Macbook Pro Where’s the Microphone

MacBook microphone does not work. How to recover and configure a Macbook microphone?

Your Mac gives you freedom of choice, including. and job choice. It is not necessary, for example, to be in the office to conduct important negotiations. over, today for full-fledged conferences there are many programs from Skype and Google Hangouts to specialized professional solutions. Anything you need. a high-quality camera and microphone, although you can do without a camera, but what if the microphone doesn’t work?

The first possible reason is if the microphone does not work on the MacBook. software

First, check the settings in the operating system and the program you are using:

  • Is the microphone volume and sensitivity set to sufficient?
  • Is the device correctly selected (you can do this from the Sound of system settings item)

Macbook Pro Where's the Microphone

If everything is okay with the settings, try resetting the NVRAM, sometimes the information about the error that was recorded there sometimes can interfere with the normal operation of your fully functional microphone. This can be done with the Alt Cmd R P key combination when you turn on the laptop (you must hold down the keys when you turn on until the characteristic greeting sound reappears).

If it also didn’t help. run a “working” OS, for example from a live-CD or flash drive. MacBook microphone did not work here? The problem is most likely hardware.

First of all, the microphone itself could fail:

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  • Mechanical impact
  • Unskilled intervention
  • Factory defect or wear
  • Moisture contact

Due to direct mechanical impact, the microphone can be seriously damaged. most likely, the damaged case of the laptop “affects” the microphone. Top case. a microphone replacement will be required, but in this case everything will be clear without serious technical expertise.

Video: Macbook Pro Where’s the Microphone

Mac microphone can also be damaged in case of unskilled repairs, as a rule, this is due to the very high temperature when the soldering of the elements of the motherboard is performed without dismantling it. The microphone body and the piezoelectric element are heated. MacBook Microphone. Fails. In this case, a microphone replacement will also be required.

A little less MacBook microphone does not work due to factory defects or due to physical wear and tear. It is usually impossible to restore such elements.

One of the few times when your the microphone can be saved without changing it. contact with moisture. In this case, cleaning it can help, but you should be prepared for possible problems in the future. Therefore, even if the flooded microphone was restored, it is likely that this is a temporary effect. still recommend replacing it. especially, bearing in mind the fact that this is by no means the most expensive element of your Mac, and replacement will not require serious financial investments.

The situation is somewhat more serious in case of a malfunction of the motherboard. Of course, such cases are less common and, like other problems with the electronics, are usually caused by contact with moisture or voltage drops. Component repair of the MacBook motherboard is always complicated and requires not only professional equipment, but also serious engineer experience. There is, of course, a chance to solve the problem with “little blood.” sometimes for various reasons, the latch in the microphone connector on the motherboard “breaks” and the microphone cable simply moves away from the contacts. But this problem rarely arises, as a rule, also due to self-intervention during an upgrade or repair.

One of the typical malfunctions that cause various problems with sound is the failure of the audio codec (this chip will need to be replaced), which we discussed in more detail in previous articles.

All other malfunctions associated with repairing the motherboard yourself is quite difficult to resolve even with detailed instructions. you can make your motherboard completely unrepairable, especially since the sound circuits on all Mac boards are quite complicated. We recommend contacting a qualified technician for diagnosis and repair.

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