Making Toys For Dogs And Puppies

If you are looking for something to occupy your four-legged pet, then this article is for you. Here you will find step by step instructions on how to make toys for dogs and puppies with your own hands. Since toys of this kind serve for a very short time, they should not be complex either in creation or in the very sense of playing with them. Such toys are presented in this article. If you are a fan of doing everything for dogs with your own hands, here you will learn many useful things.

Popular Ball Puzzle

In order to make this toy, we need scissors or knife, a small amount of dry food for dogs and tennis ball.

Methods of making toys for dogs with their own hands:

  1. Make a cut along the line of the ball pattern so that about 1–2 centimeters remained to the middle.
  2. Put some dry food inside the ball.
  3. For quite small puppies You can make a simplified version. To do this, simply make a cross-section of 3-4 centimeters in length.


In order to make this toy for the dog with your own hands, it will take a certain amount soft tissue, type fleece or silk, in order not to injure your pet’s teeth, from 3 to 5 centimeters long. The weaving technique to be used is called "Lotus".

  1. Take two strips of cloth and lay them crosswise. In order to simplify the explanation, let us name all the necessary parts as follows: the strip above is “strip 1”, the strip below is “strip 2”, the lower end of the strip is “end 1”, the upper end of the strip is “end 2”.
  2. The first end of the first strip at an angle of about 45 degrees, put on top of the second strip so that both ends of the first strip are facing to the right.
  3. Now put the second end of the second strip so that it overlaps all two ends of the first and looks up.
  4. With the second end of the first strip, overlap all two parts of the second strip so that it looks to the left.
  5. Place the second end of the second strip over the second end of the first strip and pass between the two parts of the first strip.
  6. Pull on all four ends.
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Repeat these steps until you get the desired length of the cord. So you learned how to make a toy for a dog with your own hands.

Making Toys For Dogs And Puppies
Making Toys For Dogs And Puppies
Making Toys For Dogs And Puppies
Making Toys For Dogs And Puppies
Making Toys For Dogs And Puppies
Making Toys For Dogs And Puppies
Making Toys For Dogs And Puppies
Making Toys For Dogs And Puppies

Tennis ball and rope

Making Toys For Dogs And Puppies

To make such a simple toy for dogs with your own hands, you will need: strong rope or any of its analogs (the length of the rope depends on your wishes), tennis ball, awl, stationery knife or any other thing that can make a hole in a tennis ball.

  1. Make a hole on both sides of a tennis ball 1–2 millimeters in diameter smaller than the diameter of the rope you use.
  2. Thread the rope through two holes so that one end is shorter than the other.
  3. Tie strong knots on the rope as close as possible.

With this toy you can play with your dog or puppy in the tug of war!

Creative toys for dogs

Plastic bottles with a delicacy on a stand – these toys are much more difficult to perform than the rest, but also they will last much longer. You will need wooden bars, plastic bottles and treat for your pet. The amount of wood and bottles is chosen at your discretion.

Next steps:

  1. Make a rod and a stand for it from the harvested wood. As the easiest option, you can make a U-shaped stand of the three bars of the tree.
  2. Can you hold them together glue, nails or screws, then make in its lower part, the “legs” of the letter P, the holes 1–2 millimeters in diameter larger than the diameter of the rod prepared by you.
  3. The “legs” themselves should be 5–8 centimeters taller than the bottle you will use.
  4. Make holes of the same diameter as the holes in the "legs" of your stand, at the top of your bottle.
  5. Pour the inside of the bottle through the neck of the bottle and leave it open.
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To make this dog toy with your own hands, you will need one tennis ball and a decent amount of cloth. For the work!

  1. Fold crosswise two pieces of fabric about 30 centimeters wide, put in the center tennis ball.
  2. Wrap the ball and tie all the pieces of fabric as close as possible to the ball in a narrow stripe. cloth, rubber band or rope.
  3. We cut all four ends into 3–6 equal strips and form pigtails of them, fix a pigtail at the end elastic, rope or strip of fabric.

Stick with treats

One of the simplest toys of all that are represented here. Its essence is to tie at the end of the stick for playing with the dog any delicacy, be it dog biscuits or something else. With this toy your dog will eat exactly as many treats as he can earn!

Rag toy

To make such a toy for dogs and puppies, you will need a thick fabric, for example, velveteen, any filler (cotton wool, sawdust and so on), thread, needle and scissors, marker. Pencil or soap, to draw on the fabric.

  1. Use a marker, soap or a pencil to draw two copies of the desired shape of the future toy on the fabric, you need to take into account that it will be filled, so make the picture a little more than the desired size and move 1–2 centimeters for the seam. Cut out the shape.
  2. Sew the product from the inside and leave a small hole in order to further fill the toy for your pet with filler.
  3. Remove the toy, fill it with a filler and sew a hole.
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Plastic men

All you need for this toy is two plastic cans four different sizes plastic covers, four pieces rope or rope, their length is at your discretion, awl, scissors, stationery knife or some other thing that can make a hole in the plastic.

  1. In a large jar you must make four holes equal in diameter to your rope, and one hole of the same diameter in the caps.
  2. Thread one end of the ropes through the holes in the covers and at the end to make a knot, and the other end through the holes in the jar and also tie at the very end.
  3. Attach a smaller jar to a larger jar, if their threads coincide, you can twist them together, if the jar threads are different, then you can make holes in the center of the big and small jars, thread one rope through them and tie at the end. As the easiest option – you can glue two cans together. scotch or superglue.

With such interesting and simple toys, your four-legged pet certainly will not get bored!

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