Macbook Pro Does Not See Touchpad

MacBook doesn’t see keyboard and touchpad

Macbook Pro Does Not See Touchpad

In the macOS system, the user’s work largely depends on the functionality of input devices: proprietary controls not only contribute to convenient typing, but also allow for quick navigation within the operating system.

But what if MacBook doesn’t see keyboard and touchpad after falling or in contact with plenty of water? And can the problem be programmatic? Today, our experts will try to answer this question.

Why the MacBook doesn’t see the keyboard and touchpad

When designing the MacBook, Apple engineers opted for a tight fit for the sake of thickness and light weight. Unfortunately, this approach significantly complicates the repair of the device, since access to the keyboard is impossible without a complete disassembly of the laptop, which, in turn, requires extensive experience and a wide arsenal of professional tools.

MacBook Keyboard Replacement. one of the most popular types of work. Therefore, if you encounter similar problems, it is better to contact specialists immediately. As a minimum. for professional diagnostics of the device, because in some cases replacement is not the only way out.

Most often, faults are divided into two main types: hardware and software. It is worth noting that on some MacBook models, the touchpad and keyboard work through a single data cable, and therefore damage to this cable leads to the failure of both devices.

Diagnosing a software malfunction is relatively simple: if the MacBook does not see the keyboard and touchpad when entering macOS, while in the recovery mode these devices function normally, then the malfunction is most likely of a software nature.

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Video: Macbook Pro Does Not See Touchpad

In this case, installing the latest operating system updates or rolling back to a stable version, as well as a complete reinstallation of macOS, may solve the problem. It is worth noting that the software malfunction of the keyboard and touchpad, in most cases, is associated with incorrect operation of the drivers, which is usually preceded by failures when installing or updating the operating system.

On the other hand, if there was an unreasonable occurrence of a malfunction, the roots of the problem can lie at the hardware level. In this case, post factum it is practically impossible to establish the exact causes of the failure, and the only method of localizing the malfunction is service diagnostics. In rare cases, you can associate the influence of external factors. falling or contact with moisture. with the breakdown of input devices, but in most cases the user does not pay much attention to such issues: for example, if you touch the touchpad with wet hands, the malfunction may manifest itself after days or even weeks from the moment of moisture.

How is a professional repair performed

A malfunction of the keyboard and touchpad is considered one of the most common types of breakdowns, however, the solution to this problem directly depends on its real cause.

If the cause of the malfunction is a broken cable, repair will not require a large investment of time and money. On the other hand, if there has been contact with the liquid, things are much more complicated: when moisture gets on the system board, the distribution of oxides begins, which is why at some point the circuit board tracks are closed. Most often, this leads to minor malfunctions, and it is enough for the engineer to clear the board of traces of moisture, however, if the user delays a visit to the service center, there is a risk of larger damage.

Thus, the user may need to replace the keyboard or touchpad (depending on the nature of the damage), or, in the case of a more serious nature of the breakdown, a complete replacement of the upper part of the body (topcase). In the most extreme case, the motherboard is replaced, however, most often, it is possible to get by with its component repair, which is much more profitable and faster.

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