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How to repair IMEI. Step-by-step instruction. Different variants

Sometimes owners of Chinese smartphones face a reset problem IMEI This mainly happens when applied "Reset to factory settings". If not IMEI. the phone loses the GSM communication signal, it does not accept calls and does not make outgoing calls. The operator and the communication signal may even be displayed: MTS, Kyivstar, Life, etc., but will not receive and call. On some models will be displayed "IMEI is invalid" or "IMEI is missing" for both sim cards.

Confidently determine if there is IMEI by typing # 06 # in the call set menu. Appears on the screen IMEI: "15 digit code" or not. (sometimes you need to enter # 06 # and press call)

A big problem seems to be, especially when the service takes a lot of money. However, the procedure itself to restore IMEI in the phone is simple and fast.

The following are ways to restore IMEI on Chinese smartphones. If you plan to use them, understand that the phones and firmware are different, the described examples may not be suitable for your phone, and an independent incorrect change in the engineering settings may lead to incorrect operation, debugging the device and removing it from warranty service, act at your own risk and risk. The author is not responsible for the application of this instruction.

Initially, you need to check IMEI. by dialing # 06 # call

Method 1

If there is no IMEI, the following steps must be taken to restore it:

1. Turn off and remove the SIM card. Overwrite the 15 IMEI digits, they are indicated on the back of the phone under the battery, if the phone is not separable, like a copy of iPhone 5, look at the warranty card or on the box. Turn on the phone.

2. Next, dial the combination # 3646633 # or ## 3646633 ## and the button "Call". Next, go to the engineering menu, item 3.

If nothing happened, try the following codes to enter the engineering menu.

  • ## 54298 ## or ## 3646633 ##. MTK processor
  • ## 8255 ##, ## 4636 ##. replace it with Samsung
  • ## 3424 ##, ## 4636 ##, ## 8255 ##. replace it with HTC
  • ## 7378423 ##. replace it with Sony
  • ## 4634 ##. replace it with an iPhone 5C Android
  • ## 3646633 ##. replace it with Philips, Fly, Alcatel
  • ## 2846579 ##. replace it with Huawei

3. Menu item d: CDS Information > Radio information > Phone 1

4. Place the cursor after AT and enter EGMR = 1.7,""using the english alphabet. The system suggest the option EGMR = 1.7,"" select it, or enter the characters yourself.

5. Place the cursor in quotation marks and enter the IMEI code, ie 15 digits. You should get the inscription: ATEGMR = 1.7,"123456789101112", Where 123456789101112. 15 digit IMEI.

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Lenovo S850 Recover Have

6. Next, press SEND AT COMMAND, and make sure that the command is completed. wait for confirmation.

7. If the phone has 2 SIM cards, to restore the second IMEI, repeat steps 5 and 6 with only ATEGMR code = 1.10,"123456789101112"where 123456789101112 is 15 digits of the IMEI of the second SIM card.

Lenovo S850 Recover Have

8. Exit the engineering menu and restart the phone.

9. Check the IMEI code. # 06 #. The entered code should appear on the screen.

10. Turn off and insert the SIM card into the phone. Try making calls, the phone will work.

If it was not possible to restore the IMEY, it means either something was done with an error or this method is not suitable for your device. Do not change other settings if you are not sure where this will lead. This can lead to malfunction or failure of your device.

Method 2

1. Download the MTK65xx.zip archive or the MTK65xx.apk file

2. Extract the application from the archive

3. Remove the SIM card from the phone

4. Install the application on a smartphone

4. Install the application on a smartphone

5. When you first start the application will notify you of the type of your Android device, after reviewing, click ok

6. The application considers IMEI, if it did not count, press the count button

7. Uncheck “same IMEI”, enter new IMEI.

8. Press the “exit” button. Reboot Android device

Method 3

Holders of Chinese google phones based MTK6515 may face the problem of losing IMEI as a result of flashing or resetting to factory settings. As it turned out, the problem is typical for firmware where the file "MPOB_001", c IMEI in encrypted form, located in / data / nvram / md / NVRAM / NVD_IMEI, which is rewritten about reflashing. In modern firmware, this file is placed in / nvram / md / NVRAM / NVD_IMEI, here he no longer disappears.

If you are not sure about the firmware, before updating / resetting the settings, we recommend that you save this file on a flash card. You can do this using a terminal emulator, for example: Android Terminal Emulator (available on the play market), or Better Terminal Emulator Pro. Run after installation and enter the code at the command prompt:

su, and agree to the granting of root rights.

Now the actual procedure for registering IMEI:

echo ‘ATEGMR = 1.7,"IMEI_1"” > / dev / pttycmd1
echo ‘ATEGMR = 1.10,"IMEI_2"” > / dev / pttycmd1

, where IMEI_1 and IMEI_2 are 15 digits of the 1st and 2nd IMEI, respectively.

Method 4

If IMEI is not in the firmware, but in the EEPROM. Then changing it is very simple with the help of a complete data cable (not firmware) and the program Hyperterminal, which is included in any Windows.
Instructions for changing IMEI through Hyperterminal:
1) connect the phone in com-port mode to a computer via a USB cord. If you use Windows: we call hyperterminal. > we select the virtual port on which the phone is connected, after connecting, type AT. in response, they should receive OK in the window, i.e. connected through a comport;
2) then we type a test command (determines whether IMEI change is supported):
if supported (OK). drive in a new one
(instead of IMEI. real imei numbers).

If it’s a two-sim, the second imei changes with the ATEGMR = 1.10 command"IMEI"
(instead of IMEI. real imei numbers).

By the way, the first parameter of the command is zero-read, unit-record.
ategmr = 0.7
EGMR: "135790246811220". view the first IMEI

ategmr = 0.10
EGMR: "135790246811220". view the second IMEI

If they differ, then on # 06 # both are displayed on the keyboard of the device, if they match, only one is displayed.

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