Lenovo Tab S6000 Tablet Does Not Turn On

Wi-Fi wireless technology has long gained wide popularity, so almost every smartphone or tablet can connect to such a network. This is very convenient, because you just need to find the right access point, enter a password and use the Internet. This article will discuss what to do if the Lenovo tablet does not connect to Wi-Fi.

Description of the problem

When connecting an Android device to a Wi-Fi network, the message “Saved, WPA / WPA2 protection” usually appears. In some cases, even with this notification, the Internet is not available on the tablet and you need to somehow solve the problem. We will talk about this below.

Why doesn’t wifi work?

If after connecting the tablet to the access point the web pages do not open in the browser, then you will need to follow several steps to try to fix the problem. The problem can be both in the wrong settings, and in the router itself.


The main methods that should help solve the problem are listed below. Let’s get straight to the point.

Reboot Router

If the Lenovo tablet or phone successfully connects to Wi-Fi and a notification appears on the screen, then you can try restarting the router. Sometimes after this the pages in the browser begin to open, which means that everything works correctly.

Lenovo Tab S6000 Tablet Does Not Turn On

Video: Lenovo Tab S6000 Tablet Does Not Turn On

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Invalid Password

Everything is simple here. If the message “Wrong password”, etc., appears when connecting to the access point, then the entered combination is not correct. If the password is entered correctly, then you need to use one of the solutions described below.

Region in router settings

Wi-Fi error often occurs due to the wrong region in the settings. To change the region you need to go to the device’s web interface. If you do not know how to open the router settings, then read the instructions (it is usually located in the packing box of the router).

Consider the process of changing the region on the example of a router from the manufacturer TP-Link. You need to open the tab “Wireless Mode” and in the “Region”, select the desired country. Do not forget to confirm the saving of new settings using the special button.

Wi-Fi network mode

The router can work in a mode that is not supported on Lenovo gadgets. There are 3 modes in total: b / g / n. The main difference is the speed of sending data. B. the slowest mode, g. medium, n. the fastest mode.

Changing the operating mode can solve the problem with wi-fi. After changing the settings, you need to restart the router and Wi-Fi on the tablet.

The tablet does not see Wi-Fi

It may well be that the router is turned on and working properly, and the phone or tablet does not see the access point. In this case, you need to check the settings. this is one of the main reasons for Wi-Fi not working correctly. You may need to change the operating mode or channel of the router.


This article describes the most effective ways to solve the problem of broken Wi-Fi on Lenovo devices. If you know others. write in the comments.

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