Lg 32ln613v Backlight Does Not Work

  • Matrix Type: TFT IPS
  • Screen Format: 16: 9
  • LED backlight: yes, Direct LED
  • Resolution: 1920×1080
  • Diagonal: 32" (81 cm)
  • Type: LCD TV
  • HD Resolution: 1080p Full HD
  • Refresh Rate: 200 Hz
  • Total sound power: 20 W (2×10 W)
  • Acoustic system: two speakers


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Lg 32ln613v Backlight Does Not Work
  • Repair LED backlight LCD LCD TV at home (soldering on an iron)

Features LG 32LN613V

Check with the seller for exact specifications.

Check with the seller for exact specifications.

Pros and Cons of the LG 32LN613V

Compared to Philips in 2010, the TV flies, it reacts to the remote with a bullet. He knows and knows all file formats.

the picture is pleasing to the eye.

Very good image quality

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1) the ability to transfer youtube video to a TV from a PC for viewing on a network (or wifi). Those. the link to the video is transmitted, after which the comp. can be turned off, the telly pulls the video to max. quality from the Internet. And when using the AllCast program for Android, you can find any video, even with ex ua (more convenient with the LazyMedia software), and transfer the link from the video to the TV set and watch on the big screen. If the codecs on the telly can play. 75% of all reproduced. 2) a good matrix, respectively a good picture 3) a built-in satellite tuner 4) a digital tuner DVB-T2 with a CI slot, when buying a card from a zeonbud digital Ukr worked without problems. Tv

Great picture. Convenient universal remote control. Films (free) from the Internet are just super. In general, a whole TELEMONOBLOCK. The sound is good, you can adjust the equalizer for yourself. It switches channels quickly. You can control (instead of the remote control) a tablet or phone. The price is adequate for 200 hertz

picture, internet, sound. interfaces, design, weight

Video: Lg 32ln613v Backlight Does Not Work

Very simple and convenient remote control! Compared with other brands, a convenient menu in the settings and browser. While on the Internet, you can make a mini TV window and be aware of what is being shown there now.

Good picture, confident reception and quality of antenna TV

1. The Internet and other YouTube with the remote control is not convenient, there is no superfluous keyboard. And since the TV is hanging over the computer, I do not use these functions at all. 2. Updates fall almost every week, there is no changelog in nature, but judging by googling updates block more and more TV features. 3. Switching audio tracks is very inconvenient, if you watch DVD from USB and several tracks, then when you change the vob file, the track will be reset to "default". When you try to skip a DVD video with multiple tracks, the video freezes and the audio continues to broadcast. I wrote to the support, but how much time will not all the same show them.

minus big in the browser when watching a video when watching in 15-20 minutes, the browser with the signature is kicked out" not enough memory, reload tab." and how to solve this problem and did not find. Putting a flash drive in 16g did not help. so if anyone knows how to solve write.

Everything else. control, remote, SmartTV applications

1) unreliable mounting of the matrix in the frame. it’s scary to wipe the screen, it seems that you can push it inside.
2) in the latest firmware it is impossible to record a video (the function is disabled). copyright
3) there is a satellite tuner, but its management is very difficult. In sorting and channel management, it loses to any cheap tuner.
DiSEQC 1.0, not 1.1
Those. who has more than 4 satellite heads on antennas will not work. I wrote to support, they promised to add it in new firmware. But as you know, the promised one needs to wait

Very uncomfortable model. It shows well, but:
1. the built-in tuner of digital channels constantly junk
2. there is no protective glass, immediately dispersion films superimposed on the matrix
3. The main problem. be prepared that exactly one year later (at the end of the warranty period) the LEDs will light up and the image will disappear completely, only the sound will remain.
This is where the main fun begins. you won’t be able to solder yourself, I tried it, and spare parts of this kind are sold only in a package with a matrix. At the same time, the cost of the matrix is ​​almost equal to the cost of a new TV.
In the workshops they won’t take it, because it’s almost impossible to pick up a spare part, and those that take it will demand the cost of the matrix indicated above.
Do not take it unambiguously.

1. Skype without a camera does not work, you can’t find it and the price is unrealistic
2. automatic control of sound of different channels. turned on but the levels are still different
3. when playing a movie on 720 there is a black frame around the picture 1-1.5 cm

Assembly, brevity of instructions, tuning channels.