Lenovo Ideapad 330 Battery Where Where

Notebook Lenovo Ideapad 330 15 Intel interesting:



Lenovo Ideapad 330 Battery Where Where


37k By the way, if you wish, you can insert either a DVD or a second HDD / SSD through an adapter frame. SATA connector for this case is soldered. On the picture. the inside of the laptop to upgrade.

If the sound from the speakers, turning off the Dolby Audio system, can be considered acceptable, then for the headphones it is dead. From them comes a continuous hiss, even when the audio does not play. Apparently this is some kind of feature of the sound card, which is often found on cheap boards. Cannot be fixed.

I came across the Alps touchpad. Although the drivers are installed, there is no way to display their settings in the touchpad properties. drivers are just broken.

Reinstalling drivers. Does not help. Dancing with a tambourine and a system. don’t help. The official application in the driver folder, which should probably be used to configure the touchpad. broken (requires files that are already there). There was an attempt to use Lenovo utility to update the system. the touchpad generally stopped working, and the system stopped seeing the connected mouse completely.

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Failed to fix. had to restore the system.

What is the trouble of the touchpad without settings? After entering (pressing any keyboard key) the first "cry" it doesn’t work (you can move the cursor), which is why instead of each double-click (to highlight a word) you need to do a triple-click, instead of setting the cursor with one click. two. With an active cursor, everything works without the first dead click, which adds to the confusion. Also, the touchpad is completely blocked when entering text.

Using it to work with text is extremely inconvenient. It is possible that this problem does not exist on Linux or other manufacturers of touchpads (here, how lucky)

The laptop itself is quite noisy. (For me, who loves sitting in silence) Even with an unloaded system, it constantly twists its propeller.

However, it is cold. If you are not going to play heavy games. You can safely remove the cover and just turn off the cooler physically. The temperature will increase from 24-30 degrees to 25-40 degrees with active surfing the Internet and watching videos. Above 41-42 degrees with active 20 tabs with video and background programs turned on, it never went up.

Here one could say that for 30-35 thousand it corresponds to the price, but the sound and touchpad just kill all the good impression. Due to the poor sound, even movies cannot be watched. The only reason for the purchase. a sufficiently capacious SSD (256gb) and 8GB of RAM with a video card (although I did not use it either).

As for me, if you urgently need to move away from the main computer and add something, transfer files, work with very light graphics without overpaying for large amounts, the laptop justifies itself more than.

For games, watching movies and full work, it is completely unsuitable. But maybe you are lucky with a good built-in sound and a good manufacturer of touchpads, and then everything will be fine.

Spent more than 6 hours, but could not install Windows 7. A blue screen appears when booting from a USB flash drive. Through the command line I tried to clean the disk, but still to no avail. Installed Windows 10 HOME, enough for surfing the internet and for office work enough. I don’t play games, so I don’t know how it pulls.

Easy to disassemble, a few screws and everything, there is access to everything, including the cooling system. No need to dance with a tambourine with the spinning of 30-40 cogs, disconnecting everything that is, disassembling the entire body to the state of a bare motherboard.
The battery is not removable.
The case is certainly rustic, but without backlashes. How reliable FIG knows him. But most likely not.
Only time will show how reliable the laptop and its components are; here, when choosing a laptop, you can’t predict who is lucky.

This is a model with i5-8250, 8 GB / 256 GB SSD, Nvidia MX150 / MS-DOS (without Windows).
In short, for its price (44,000). perfect solution. There is nothing unusual and cool in it. just a good multimedia laptop that allows you to comfortably surf, work with the office, program and, if you want, then play some games.
And now in more detail. I have a brown laptop. The surface of the lid is made of soft-touch (it collects prints, but not as much as black). Workspace. just frosted plastic. I liked the keyboard. it is of practical gray color, fixed very well, is pressed with a noticeable effort (it will not work very quickly). The CapsLock, NumLock, and Power keys have indicators. The tactile feel of working with a laptop is very pleasant. The touchpad is nice to touch and comfortable to use. But it is fixed so that there is a slight backlash of the bottom of the panel, which is not pleasant, but not critical.
Screen. ordinary TN matrix with small viewing angles. Matte finish. no glare (it would be glossy. I would not buy a laptop). The display hinge is tight. do not open with one hand. Opening angle. full 180 degrees.
With prolonged loads (for example, more than an hour of play), the entire left half of the laptop heats up significantly. the hand is sweating. In office mode. everything is cool and good. The cooling system is idle only until the first tab is opened in the browser. The noise from her, although not very loud, but it is palpable. This is the reckoning for a slim body in a relatively budget model. When transferring to this laptop after a stationary PC, you will enjoy the silence. But after working for a 3-year-old HP who didn’t make (and still doesn’t) make any sounds until I open the 10th tab in my browser, the noise from the new laptop annoys me.
The sound from the speakers is quite loud, but muffled.
The battery lasts about 4 hours for office use.
Separately, I note a compact power supply (65 W), the presence of one USB Type-C and a full-fledged card reader.
SSD speed test in the photo.