Is It Possible To Give The Puppy Frozen Meat

Is It Possible To Give The Puppy Frozen Meat

If you are sure of the good quality of the meat and it has passed veterinary control, then after defrosting (the desired meat temperature is 36-38 degrees), you can safely feed your pet to it by chopping it finely. If you are not sure about the quality of meat, it is better not just to pour boiling water over it, but even to cook it. Since this is one of the ways to disinfect meat.

Feeding the puppy after weaning from the mother.

Puppies after their weaning from mothers are fed mostly with the same products as adult dogs. This takes into account that the normal growth and good development of puppies depend primarily on the usefulness of their daily diet. It should also be borne in mind that puppy food is needed not only to maintain normal life, but also for the growth and development of the body, which explains the increased need for proteins, minerals and vitamins. Special attention when feeding puppies is drawn to their daily provision of milk and dairy products, raw and boiled meat, vegetables, mineral and vitamin supplements. In addition, puppies give chicken eggs.

Meat should be given to puppies daily in boiled (2/3 of the daily norm) or raw (1/3 of the daily norm).

Use beef or horse meat; pork and lamb meat is undesirable for dogs. It is worse absorbed by their body and can cause indigestion. Meat is fed both boiled and raw at first in small pieces, gradually increasing their size. From 4-5 months of age, meat can be partially replaced by offal, but this is undesirable. From 2 months of age, meat can be partially replaced by boiled sea fish. This should be done no more than twice a week, and only at the expense of a portion of boiled, but not raw meat.

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Raw meat puppies must be given daily. The broth obtained after boiling fish is used to cook fish soup, and boiled fish along with bones is passed through a meat grinder to prevent whole fish bones from getting to the puppies. Milk and dairy products (cottage cheese, yogurt, kefir) give puppies daily.

Part of the daily requirement of milk can be used to make milk porridges. Instead of the usual cottage cheese is recommended to feed the calcinated cottage cheese. To prepare it in 1 liter of milk brought to a boil, 4 tablespoons of a 10% solution of calcium chloride are quickly poured, mixed well and, after separation of the curd, are thrown back onto cheesecloth or thick sieve. Cottage cheese after cooling give a puppy.

Calcined cottage cheese before feeding can be mixed with a small amount of whey, bringing it to a pasty state. Eggs are best given in the form of an omelet with milk. Eggs are given to puppies every two to three days. Meat and semi-liquid fish soup with cereals and vegetables and the addition of salt is cooked according to general medical rules.

It is impossible to use meat-corned beef for puppies: dogs are very sensitive to table salt and with its excess can be hard to get sick. Such meat can be used when cooking soup for adult dogs, but only after soaking small pieces of corned beef for at least 24 hours with repeated water changes.

Soup is fed to puppies after cooling, when it becomes warm, but not hot. Soup can be prepared for future use, stored in the refrigerator, and heated before feeding. Cooked and raw meat is cut into small pieces before feeding.

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Frozen meat is heated to room temperature before feeding. It is not allowed to give dogs meat frozen or highly chilled.

Particular attention is paid to providing puppies with mineral and vitamin supplements in the right quantity, assortment and ratio. Non-observance of this rule inevitably leads to their lag in the growth of development, the appearance of rickets and other diseases.

Puppies, taken away from their mothers, are given daily fish oil from soup at one month of age, starting at half a teaspoon, gradually giving up to two teaspoons per day to 6 months of age. In addition, the soup is fed daily with grated raw carrots, carefully chopped greens (cabbage, lettuce, beets, beet tops), carefully chopped with boiling water.

Replace the greens can be shredded and pre-scalded with boiling water young nettle. Carrots and greens are pinched in chilled soup and thoroughly stirred. As a mineral additive in the soup put bone meal. up to 3 months puppies. 10 g, from 3 to 6 months of age – 13 g per day; calcium phosphate (precipitate), or glycerophosphate, or finely crushed egg shells. from 0.5 to 1 g per day to 6 months of age, table salt – up to 3 months of age – 5 g, from 3 to 6 months of age. 8 g per day.

The need for puppies in animal fat is satisfied, as a rule, due to the fat contained in meat. If the meat is completely lean and when meat is replaced by meat by-products, beef tallow or butter should be put in the soup. up to 3 months of puppies – 10-15 g, from 3 to 6 months of age. 20-25 g per day.

Is It Possible To Give The Puppy Frozen Meat

If the puppy licks or chews on plaster and earth, this indicates a lack of mineral feed. In this case, check whether the puppy with feed at the established daily rate of bone meal, phosphoric acid calcium (precipitate) or glycerophosphate and other mineral supplements, and if necessary, increase their rate. We recommend keeping chalk and activated carbon (carbol) near the feeders at all times. With a lack of feed, mineral substances puppies willingly eat them.

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From one and a half month to 5 months, the puppy is recommended to give large raw beef bones, which he will gladly gnaw, but is not yet able to crush. Giving such bones at an older age is impossible: during this period, the replacement of milk teeth is completed, the jaws and teeth become more powerful, able to crush bones, and their fragments will injure the stomach and intestines. In order to fully provide the puppy at the expense of the feed with all the substances necessary for its growth and development, it is necessary to make up a balanced daily diet for the puppy. If you do not have sufficient knowledge and experience for this, then ask for help from a specialist dog service club specialist. In many clubs you can also get a memo about the rules and rules of feeding a puppy. Http://taivest-kennel.Ucoz.Ru/publ/4-1-0-28

You can also feed puppies with complete feeds of various companies.

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