Lenovo B590 How to Log in to Bios

On the third day, they brought a Lenovo b590 laptop with Windows 7 unsuccessfully installed on it. The task was to reinstall Windows. All my attempts to enter bios to set the boot from the media were in vain.

I watched many videos on YouTube, re-read the forums. The methods offered there to go into bios on the Lenovo b590 did not help. And as I noticed, this problem with entering bios is massive.

In this article, I have put together all the possible ways How can I enter the BIOS on Lenovo b590. Some yes will definitely work.

Method 1

First of all, it is worth trying the standard buttons for Lenovo B590 to enter the BIOS: F1, F2, F12, Del, holding Esc.

If this does not work, then go to the following methods.

Method 2

If a version of the Windows 8 operating system is installed on the laptop, open the right panel and select the tab "Parameters", then click "Change computer settings"we pass "Recovery and Upgrade"choose "Special boot options".> "Reload now".

After the reboot, go to the diagnostics section and go to the additional parameters, and click on "UEFI Software".

Or at the command prompt, type and run the command "shutdown.exe / r / o"

Method 3

If the laptop is running a version of the Windows 8 operating system. Disconnect from power and remove the battery for a minute.

Video: Lenovo B590 How to Log in to Bios

We turn on the power and press the small recovery button (a curved arrow is shown) next to the power button. After a while, a menu similar to the first method will appear and there you can already select and go into the BIOS.

Choose "Diagnostics", Further "Extra options"click "Firmware Options".> "BIOS".

Lenovo B590 How to Log in to Bios

Method 4

Press the power button, turn on the laptop. Click on the logo "Enter" a squeak should be issued and a menu will open. Through it we already enter the bios.

Method 5

It was this method that helped me enter the bios. Turn off the power cord and remove the battery.

From the bottom we unscrew the two bolts on the lid, under a Phillips screwdriver. We slide the lid and pull out the battery for a couple of seconds.

Thus, we throw off the BIOS settings and when it starts, it will give an error. that the problem is with time. And offer to go into the BIOS and set the time, which is only at hand.

Method 6

And the last way is flashing the BIOS to a newer version, the latest version. The firmware must be downloaded from the official site. In the latest version of the firmware, all the shortcomings have already been fixed and there are no problems with entering the BIOS.

I hope you helped one of the six ways to get into the BIOS.

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