Kinds Of Dog Feeders For Dogs

Every year there are more and more perfect accessories for pets. The car feeder for dogs which allows to feed an animal while the owner is not at home belongs to one of such.

Pet lovers are trying by all means to make the life of their pets as comfortable as possible. Manufacturers of various accessories and devices for dogs and cats use this as well. They invent all the new devices that make the lives of pet owners extremely comfortable. As a vivid example, you can take an automatic feeder for dogs. The principle of using it is this: you can feed your pet only once every few days. This is very convenient for those cases where the owner periodically leaves and leaves his dog at home.

Kinds Of Dog Feeders For Dogs

Automatic feeders for pets may differ slightly according to the principle of operation. Each type has its pros and cons, which must be considered when choosing the appropriate design.

Types of feeders for four-legged friends

The simplest option for an automatic dog feeder is a bowl, to which a container for storing food is attached. As the space becomes free, the food will fill up in a bowl. That is, the faster a dog eats from a bowl of food, the faster it will receive a new batch.

This type of construction is the simplest and most inexpensive, but also very uncomfortable. The thing is that the animal can eat until the feed is completely finished. This can lead to a deterioration in the health of the dog, so you need to control how much the animal will eat.

Kinds Of Dog Feeders For Dogs

Automatic feeders of this type can be two-container. In one compartment you can pour dry food, and the second is filled with canned food.

A good option, but more expensive, will be an automatic dog feeder with a timer, in this case, the feed will sleep in a bowl only after a certain period of time. It is very convenient. Automatic electronic dog feeders can be equipped with a display that shows all the information about the time of serving food for the animal. With the help of the screen, you can set the mode at your discretion.

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Some feeders are very convenient, they are equipped with a mass of additional functions. For example, the auto device may emit a kind of signal when feeding. As a result, the dog will learn to come to the trough at a certain time. For large animals, you can purchase a dog feeder on a stand. This is ideal for large dogs, as it allows them to eat without tilting their heads. Additional features in automatic feeders can be very much. However, the breeder must understand that all these options significantly increase the cost of construction. Therefore, before making the final choice, it is worthwhile to think carefully about what will really benefit.

Automatic dog feeders can vary significantly in container volume. If the dog is large, you can purchase a large design for it on a stand with a capacity of up to 10 liters. For small four-legged friends, a container of 1-2 liters will be enough. Some electronic feeders make it possible to produce food not only in time, but also to control the dosage. Such models are the most expensive.

How Feeders Work

Auto feeders are those devices that make life easier for a person and make his four-legged friend satiated and happy. Some options are equipped not only with a compartment for food, but also for liquids, and even drugs. Thus, one feeder performs several functions at once, which allow the owner not to worry about his animal while he is away.

Kinds Of Dog Feeders For Dogs

Most often, the feeders are equipped with a special sensor that monitors the amount of feed in the bowl. But in this case, the dog may receive too much food. This is dangerous for some animals that do not know how to control the amount of food consumed and are prone to overeating. For this reason, it is advisable to purchase a feeder with a timer, which will be triggered a couple of times a day and give the dog the right amount of food. The host can adjust the norm independently, depending on the size and breed of the animal.

A feature of this design is that food does not deteriorate during storage. Experienced breeders know that even dry food cannot be stored without packaging, as it dries quickly. In the case of the automatic feeder, the food for the four-legged friend will always be fresh, so the dog will eat with pleasure.

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It should be noted electronic options that emit a beep when a new batch is filed. Some automatic feeders make it possible to record the voice command of the host. Thus, the animal will not feel lonely if the person is not around for a long time.

Rules for the selection of dog feeders for dogs

The most important criterion in this case is a financial issue. First you need to think about how many people are willing to spend on such a device. Having determined the amount, you can go to the size of the automatic type feeder. It all depends on the size of the pet. As mentioned above, especially large dogs will be comfortable to eat from a bowl on a stand.

If we are talking about a small dog, then it is not possible to purchase a complete kit for it, but a separate feed dispenser, which is installed in a standard sized bowl. As a result, the dog will be able to receive food at a time when she wants. Unlike large dogs, small dogs are not so voracious and, as a rule, do not lean on food until they feel bad.

How to accustom an animal to an auto feeder?

Owners of dogs that already use such constructions claim that there are no difficulties in this. The animal immediately gets used to the novelty, as it gives a good and tasty food.

Kinds Of Dog Feeders For Dogs

If we are talking about auto feeders with sound effects, then the learning process may take some time. However, after a certain period of time, the dog will necessarily understand that this or that signal is a reason to approach the bowl. The conditioned reflex will manifest itself, and the animal will definitely get used to the new feeding trough. This happens especially fast in puppies.

How to make an automatic type feeder with your own hands?

Kinds Of Dog Feeders For Dogs

If the owner of the dog wants to save a lot, you can go the easiest way and make a plastic container that will add food as the volume in the bowl decreases. If you look, then this design is the simplest container for storing food, which is periodically poured in small quantities.

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As a result, the dog will receive as much food as he wants, but the food will always be fresh.

As a container, you can use an ordinary plastic bottle, which, depending on the size of the dog, can be from 1 to 5 liters. In the lower part of the bottle, an incision is made through which the feed will be refilled, and then the container is turned over and fixed above the bowl. The entire structure can be attached to the wall so that the dog will not drag her into the room for joy.

This is the easiest and fastest way to make your own automatic dog feeder. It will take only 20 minutes, and the dog will be satisfied all the time when the owner is not at home. It is important to note that this design works exclusively with dry food. Canned meat will pass badly in the opening of the container and will become unusable at room temperature in just a few hours.

Kinds Of Dog Feeders For Dogs

As for how to make the feeder more complex, then this will require a mechanism from the quartz watch. In this way, you can create a device with a timer that will give the dog food on time. It will take much longer to work on such a construction, but the convenience of using it is incontestable.

If a person is going to leave his four-legged friend alone at home for a couple of days, he should take care that the dog does not starve all this time. For this, the auto-feeder ideally reaches. Do not forget that the animal needs water. If the design does not provide for automatic water supply, you can simply fill a large bowl. Additionally, you need to think about where the dog will go to the toilet during the absence of his master at home. With small rocks in this regard is much easier, since they can be limited to the tray.

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