Lenovo G580 Doesn’t See Nvidia Graphics Card

  • Grade: laptop
  • Screen Cover Type: Glossy
  • Resolution: 1366×768
  • Diagonal: 15.6 " null, 1,"11748
  • CPU frequency: 1500.2600 MHz
  • Number of processor cores: 2/4
  • Processor Code: Celeron / Core i3 / Core i5 / Core i7 / Pentium
  • L2 Cache Capacity: 1 Mb / 512 Kb
  • L3 Cache Capacity: 2 Mb / 3 Mb / 6 Mb
  • Processor Core: Ivy Bridge / Sandy Bridge


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  • GTA 5 PC on Lenovo G580

Characteristics Lenovo G580

Check with the seller for exact specifications.

Check with the seller for exact specifications.

Pros and Cons of Lenovo G580

Quiet!) (Culler (Vintelator) is not heard at all!) Convenient.

price, hardware, USB 3.0

The price-to-filling ratio is one of the most worthy. Good build.

Advantages: Inexpensive, really affordable., Powerful; High-quality, sound, really loud sound. The colors are saturated. The keyboard is comfortable. The memory is big. Not heavy. It is convenient on trips and in the country, it is practically not heated, quiet, cost, comfortable keyboard, USB 3.0, the screen is quite acceptable, the sandy bridge does not tupit, the touchpad is not bad, but it’s also convenient. Inexpensive, very powerful, quiet, does not heat up, very comfortable keyboard. A sufficiently large set of useful programs included with Lenovo. Fully satisfied

Video: Lenovo G580 Doesn’t See Nvidia Graphics Card

Price, outwardly not bad, productive, Everything works as it should

Great laptop. Speedy, reliable. with linux system just flies. There is enough RAM and processor speed to work under high requirements simultaneously on two operating systems in a virtual box virtual machine.

Price, quality, nimble, excellent battery life, loud external speakers !! Large capacity hard drive 500 gigabytes.

Quiet, no where not fasten, the availability of OP, HDD, not expensive for this assembly.

price and quality

Comfortable, beautiful (blue.), Quiet, does not heat up, does not dull

1.Awful weak battery (((
2. Screen (it takes a long time to get used to)
3. Dohlyak in the internet (

– very thick and heavy compared to peers
– Webcam
– weak body.

I’m using the month in fact, as long as I don’t and I don’t think what will happen, I’ll explain: I took it for a summer residence and convenience on the road and so on in a cafe.

After updating to 8.1, the dolby sound driver stopped working (it does not work at all, as I understand it). the sound has become worse.

low battery capacity, especially when connecting external media

Marked plastic, and when reading a dvd disk can make a lot of noise, but all this is not significant.

The body is metallic. fingerprints are visible, not everyone pulls games, such as Far cry 3 goes to a minimum. barely barely, apparently used to FPS (1-30), passed the company. Games like Lineage are drawn with a bang.

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