are a large number of custom ones that are developed by users themselves. It is worth warning that the installation of custom ones must be approached very consciously, since the installation of low-quality software can lead to malfunctions of the phone.

Using phone

Before starting the installation, it is necessary to carry out the preparatory phase, which is no less important than the installation itself. First you need to backup the data from the phone, as they will be completely lost. In order to do this, you need:

  1. Go to “Settings“, Then go to the section”Personal“And select”Memory and backups.
  2. Go to the section “Other“And select the function”Copy and restore.
  3. Next, you need to select the storage where the data will be transferred by selecting “Choose storage location“. After that, select the checkmarks next to the type of data that you want to copy. Having marked all the files, you need to click “Start copying.

All deleted data from the phone will be easily transferred back to it after the update, acting on the above items, only in the last paragraph instead of “Start copying“You will need to select”Reestablish.

The firmware process itself can be divided into the following stages:

  1. Download firmware from the official site.
  2. Check file name and extension.
  3. Run the smartphone in Recovery mode“.
  4. Reboot Meizu smartphone.

Consider each item individually.

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Download firmware from the official site

Before downloading the installer file, you need to prepare the phone, in particular, you need to make sure that the phone has a full battery charge. To download the official version, you need to go to the manufacturer’s website and select the latest firmware version. The downloaded file must be saved in the root of the device’s memory.

Video: Meizu M2 Mini Upgrade To 6 1

Check file name and extension

After the file has been downloaded, it is crucial to make sure that the file has the correct name and extension, otherwise the installation may fail or may not start at all. To check the name, go to the root of the memory and find the file called “”. If the installation file has a different name, an error “Firmware not found.

We launch the smartphone in Recovery mode

In order to start the phone in “Recovery mode“, You need to completely turn it off, and then press and hold two keys at once.”Turning on“And the upper part of the rocker”Volume“- until the name of the phone or the inscription”System upgrade“. After that, the field with the firmware settings will open. In the field that appears, select “System upgrade“. Next, click on the item “Start“, After which the firmware will be installed.

Reboot Meizu smartphone

The installation process is quite long and may take a certain amount of time. At the installation stage, you cannot use the phone and turn it on or off yourself without the need. After the installation is complete, the smartphone will reboot automatically, after which it will be necessary to make some settings: select a language, connect to the network and other actions.

Using computer

Installation using a computer is largely similar to the above method and consists of the same steps. A computer is needed if the firmware using the phone is fraught with any difficulties. Special utilities that help to correctly install the firmware will help optimize this process.

Download firmware

Before downloading the installation file, you need to configure the synchronization of the smartphone with the computer. The following actions should be performed:

  1. You must enable the “USB debugging. To do this, go to “Settings“And select”About phone“At the bottom of the list.
  2. Then tap five times on the item “Firmware Version: Flyme“Until the notification”You are now in developer mode“.
  3. After that, you need to return to the item “Settings“And enter the”System“In which you want to select”Specialist. opportunities.
  4. Next, go to the “For developers“Where you want to put the switch in active mode”USB debugging.
Meizu M2 Mini Upgrade To 6 1

Next, you need to download the firmware file to your computer (the process of downloading from the manufacturer’s official website is described above). If there is no way to save the firmware on the phone, then save it to the root of the memory card and insert it into the phone.

Check file name and extension

When downloading a file from the official website of Meizu, it will have a name and extension “ And your downloaded file should have the same name and extension.

Connecting the phone to Recovery mode

To enable “Recovery“, You must perform the same steps as for flashing with the phone, namely: simultaneously hold down and hold the”Turning on“And”Volume“(Up). After that, the message “Meizu“And the”Recovery mode“. Putting your phone in this mode is an integral part of the process.


In the field that appears, select “System upgrade“. Next, click on the item “Start“, After which the firmware will be installed. During the installation of the firmware, repeated phone reboots may occur. They can be either automatic or require user intervention. Therefore, it is necessary to closely monitor the ongoing process. It is possible to understand that Meizu M2 Mini has been completely updated, when the phone itself reboots and turns on in the usual form for the user. Before fully working with the phone, you may need some settings that the device is suggested to implement.

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