Lenovo G570 Video Card Replacement Video

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Lenovo G570 Video Card Replacement Video

Video card

In the laptop lenovo g580 graphics card uses a built-in or discrete. It supports the new Direct X11 if the GeForce GT 635M graphics module is installed in it. The device is running on the Intel platform. The video card copes with most games, allows you to make a presentation, work in Photoshop, run a video or movie.

If there is a need to replace the video card, you will need to first find a replacement for it. You should take into account the size of the motherboard and the type of its slot. To replace the following actions are performed:

  1. The laptop turns off and turns over, the screws are unscrewed, the bottom cover is removed.
  2. The RAM and hard drive are removed.
  3. The cables and loops connecting the video card to the motherboard and other devices are disconnected.
  4. The Lenovo g580 graphics card is removed, and a new device is installed in its place.

Lenovo G570 Video Card Replacement Video

Further actions are performed in reverse order.


The laptop uses a 15.6-inch TNfilm-type matrix. Lenovo g580 screen with LED backlight. Its surface is glossy. High color rendering quality is guaranteed, but glare is present. When viewed from an angle, distortion is present, but it is negligible.

To replace the matrix, you must perform the following sequence of actions:

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  1. The laptop turns off, the battery is removed.
  2. Stickers are peeled off, which are located on the lower corners of the monitor, bolts are unscrewed.

Lenovo G570 Video Card Replacement Video

Video: Lenovo G570 Video Card Replacement Video

  1. Monitor disassembled: using a thin plastic object, the frame detaches.
  2. The screws that secure the matrix for the lenovo g580 are attached to the monitor. The display is detached and placed on the keyboard, and the lid itself is tilted to the other side so that the cables come off.

Lenovo G570 Video Card Replacement Video

  1. The screen cable is detached, the sticker that holds the matrix connector is peeled off.
  2. The loop is removed from the grooves.
  3. The matrix is ​​detached by loosening the screws that secure it

Lenovo G570 Video Card Replacement Video

8. A new matrix is ​​inserted.

Assembly takes place in the reverse order.


The laptop of this model uses random access memory type DDR3. Its volume is 4096 MB. Two memory slots are supported, so it is possible to install an additional module.

Lenovo G570 Video Card Replacement Video

If the Lenovo g580 RAM needs to be replaced or you want to expand its size, you must do the following:

  1. The laptop is placed with the back panel up, it is unscrewed.
  2. The RAM compartment is located in the central part of the case. Unscrews the lid, blocking access to it.
  3. The module is carefully removed, spreading the fixing keys to the sides, and a new one is installed instead.

Then begins the assembly of the laptop. By the way, if you need to reset the BIOS settings, you can remove the round battery, which is located near the memory slots.


Keyboard on the Lenovo G580 island type. It features a deep key stroke, a quiet mechanism. Its keys are concave in shape, which allows you to conveniently engage in typing.

Keyboard for Lenovo g580 to replace requires the following manipulations:

  1. Disconnecting the laptop from the network, removing the battery.
  2. Loosen the screws that secure the keyboard.
  3. It is necessary to pry it and lift it.
  4. Then the connector is disconnected and the keyboard is completely removed.

Lenovo G570 Video Card Replacement Video

The new keyboard is installed in the reverse order.

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