Is It Possible To Give The Dog Bone Chicken, Pork, Beef, Etc.

On the one hand, a dog with a bone in his teeth is quite a common sight. So pets are shown in movies, cartoons, in pictures and in books. Yes, and on the street you can find a dog running about his business with this delicacy in his mouth. And, you can write odes about their love for bones – not a single dog in their right mind would refuse such yummy. But such food does not inspire confidence in the majority of the owners of four-legged friends, as it seems dangerous. Where is the truth here and is it possible to give a dog bone?

Dangerous bones

Some experts are inclined to believe that bones can be given to dogs, but it should be remembered that this is not food, but rather entertainment. And, besides, you should take into account the characteristics of the breed, the individual characteristics of the pet. Yes, and bone bone is different.

Is It Possible To Give The Dog Bone Chicken, Pork, Beef, Etc.

I want to focus on those bones that should never be present in the pet’s diet, even in the form of a toy! This list includes the following:

  • Tubular bones of birds (chickens, turkeys, geese, etc.). It does not matter if they are from the factory or household, they should not be given. They are in the limbs – legs, thighs, wings. Given that the turkey is a very large bird and slaughters it when it reaches 2-3 years old, you can imagine how big and strong the bones are. The same applies to duck, goose bones, they can lead to perforation, that is, damage to the intestinal walls.
  • Rabbit bones. They are small, which causes the trust of dog owners. However, the broken bone of the rib, the limbs, especially the hind, the spine, has very sharp edges.
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The bones can be used for cooking porridge, but the broth should be pre-filtered, eliminating the ingress of fragments. But cartilage can be left.

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Main stereotypes

Is It Possible To Give The Dog Bone Chicken, Pork, Beef, Etc.

A dog with a bone, a cat with a fish, a hare with a carrot … So we are raised from childhood, but is this true? Many without even thinking, feed the pet bones, and this can lead to the death of a pet. It is necessary to debunk, in whole or in part, the main points:

Is It Possible To Give The Dog Bone Chicken, Pork, Beef, Etc.

In addition, gastric juice in dogs with increased acidity, it can even soften bones. Bone acquires a rubbery texture that does not give anything useful to a pet.

Possible trouble

If it seems that dogs have no problem eating bones, then vets can easily refute this. Dogs await the following:

  • Injury of tissues of the pharynx: scratches on the mucous membranes, damage to the blood vessels, accompanied by severe bleeding, trachea. In the latter cases, death is possible.
  • Asphyxiation is another reason animals die. In this case, the bone gets stuck, and the dog, unable to swallow, is choked up with saliva.
  • Jamming of the bones in the stomach – the pet begins to vomit abundantly, so the body tries to get rid of the foreign object. This, respectively, does not occur, and in the process the animal’s electrolyte balance is disturbed. If the dog does not receive medical care, then it dies from dehydration.
  • The bones accumulate in the stomach, leading to intestinal obstruction or bleeding.

What bones are allowed to give

There really aren’t many of them:

  • Smoothed chicken bones can be given to a dog;
  • Beef maslaki, round joints;
  • Spongy bones of beef or lamb.
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Experts are inclined to believe that a dog will do without a favorite delicacy better than it will end up with significant health problems.

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