Keyboard setup for Xiaomi Redmi Note 7

When buying a Xiaomi smartphone, a problem may arise that the phone’s interface or typing language will not match the one you need. Also, a similar problem can happen when changing the firmware. for example, you had Russified firmware, and after installing a new one, all settings and changes were reset and returned to the factory, that is, Chinese.

And with the Chinese interface it’s quite difficult to understand, and without help you can’t find the language change point in order to return the Russian keyboard layout. In this article, we will tell you how to customize the layout, as well as demonstrate the possibilities of customizing the appearance of the keypad on Xiaomi smartphones such as Redmi 3s, Redmi Note 3, 3 Pro and 4, 4 Pro.

How to change the keyboard on Xiaomi

First you need to pull the so-called “notification curtain” and tap on the gear in the upper right corner. the smartphone settings icon. In the list that appears, we find the button with the ellipsis picture and go to it. Then you need to go to the menu item with the globe icon and press the first button in it, after which a list of languages ​​available to you will appear. If the one you need is not there, it means that it is not provided for in this firmware, and you have to change it.

If you just want to select other input languages, but don’t know how, then this procedure looks like this: Settings”. “Advanced”. “Language and input”. “Keyboard” and input methods. “Keyboard Settings”. “Input Languages”.

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Customize the look of your keyboard

There is also the possibility of customizing the appearance of the keypad, which allows you to make it the most suitable for you. Xiaomi phones with the basic configuration have two types of keyboards: Google and Swift Key. They are both good, but there are differences that should be mentioned.

Keyboard setup for Xiaomi Redmi Note 7

Google Keyboard. what’s called cheap and cheerful. It has a strict standard look that does not stand out from the general style of the phone. The buttons for switching languages, as well as the choice between the character and letter layout, are quite conveniently located in the lower left corner. For quick access to numbers, you can pinch buttons from the top row of the letter keypad.

Swift Key, in turn, is more suitable for those who prefer their phone to look stylish. It provides a large selection of topics that can also be downloaded additionally. The choice is truly huge and even the most fastidious user will find a suitable design option. The keys can be with a non-standard arrangement of letters and a huge number of additional characters. Buttons can be multi-colored, voluminous or flat. A space with this keyboard is responsible for many functions. For example, when clamped, a list of additional characters appears, and when swipe. the ability to change the language.

You can select the type of keyboard in the same menu as the input language, in “Current keyboard.” You can also put any other keypad by simply downloading it from Google Play for your Redmi.

Keyboard setup for Xiaomi Redmi Note 7

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