Lenovo A5000 Imei is gone

The problem of the lack of IMEI can occur on a Chinese Android smartphone due to the fact that you performed a reset or flashed it. How to restore IMEI on a Chinese smartphone can learn from this article!

Is there an IMEI or not?

You can find out by dialing the combination # 06 # in the dialers, after which you will either see your IMEI or nothing or zeros.

Is there no IMEI? How to repair IMEI on a Chinese smartphone?

Below we have presented you 5 ways to restore IMEI on your Android smartphone, if the first one does not fit, then try others.

Method number 1 (recovery
through the engineering menu)

imei recovery through the engineering menu

  1. Remove SIM cards from the smartphone;
  2. Next, dial the combination in the dialers:
    # 3646633 #or## 3646633 ##
  3. You should get into the engineering menu, then go to:
    CDS Information > Radio information > Phone 1
  4. In the top line, after the inscription AT and enter EGMR = 1.7, “”
  5. Move cursor between quotation marks after which you need to enter 15 digits of your IMEI; Example: ATEGMR = 1.7, “12345678912345 ″
  6. Confirm your choice by clicking on the button. SEND AT COMMAND;

If the error “This command is not allowed in UserBuild” appears, then put a space after That is like this:

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AT EGMR = 1.7,12345678912345

  1. For a smartphone with 2 SIM cards, you need to restore the second IMEI, for this enter the code ATEGMR = 1.10, “12345678912345 ″
  2. After you have IMEI, exit the engineering menu, turn off the smartphone and turn it on again;
  3. Dial the combination # 06 # into the dialers, after which you will see your IMEI;
  4. Insert the SIM card back.

Video: Lenovo A5000 Imei is gone

Method number 2 (engineering menu 2)

If the engineering menu does not resemble what is described in the first method, then perhaps the following option will suit you.

  1. Go to the engineering menu, for this we type ## 3646633 ##;
  2. We are looking for the tab “Telephony“And then select”Gprs“;
  3. Choose one by one SIM1 and SIM2, drive in IMEI and click “WRITE IMEI“;
  4. Reboot the device and IMEI in place!

Method number 3 (the application requires root)

Root rights must be installed on your Android!

  1. Download and install the Chamelephon app
  2. Launch the Chamelephon App
  3. Install or generate a new IMEI

Method number 4 (the application requires root)

  1. Download the MTK65xx.zip archive;
  2. Extract the application from the archive;
  3. Remove the SIM card from the smartphone;
  4. Install the application on a smartphone;
  5. When you first start the application will notify you of the type of your Android device, after reviewing, click ok;
  6. The application considers IMEI, if it did not count, click the count button;
  7. Uncheck “same IMEI”; enter new IMEI;
  8. Press the “exit” button. Reboot Android device

Method number 5 (root required)

  1. Download and install the ADB RUN program;
  2. Run the ADB RUN program and go to the menu: Manual Command.> Restore Imei (MTK Only);
  3. For a single-SIM device, select One Sim; for a device with two SIM cards, select Dual Sim;
    Lenovo A5000 Imei is gone
  4. Write your IMEI, after which a file will be created on your desktop MP0B_001;
  5. Move file MP0B_001 to a memory card or internal memory;
  6. Download and install the Root Browser application;
  7. Use Root Broser to move a file MP0B_001 along the way:

/ data / nvram / md / NVRAM / NVD_IMEI / MP0B_001

/ nvram / md / NVRAM / NVD_IMEI / MP0B_001

That’s all! Read more articles and instructions in the section. Android Hacks and Articles. Stay with the site Android 1, further will be even more interesting!

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