Jet Sport Sw4 How to Connect to a Phone

In this article you will learn about Jet Sport fitness bracelets. We have developed informative material about the features of various models, as well as about the applications with which these devices will work.

About the manufacturer

Those who care about their health should understand that without a fitness bracelet one cannot imagine life. These gadgets allow you to track the heart rate of the owner, count the steps taken, as well as calorie consumption per day.

Technically, these bracelets greatly simplify the lives of those who lead an active lifestyle. Many companies produce such bracelets, but Jet is considered one of the most popular. It has long established itself as a quality supplier of sports products at affordable prices. The assembly and delivery of gadgets is carried out through China. It has been operating since 2017, but is considered a promising brand.

Ruler Jet Sport FT

The following types of Fitness trackers are presented in this line:

  • Sport FT3. It allows you to track the number of steps taken, has built-in monitoring of the physical activity of the owner, allows you to calculate calories consumed, monitors your sleep. Also, this gadget can be used as an ordinary watch with the function of “reminder” and “notification of new messages.” About 7 hours can work in standby mode, and in active use. no more than 2 days.
  • Sport FT4. It has the same “stuffing” as the Jet Sport FT3. The truth is a more advanced version. Has an additional type of moisture protection, touch control button.
  • Sport FT4BP1. Has more advanced functionality. It additionally includes: the ability to monitor the heart rate and blood pressure, control the camera. The waiting time is slightly less. 5 hours, in the active phase. 2 days. Available in two colors (black, blue).
  • Sport FT5. The kit has four interchangeable straps in different colors. Repeats the functionality of the Jet Sport FT4, complementing it with the ability to track the frequency of heartbeats.
  • Sport FT5c. Extended version. In addition to the absolutely identical filling as the Jet Sport FT, it has a color display and four straps in the kit (different colors). There is no ability to control pressure.
  • Sport FT6c. Fully synonymous with the Jet Sport FT5c. The only exception is pressure tracking.
  • Sport FT7. Good smart watches, which are presented in two colors: red and black. This is an advanced model. Has a built-in USB connector.
  • Sport FT7c. Repeats the functionality of the Jet Sport FT7. Can sync with Iphone and Android.

Ruler Jet Sport SW

The line is represented by the following versions and models of watches.

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Jet Sport Sw4 How to Connect to a Phone
  • Sport SW3. They are the best watches for brutal men who are not afraid to scratch or wet the gadget (it has a waterproof surface). Available in three colors (blue, black, green). They can operate with one battery up to a year of active use. Practically repeat the functionality of sports trackers.
  • Sport SW4. It differs in the design and color of the case / strap (black-red, black-green, black. gray). It has a function to manage inaction, and can also immerse under water to a depth of a meter, the duration is no more than half an hour.
  • Sport SW5. Allows you to control the concentration of oxygen in the blood of the owner. It performs similar functions as previous models. Also, with their help, you can control the phone and music center.
  • Sport SW7. Laconic design. Functions: making a call via mobile phone, alarm and stopwatch functions, does not have the ability to use a SIM card.
  • Sport SW1. An absolute and powerful device that allows you to follow the calendar, it contains an MP3 player, a camera, a calculator, an SD card. The gadget is considered a mini version of a mobile communications device.

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Ruler Jet Kid Sport

They are considered the best sports watch for a child. On the case there is an alarm SOS button, which allows you to notify the elders about the possible harm to the child. In the case when the child’s clock is removed, an alert will be sent to your mobile phone about this fact.

This is not just a beautiful watch in several colors, which is suitable for both boys and girls. They can replace the phone. The condition for such work is an installed SIM card.

Also, using this device, you can calculate in which place and for how long your child is. You can create certain conditions for a comfortable area of ​​stay of the child. In the case of going beyond it. parents will be notified of this fact. There is a built-in photo and video camera.

Fitness Bracelet Apps

Now let’s try to determine the best applications for fitness bracelets that allow you to monitor the quality of your life.

  1. The official app for Jet Fitness Wristbands is the JetSport Pro service. You can download it both through Apple Play, and through GooglePlay. Works with Jet Sport FT7 and Jet Sport FT7c wristbands. Depending on your device, using this application you will have access to the following functions: blood pressure measurement, heart rate monitoring, pedometer (during the day), calories consumed, etc.
  2. RunKeeper. It takes into account the steps taken during the day. It is a free application for Apple owners. In addition to maintaining the figure in good condition, it allows you to build dialogs with people around the world (those who actively lead their lives). It is considered the simplest but most effective fitness program.
  3. Nike Run Club. With this application you can find colleagues in sports, organize a group of people like you who follow their body and exercise regularly.
  4. Strava Running has the ability to save the selected route in the next stage of training. The application works in English.
  5. JEFIT. It has just a menu and navigation. Allows you to choose workouts from several thousand those that are in his memory.

You cannot choose one of the best bracelet apps. Everything is determined by the purpose of its owner, as well as the financial ability to purchase and extend the time of use of the gadget

Versatile Customization for Any Jet Gadget

For a smart watch or fitness tracker to work, they must be set up and synchronized with your mobile phone. Proper and strict adherence to the rules will not create unnecessary problems on the use of gadgets:

  • Install on your mobile phone any application you like and suitable for the characteristics (via Apple Play / Google Play);
  • Check the compatibility of gadgets (watches and phone);
  • After the devices “find” each other, the information “Connected” will appear on the watch screen. Therefore, you can start working with them.

If you bought a smart watch for a child, then you first need to download the program for tracking the bracelet and the child, as well as insert a SIM card into the hole on the watch case.

In general, you need to configure smart devices only for your individual goals and objectives. For example, you only need to track your heart rate or blood pressure. The function “Counting steps”, etc., was suitable for some.

In addition to the general settings, it is possible to configure additional ones. These include “alerts”, “camera, smartphone control”, “tracking a child”, etc. Everything also depends on the goals of a particular person, namely on why he purchased this unit.