Lenovo G580 Install Windows Xp Sp3


The whole set of drivers and proprietary utilities for laptop Lenovo G580AM for operating systems Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 8.1.

Lenovo G580 Install Windows Xp Sp3

General driver information for Lenovo G580AM

This page contains links to a complete set of drivers and utilities for all laptop modifications. Lenovo G580AM. To reduce the size, all files are packaged in self-extracting 7-Zip archives. Their name contains information about the device for which the driver is intended, about the operating system and its bit depth, as well as the update time. If the name of the archive and the links do not indicate for which operating system it is intended, then this means that the archive contains versions of drivers for Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1. The version installed on your laptop Windows can be found in System properties, which can be opened through Control Panel.> System.

A laptop Lenovo G580AM discussed in this forum thread: Lenovo G580AM. Reviews and solutions to problems with the laptop. There you can share your impressions about the device and solve the problems that arose with it.

A set of programs for the laptop Lenovo G580AM

A set of useful free programs can be downloaded at the links: download / download.

You can find more detailed information about the set of programs presented in the article: A selection of the necessary free programs.

Install Windows on a laptop

Before moving directly to the drivers, it makes sense to understand the issues of preparing and installing Windows on a laptop.

If you decide to reinstall the system, then first of all you need to backup all the important data from the system partition to another. This applies to both personal data, documents, images and other files, as well as the settings of some programs, which are often stored in folders Users and Documents and Settings. In addition, it makes sense to create images of hidden partitions or the entire hard drive according to the manual: Working with the Windows automatic installation system on a laptop. After completing the backup, it is recommended that you download the necessary drivers and utilities for the desired operating system in advance. This is due to the fact that after installing Windows it will not always be possible to access the Internet due to the lack of drivers for a network card, Wi-Fi or modem.

We now consider directly installing the system. The installation procedure for Windows is described in detail in the manuals:

Drivers and utilities for Lenovo G580AM for Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 and 8.1

Below is a list of drivers and utilities. It is recommended to install them in the order in which they are placed here. It’s worth starting the installation with drivers for the chipset.

Driver for chipset and other system devices

Driver Links: download / download

Driver Information: They are designed for a variety of system devices, including internal SMBUS, PCI, ACPI, and more. You need to install them. If your BIOS option is enabled AHCI, then you can also set Intel Rapid Storage, which includes drivers and a utility for optimizing the performance of a hard drive or solid state drive. To install, you must run IRST.exe in the archive with the driver from the links above.

Driver for Intel Management Engine Interface and Turbo Boost

Driver links for Intel Turbo Boost: download / download

Links for Intel Management Engine Interface Driver: download / download

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Description of drivers and its installation: these drivers are needed to improve power consumption. First you need to install Intel Management Engine Interface Driver. If you have a processor installed Core i5 or Core i7, then you can also install the monitoring utility Intel Turbo Boost. To install, you need to unzip the archive and run the file TurboBoostSetup.exe.

Driver for Intel and nVidia Graphics Cards

You can download the driver for the Intel video chip from the links: download / download (Windows XP) download / download (Windows 7, 8 and 8.1)

Driver links for nVidia discrete graphics card: download / download (32-bit) download / download (64-bit) (Windows Vista and Windows 7 and 8)

Description of the driver and installation recommendations: Lenovo G580AM is equipped with an integrated Intel video chip. In addition to it, a discrete graphics card is also installed in many configurations. nVidia with support for dynamic switching technology of video cards nVidia Optimus. Switching itself is configured separately for each application or game in NVidia Control Panels. Unfortunately, Windows XP does not support switching graphics cards. This means that it will not work to make a discrete graphics card work properly in Windows XP. Have to or work only on a graphics card Intel or upgrade to Windows 7, 8, or later versions of Windows. If for some reason you really need Windows XP, then you can try to do it differently: Installing and running Windows XP in Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or another operating system. Installing drivers on the video itself is quite simple: first you need to install the driver Intel, and then nVidia, if such a video card is installed in your laptop. If you suddenly have problems, then you can resort to the help of a guide: Installing drivers for video cards and ask for help in this forum topic: Solving problems with drivers on a video card.

Video: Lenovo G580 Install Windows Xp Sp3

Conexant Sound Card Driver

Links to the driver with the utility for the sound chip: download / download

Description of driver and installation information: the chip is working with sound in this laptop Conxant, which without drivers cannot fully work. That is why it is strongly recommended that you install them all the same. A special utility for setting up sound is installed with them. The installation procedure itself is quite ordinary and should not cause difficulties. You can express all questions on drivers for sound in the topic: Solving problems with drivers for a sound card.

Driver for Atheros Network Card

The driver for the network card can be downloaded at the links: download / download

Lenovo G580 Install Windows Xp Sp3

Driver Information: they are necessary for the operation of a network card, with which the laptop connects to a wired network and goes through it to the Internet. To install the drivers, run Setup.exe. If you have any difficulties, then ask for help on the forum: Solving problems with drivers for a network card and Wi-Fi. Pay attention to the instructions in the first post of the topic.

Driver for laptop Wi-Fi adapter

Links to drivers for Wi-Fi adapters: download / download (Intel) download / download (Atheros) download / download (Broadcom) download / download (Ralink)

Description of driver: depending on the configuration in the laptop Lenovo G580AM can meet wireless adapters on chips Ralink, Atheros, Broadcom or Intel. Before installing the drivers, you need to determine which adapter you have installed according to the instructions in the first message of the topic: Solving problems with drivers for a network card and Wi-Fi, and then install the correct driver. Installing these drivers is mandatory and should not cause difficulties. In addition to these drivers, it is recommended to install the utility Lenovo Energy Management (download / download).

Driver for laptop bluetooth adapter

Links to the driver for the Broadcom Bluetooth adapter: download / download (Windows XP) download / download (Windows 7, 8 and 8.1)

Driver links for Atheros adapter: download / download (Windows XP) download / download (Windows 7, 8 and 8.1)

The driver for the Intel adapter is available at the links: download / download

General driver information and installation recommendations: some modifications of this laptop have Bluetooth adapters Broadcom, Atheros or Intel. Before installing the driver and the program for working with Bluetooth, you need to find out if the adapter itself is installed using utilities Readycomm (download / download) and Lenovo Energy Management (download / download), and whether it is included. You can determine the model of the installed adapter according to the instructions in the first message of the topic: Solving problems with drivers and the operation of the Bluetooth adapter. In the same message there are links to other versions of drivers.

Driver for Realtek Card Reader

The driver for the card reader can be downloaded at the links: download / download

Description of driver: it is necessary so that the laptop can read memory cards. Without drivers, a memory card reader will not work.

Driver for USB3.0

Links to the driver for the USB3.0 port: download / download

Driver Information: It is designed for the full operation of the USB3.0 port. For Windows 8 and 8.1, there is no need to install it because they are already contained in the system.

Driver for laptop webcam

Links to the set of drivers for the webcam with installation instructions: download / download

Description of the driver and how to install: These drivers are necessary for the normal operation of the laptop webcam. In addition to the driver itself, it is recommended to install the utility Lenovo YouCam. It allows you to take photos, videos, apply various effects, keep a timer record and when motion is detected. You can download it from the links: download / download. Instructions for determining the camera model and how to install drivers on it can be found in the first post of the topic: Solving problems with Web-cameras. A whole guide is devoted to installing drivers for the camera: Finding and installing a driver for a webcam.

Laptop touchpad driver

Links to the set of drivers for the touchpad: download / download

Information about the driver and its installation: it is necessary for the full operation of additional functions of the touch panel under the keyboard (multi-touch, various gestures, scroll bars, and so on). Together with it, a utility is installed to configure the touchpad. The archive contains drivers for touchpads Cypress, Elantech and Synaptics. Run the script to install the necessary driver install.bat. It will automatically detect the installed touchpad and start installing the correct driver.

Lenovo utilities kit for Lenovo G580AM laptop

  • Lenovo Energy Management:download / download
  • Lenovo ReadyComm:download / download
  • Lenovo YouCam:download / download
  • Lenovo OneKey Recovery:download / download
  • Lenovo VeriFace:download / download
  • Lenovo SRS Audio:download / download

Description of utilities: Utilities from the links above are intended for the operating systems Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, and 8.1. It is highly recommended to install: Lenovo Energy Management and Lenovo ReadyComm. The rest is optional. You can find a description of these utilities here: Description and solutions to problems with the operation of Lenovo branded utilities.

That’s all. Thanks for attention.

If you have any questions, then first read the answers to frequently asked questions, and then with the corresponding forum topic. You can find it in the Beginners Forum Guide.

Sincerely, the author of the material. Tonievich Andrey. The publication of this material on other resources is permitted solely with reference to the source and the author.

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