Macbook Air What Year To Choose

On the pros and cons of the current line of Apple laptops.

Notice how the MacBook line has grown over the past few years? Previously, I had to choose between a powerful Pro and compact Air. Now in the lineup there are five (!) Laptops and a dozen modifications.

It’s not easy even for fans to understand them, what to say about new users. I will try to ease the torment of choice and tell which MacBook to choose in 2018.

Macbook air

Macbook Air What Year To Choose

MacBook Air. the most affordable, but controversial laptop in the line.

The design has not changed for six years, but it still looks fresh. The brushed aluminum case is perfectly assembled and, by the way, is more durable than the modern MacBook. We must try to damage or scratch it. The new MacBooks have become much more tender, so they are overgrown with chips from scratch.

The MacBook Air weighs a little more than a kilogram, so you can carry it with you at least all day and work wherever convenient. Despite its compact size, autonomy stably lasts for 10-12 hours. You can easily work with photos and texts, even mount unpretentious videos.

Familiar ports in place. There is a pair of USB and an SD card slot, which is missing in the new Pro.

The last (but not least) argument in favor of the MacBook Air is price. This is the most affordable Apple laptop and, in my opinion, the best option in the segment up to 70 thousand rubles. Prices for the new MacBook start at 100,000, and not everyone can afford them.

However, if you decide that the MacBook Air is the perfect laptop, take your time.

Macbook Air What Year To Choose

The MacBook Air has an obsolete display in all senses with a resolution of 1,440 × 900 pixels. His eyes quickly get tired, the picture is faded and grainy. After the new Pro, you won’t look without tears.

The second drawback is the old keyboard and trackpad without Force Touch. Typing on a butterfly is more convenient and faster. You get used to the slow travel of the keys, and you don’t want to go back.

I do not recommend taking a MacBook Air. It has a frankly bad screen, an old keyboard and not the thinnest and lightest body. New models bypass it in these parameters. The main advantage is the lowest price among all MacBooks. But you knowingly buy an outdated device. I am sure that after the summer presentation, the MacBook Air will be discontinued and it will go down in history.

If you need a small laptop, pay attention to the following model.

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Next in the lineup is the MacBook. Just a MacBook.

If the MacBook Air is compact, then the MacBook is tiny. It weighs 900 grams, sometimes you check to see if you forgot to take it with you. It is smaller than the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. Such supermobility makes it indispensable on business trips and trips. You can comfortably work in a train, a car. yes, anywhere.

The screen on the MacBook is excellent and second only to Pro models. Diagonal. 12 inches, resolution. 2 304 × 1440 pixels, thin frames around. The picture is bright and saturated, watching movies and editing photos is a pleasure. It is curious that the baby has impressive autonomy. an average of 8–9 hours. During the day, you can forget about the outlet.

The MacBook has passive cooling. There are no coolers, so it works silently. Heats up slightly, only in the most demanding applications.

The MacBook is the first Apple laptop to receive a butterfly keyboard. I got used to it quickly, I like the small key travel, and working on another keyboard is now inconvenient. It seems like the fingers are falling through.

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Macbook Air What Year To Choose

When Apple introduced the first generation MacBook in 2015, many did not take it seriously. Small, processor weak, only one USB-C port. “Dear typewriter”. that’s what it was called. For me, it was the main computer that coped with all the tasks. I often went on business trips, wrote posts on the road, processed photos.

Of course, it was inferior in speed to the MacBook Pro, but this is the case when size matters. In 2017, they introduced the third generation with two processors. the mobile m3 and the “adult” i5. The laptop noticeably increased in speed and learned how to easily cope with heavy software.

I solved the problem of a single port by purchasing a 27-inch monitor with USB-C. On the road, the laptop remains small and comfortable, and at home I work in front of a large screen. I connect the peripherals directly to the monitor, for this there is a pair of USB. In the process, the monitor also charges the MacBook. All this through one USB-C port. here it is, a wireless future.

The only downside to the MacBook is its high price. It costs like a MacBook Pro 13 without Touch Bar. If performance and port count are more important, pay attention to it.

If you need a mobile, nimble and beautiful laptop, MacBook is the best choice.

MacBook Pro 13 without Touch Bar

Macbook Air What Year To Choose

The youngest model in the line of professional Apple laptops. He was introduced as the successor to the MacBook Air. It is more compact, more powerful, with a new keyboard and a stunning display. It differs from older models, in fact, in the number of ports and the lack of Touch Bar.

A pair of USB-C is enough to connect a monitor and accessories. But the lack of a slot for an SD card, a fingerprint scanner and a discrete graphics processor will be written in minuses.

If the MacBook is a fashion item, then the MacBook Pro 13 without Touch Bar is a practical option: it covers most of the tasks of an ordinary user.

Is it worth overpaying about 20 thousand rubles for a model with Touch Bar? I think no.

MacBook Pro 13 with Touch Bar

Macbook Air What Year To Choose

The MacBook Pro 13 with Touch Bar might seem like the perfect laptop. Good hardware, a cool screen with enhanced color gamut, four Thunderbolt 3 ports, a fingerprint scanner and Touch Bar.

But in 2017, Apple reduced the battery capacity from 5,800 to 4,300 mAh, which crossed out the advantages of the laptop. The battery lasts a maximum of five hours, which is absurd for a working tool.

Is there any sense from Touch Bar? Probably not. You can find application, and you will find it is not in vain that you overpaid. But it does not make the workflow more convenient. Think of it as a nice addition, but not a reason to buy a laptop.

I do not recommend buying the MacBook Pro 13 with the Touch Bar 2017. It is better to take the version without Touch Bar or the 2016 model with a more capacious battery.

MacBook Pro 15

Macbook Air What Year To Choose

A universal laptop for any task. Already in the basic configuration. a quad-core i7 with a frequency of 2.8 GHz, 16 GB of RAM, graphics Radeon Pro 555 with 2 GB of memory and Intel HD Graphics 630. Depending on the tasks, the graphics processor automatically switches. In the top version is Radeon Pro 560 already with 4 GB, but you will have to pay about 30 thousand rubles.

The prices for the MacBook Pro 15 are scary, but they choose it for specific tasks. This solution is not for everyone, but it costs its money.

It has an amazing 15.4-inch display with a resolution of 2,880 × 1,800 pixels, a giant trackpad and cool sound. With such speakers, the need for additional acoustics disappears.

The battery, fortunately, has not changed compared to last year and holds an honest 6-7 hours.

I’ll take it to the minus except that there is no slot for an SD card. Why he did not find a place in the Pro models remains a mystery to me.


  • Macbook. A beautiful thin laptop for those who need mobility. A great solution for working with text or processing photos on the go.
  • MacBook Pro 13 without Touch Bar. for those who lack the performance of a regular MacBook and one port, but want to have a small and light laptop. A worthy replacement for the MacBook Air.
  • MacBook Pro 15. a professional tool for which you have to pay a considerable amount. He will cope with any task, whether editing video, working with graphics or photos. At the same time, it remains a compact and thin laptop.

I definitely do not recommend buying a MacBook Air. And think a few times if it’s worth overpaying for the MacBook Pro 13 with Touch Bar.

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