Lenovo A536 Battery Which Will Fit

Lenovo A536 Battery Which Will Fit

Lenovo A536 Battery Which Will Fit

Lenovo A536 Battery Which Will Fit

Lenovo A536 Battery Which Will Fit

Lenovo A536 Battery Which Will Fit


Battery Overview

What devices is it suitable for?

The 3500 mAh battery is 93mm x 70mm x 3.2mm in size, suitable for most Chinese tablets or gadgets (GPS navigator, e-book, toys, etc.).

This powerful battery is made using lithium-polymer technology (Li-Pol) and can easily withstand 300. 400 charge cycles.

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Perfect for tablet computers that are charged from 5-volt charging.

How to understand that the time has come to replace the battery?

If your gadget’s operating time has been reduced by more than half. obviously it’s time to change the battery, because it is out of order! Recommended: buy and put this powerful power source on your tablet. and he will again keep the charge as good as new!

In this battery, of course, there is a built-in charge controller, from which 2 wires depart: plus. red, and minus. black color. Remember this, and never try to connect them together))

Video: Lenovo A536 Battery Which Will Fit

How to change the battery on your tablet?

Yes, very easy! This can be done at home without the help of specialists from the Service Center. The main thing. so that you won’t be scared that you will need to pick up a soldering iron and solder the wires. We do NOT recommend doing this on twists.

Essentially, you need to do 2 simple steps:

  • 1) First, carefully open your tablet using improvised tools. With it, you can easily remove the cover and remove the battery. And using a regular ruler. Measure the seat socket in the case to understand what maximum size the battery will fit there. The logic is simple, the larger the battery, the longer the battery life of your gadget.
  • 2) Then carefully cut the wires from the old battery, set it aside. After that, strip the ends of the wires on the new battery and on the wires sharpening from the tablet. and observing the polarity, solder them, and then insulate with electrical tape. Then use a double-sided tape to secure the power source in the device and carefully close the cover. Hurrah! Now your device is as good as new))

Well, if the above procedure. is too complicated for you, then contact the nearest Service Center, and there they will do it in your presence in 10.15 minutes.

If you turn on the tablet. If the battery has a residual charge, we recommend that you first put it to zero, and then fully charge it to 100%. This is necessary to align (calibrate) the battery, for the correct display of the charge in percent.

How to know for sure whether this battery is right for you?

If in doubt, which battery is right for your device. ask us a question, and our technical experts will definitely advise you!


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  • dimensions: width-70 mm, length. 93 mm, thickness. 3.2mm
  • capacity: 3500 mAh (11 Wh)
  • Rated voltage

3.7 volts (suitable for devices that charge by charging 5 volts)

  • battery type: lithium polymer (Li-Polymer)
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