Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8 Screen Replacement

Re: Store: urgent repair of Lenovo tablets in Kiev

Repairing Lenovo tablets is a painstaking and technically difficult job, requiring special training and a professional tool. Using innovative equipment, the experience of our craftsmen and preliminary diagnostics, we carry out repair work with minimal time.
We understand how many problems a faulty tablet can cause, so we try to carry out repair work in a minimum amount of time, without compromising on quality. Low prices and guaranteed services. only in Re: Store!

Professional diagnostics. a guarantee of quality repair

Diagnostics is one of the most important steps in the repair of Lenovo tablets. Thanks to it, the true causes of the failure of the device are determined. With the help of modern diagnostic equipment, highly qualified masters of our service center will be able to recognize even those breakdowns that are difficult to determine at first glance. Performing a device check in our service center takes only 20 minutes. Fortunately, the diagnosis of Lenovo tablets is absolutely free, provided that further repairs are carried out in Re: Store, which will save you money on device repairs.

Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8 Screen Replacement

Lenovo tablet screen replacement in Kiev

The screen in any tablet is the most fragile and vulnerable place, because it is it that is most often subjected to mechanical damage and is absolutely not protected from careless operation and the negative impact of the environment. Shocks, falling onto a hard surface, water getting inside, software malfunctions. all these are the main reasons for the Lenovo tablet screen to break. If spots and stripes of various sizes, shapes and colors appear on the screen of your device, the display does not turn on or its backlight is off. an urgent replacement of this element is necessary. In case of failure of the tablet screen, you must contact a specialized Re: Store service center for high-quality help. Our experts will return your device to working condition in just 1 hour! We also repair Apple tablets at our service centers in Odessa, Lviv and Krivoy Rog.

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Stages of repairing a Lenovo tablet in a Re: Store service center:

  • You deliver the device to one of the workshops in Kiev on your own or with the help of a courier service;
  • Service center specialists perform hardware diagnostics. Thanks to it, we evaluate the functional state of the components of the tablet and determine which elements are actually repaired, and which need replacement;
  • Software verification, which determines the need for flashing the device or recovering lost data;
  • We inform you of the diagnostic results and determine a detailed plan for the implementation of repair work;
  • We carry out professional repairs;
  • We inform you about the completion of work;
  • You pick up the device from the workshop yourself or with the help of a courier service.

Not sure about the service center? Feel free to contact us!

Equipment: tweezers, scalpel, hot air gun, screwdriver set.

Materials: 3M adhesive tape, sealant, cleaner