Laptop Can’t See Access Point From Phone

The router is working properly, since all phones and the tablet are perfectly connected to it. The catch is this, the laptop sees all the surrounding Wi-Fi networks, but does not see ours. I read the forum, some people faced a similar problem. You write, check the driver in the task manager in the control panel. I have Windows 7 and I do not see this point blank. Kindly, please describe in more detail my actions. Thanks in advance.

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Smart Tronics

Apparently we are talking about a driver for a Wi-Fi module, which can be downloaded on the laptop manufacturer’s website. But you better first make sure that the desired channel is installed on the router, on the tab responsible for WiFi. If “Auto” is there, then this may be the reason.


To get started, simply remove the wi-fi adapter in the device manager and update the hardware so that it can be found again. My problem was solved like this.


Thanks, it helped me too!

Laptop Can't See Access Point From Phone

How exactly and where say pzh I can not find


Oleg, what can not you find? Describe your problem in detail!


The laptop stopped seeing my network, connects to others. Removed from networks, rebooted, not looking, what do you say?


Change the wifi channel on the router. Also try changing the network name, for example to 12345


It helped me! Thanks!


in short, I just changed the channel with auto that 1st and it worked. thanks


That also helped. thanks


How to change it?


Open the settings of the router, the wireless connection section, there you can change the channel number, try the 1st or 6th.


Tell me where exactly to change the channel number? I can not find where it is changing


Open the settings of the router, go to the section of the wireless connection, where you specify the password for wifi, there is also a selection field “Channel” it indicates auto or a number from 1 to 11


Thank you, I changed the channel from auto to 1, and it worked!


thanks a lot! and it worked for me after the channel changed to the first


“You better first make sure that the correct channel is installed on the router, on the tab responsible for WiFi. If it says “Auto,” then that might be the reason. ” But how to do it? Can you explain the stupid person?


For Android phones there is a “wifi analyzer” program, download it and install it, find your network using this program, the channel is displayed there (CH designation), if you turn off the router and turn it on after a minute, then when you re-analyze, the channel may be The router automatically selects the least loaded.
Also check if your laptop sees other networks and can it connect to them?



I am distributing wi-fi from the phone, the netbook stopped seeing it after reinstalling windows from xp to windows 7, it sees all the other networks and my phone is gone, the other device sees my phone, the old phone can’t find the channel change on it, what can you tell me?


There is still such a way. AMONG the list of VISIBLE networks, choose something

‘OTHER’ at the bottom of the list, click. connect, name (of your network), password.

I do not show either a Wi-Fi network or a cable network at all, what should I do?

Laptop Can't See Access Point From Phone


Good evening.
The situation is as follows: on the laptop they changed the mat. fee. There was 7 Windows, revived, the data is all preserved. But now the trouble with WiFi does not see the distribution from the router, and it accepts the distribution of norms through the phone. What can be and how to treat?


If the motherboard has changed, you must install the driver for the wifi adapter.
We recommend that you completely reinstall the operating system after changing the motherboard.


To enter the router settings, enter in the website address, the default username and password are admin, go to the Wi-Fi tab and change the channel there, it helped me personally, and I look for many others) good luck!

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If the laptop does not see the WiFi network of your router, reboot the router. Change the channel number in the settings of the router can really help. Check on your mobile phone if your WiFi network is visible.


I’m trying to change the channel, but it is not saved in the settings. How to be


Nikita, you need to go into the settings of the router, under the administrator account, in the wireless section you can select the channel number, then click the “Apply” or “Ok” button at the bottom (there should be some kind of confirmation button), the changes will be applied after a few seconds.

Hello. I have such a problem, htc hd2 windows mobile 6.5 pda distributor. I turn on the wi-fi distributor everything works well, the signal level is in the form of an antenna, 2 weeks have passed, the icon instead of the antenna has changed to a triangle in the form of three computers, the laptop on Windows 7 sees normally. another laptop on windows 8 stopped seeing the network, although it sees other networks normally, the tablet on the android also does not see. restore factory settings did not help, set up wi-fi still does not help, I asked for another firmware does not help, I returned to the old one no changes. tell me what to do. thanks in advance.


Try changing the name of the WiFi network in the settings of the router, for example, to 12345, turn off / on the router and devices that do not see your network.
If it doesn’t help, restore the factory settings on the router (the WiFi network name will be the default) and before manipulating the WiFi settings in the router, check if the WiFi network is visible on all your devices

Hello tried it does not help. I asked the phone on Windows von 7 everything is fine. I changed it back to the Windows mobile does not see again. tried on other computers on 8 does not see and 7 see. worth wep protection. how to put wpa I believe that it is all about it.


What device is broadcasting a wifi signal? If a router, in the wireless settings, you can select the type of encryption.

The distributor is the htc hd2 pda, I already cann’t find the whole phone to find where to change the encryption type. I did not find it in the settings. We will continue to search.

Hello. I have a laptop on Windows 8 that doesn’t see more than one wifi network. I don’t know what to do. My mom’s laptop, the phone sees everything else, but my laptop doesn’t. Help me what?


Try reinstalling the WiFi wireless adapter driver

Press the F12 button on the laptop.


Hello. I bought a router, all the devices at home connected. Then all the settings merged, I reset the router to the factory settings
the network, as a result, the tablet, the phone sees the network, and the laptop sees, but is limited. What could be the problem?


Try removing the network on the laptop and adding it again.

Tell me, please, this question:
a neighbor has a network without a password, I find it and successfully connect with a laptop with Win XP, but I came with a laptop of the same model with 7 installed, and I can’t see the neighboring wi-fi. The e-book sees, the laptop with XP sees, and the laptop with 7 does not see this unprotected network, although it sees perfectly all other neighbors with a password. I’ve already tried everything, anyway I don’t see this network, but it sees the rest.
What can be done, because there is no access to the router))


Try reinstalling the wireless driver, in case of emergency OS, perhaps this will solve the problem.
If the neighbor is in the know, you can ask him to change the network name or broadcast channel.

thanks for the answer!
I learned through a laptop on which XP that broadcasting on channel 13, if you install the latest driver, will it work on channel 13, or is it a feature of 7?
Maybe there are regional settings that allow you to perceive channel 13?


The channel number is automatically selected by the router and does not depend on the region, etc. Most likely this is a compatibility issue between a laptop and a router.

The same laptop (Dell) but with XP, it works fine, so the matter is in the drivers or the 7-ke itself, right?


Most likely yes, if you want, try reinstalling the system on the same windows7, installing a new wireless network driver from the manufacturer’s website, this should solve the problem. If the network is visible from other devices, then the laptop’s wifi adapter should also see it.

Windows 8 sees wireless networks operating up to and including channel 11. In the settings of the Wi-Fi router or access point, change the channel to any of the interval 1-11, and everything will be.

In Win 8.1 Note, he suddenly stopped seeing his Wi-Fi network, but he saw “strangers” perfectly. At the same time, the phone and other computers continued to work normally with “their own” Wi Fi. All the above and below “dancing with a tambourine” did not help until I changed the channel selection mode from “Auto” to a specific “on the router in the Wireless settings” 5". Thanks!


Hello. I have a similar problem.
The router is working. 3 devices see it and work well. The 4th device (laptop) sees other networks, but does not see mine. I distributed wifi from the phone. it sees and works. On the XP laptop. What are they eating with ?? Where to look, and what to twist. Help advice if not laziness. Thanks:)


1.Dmitry, try turning the router off and on.
2. Change the network name in the settings of the router, for example, to 12345
3. Change the broadcast channel to any other than the current one
4. Disable temporary encryption, where the password is indicated i.e. authorization without a password.
5.Reset the router to factory settings, update the firmware if available, configure the connection to the provider and immediately check if the laptop determines the wireless network of the router, if everything is ok, you can further configure the router in terms of WiFi and other settings.


Hello. I can’t remember what happened, the laptop connected directly to the network without a router, he scolded something, was indignant, and when he turned it off, the network was visible))) In general, the problem was solved by myself))) Thank you Smartronix for participating.


I had the same thing, just now. I came across this topic. Maybe someone will help.

The laptop stopped seeing my router, saw the neighbors and connected, my other devices were cut to the router normally.

In short, the problem was solved by choosing a connection, there is such a topic in the settings of the router, such as b, bgn, bg, n. Put n, read that it is the fastest and everything was found)


There was a similar problem. Decided in the same way. Thanks for the tip!

Everything worked fine. But unexpectedly, a certain Wi-Fi network disappeared. The rest of the networks the laptop sees, its not necessary. However, the phone perfectly catches this network and connects to it. And it works perfectly with it. And the laptop does not see it. To other networks the laptop can connect. However, it doesn’t want to connect to its native one.


The problem is either in the router or in the laptop. Try rebooting the router. Change the network name to 12345, change the channel number to any other, temporarily remove the login password.
It will be safer to reset the router to factory settings and without configuring it (only activate wifi if it does not turn on by default) and check the connection from the laptop.
If the network with the default name is also not visible, then the “glitch” of the OS is possible, you can reinstall the system or restore it to a date by loading in safe mode by pressing F8


Good afternoon, tell me, my laptop doesn’t see my Wi-Fi, it sees all the neighboring ones, but mine don’t, if you connect the wire directly to the laptop, the Internet works. How to be I already found similar problems here, but I didn’t understand what needs to be updated there and how can I solve this problem, please explain in more detail, I’m not very good at laptop settings. Thanks in advance.


Does your laptop see neighboring wifi networks?
Does your phone see your wifi network?


Yes, a laptop sees everything neighboring networks. My wifi also sees the phone and tablet, but the laptop doesn’t.


Reboot the router (turn off / on). If it does not help, change the name of the wifi network and temporarily disable the password.
It is also possible in the settings of the router, change the channel of the wireless network.


I tried to restart the router and it doesn’t help, for some reason I don’t have an IP address on the computer, it doesn’t get it when I try to connect.


Where are the router settings? How can I change the wireless channel?


Router address or the address must be entered in the address bar of a browser or window in windows
Then the authorization window appears, enter the login / password. the router settings interface opens, the channel changes in the wireless network settings section. If you don’t understand anything about this, we recommend contacting your friends for help so as not to overwhelm the current router settings.


If the PC receives ip ip 169.254.x.x, then the network is detected, but for some reason the ip address from the router cannot be obtained.
If there is no ip at all, the reason is in the cable (bad contact) or the router is malfunctioning. Check that the indicators on the connector on the connector should light / flash on the back of the PC where the cable is connected to the network card.


Thank you, sorry for the trouble, my laptop fixed the problem, it didn’t connect for two weeks, and it took and connected to home Wi-fi, wrote that a new network was found.


I have such a problem on Windows 8.1 only sees my own wireless network, but there are no neighbors, what and how to help?


Check with friends if your network is visible, theoretically everything is in order.

Good afternoon, such a problem, the tablet does not find a Wi-Fi point in the phone, although my point in the phone is visible through a laptop and another phone, what to do

My WiFi does not see ONLY my network on the laptop, why, does anyone know? Shows 15 neighbors in the house of networks, but mine is not! Do you need to delete something in the Windows or registry? (There is a router. On a Windows XP laptop. What does a netbook have, 3 phones and a tablet work via WiFi).


Reboot your router. Change the channel number to less loaded and specify the network name, for example 12346


I have such a problem on the laptop is Kali Linux and the seven on Linux, the Wi-Fi network is visible, it is connected and on the seven it does not see at all how can I fix this, tell me please


Check if the wireless adapter is visible in the device manager.


Hello. Tell me the solution to the problem. I distribute wi-fi from the htc Disire 310 phone, I see and use other phones and the laptop isn’t, although the laptop sees all the neighboring wi-fi networks.


Hello. Theoretically, a laptop should see this network if other devices find this wireless network on your phone.
Try restarting the phone and laptop, change the network name on the phone, for example, to “12345” and without specifying the type of encryption


My laptop does not see my network which is not password protected but sees all other protected networks, sees the phone, it sees all other protected networks. How can I solve a problem?


Hello. At your place a wifi router and a laptop do not see the wifi network of this router?
Do other devices see this network?
Turn the router off and on, the wifi password should be all neighbors will sit through you on the Internet.


Hello! Help me please. My laptop stopped seeing my home network. All devices see wi-fi, but there is no laptop. What can I still not go into the settings of the router, when I enter the search string, it gives an error, what should I do?


Hello. Does the laptop see the network of neighbors?


Yes, it sees all networks except home.


Good day to all. Such a problem: I distribute wi-fi to a laptop with xiaomi mi6 (this is a phone). The laptop does not see this network, but sees others. I tried to change the name and passwords in the phone’s settings, with and without a password, and the broadcast frequency, nothing helped. Previously, such problems with other xiaomi phones, etc. did not occur. From another phone I see my network, everything is connected, it works. This laptop does not see this network specifically. Help me please.


Hello! I have a problem with wifi visibility. If my router is closer than 2 meters it works otherwise no. I use Windows 8.1 and even if I turn on the mobile access point here is also such a problem. What should I do help please


I was helped by a channel change in the router settings

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