Is It Possible To Give Dogs Bones

Is It Possible To Give Dogs Bones

There is a stereotype that dogs love to gnaw bones, one can argue with that. Many dog ​​lovers will say with confidence that bones are good for animals. It is necessary to understand this issue.

Prohibited food

Improper feeding of the pet in the future will lead to problems with his health. To avoid this, you need to take into account some important points. In the diet of your pet should not be:

  • Tubular chicken bones – The ban applies to both factory and poultry. The tubular bones are in the hips and wings.
  • Turkey bones – It is a rather large bird, which is slaughtered as an adult (2-3 years), that is, when the bones have already grown strong.
  • Goose bones – probably the most dangerous type of bones and for damage to the health of the dog, can only be compared with duck. Geese and ducks are slaughtered at the age of 12-24 months. By this time, the backbone of the bird is fully formed. Broken bones, especially tubular, have very sharp edges.
  • Rabbit bones small and sharp at break, especially in the ribs, hind legs and spinal column. If you really want to pamper the dog rabbit, choose meat or stew, which may contain fragments of cartilage.

Important! Boil the porridge, you can on any bones, but after preparing the broth, it must be filtered, eliminating the ingress of small fragments in food. Cartilage taken from boiled tubular bones can be left in the porridge.

It is strictly forbidden to feed the dog tubular bones. In the process of crushing, small sharp fragments are formed, which can damage the intestines, stomach and other organs. In addition, a splinter can get stuck in the teeth, the dog will not pull it out on its own, you will have to contact a veterinarian.

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A dog’s constant consumption of bones has a negative effect on the teeth of the animal.. Regular consumption of pet bones can cause worms, intestinal infections, various kinds of poisoning.

Small fragments accumulate in the intestines of the animal and cause bloating and constipation. Sometimes, the owner is difficult to cope with such a problem. The bone can get stuck in the stomach, in this case it is impossible to do without surgical intervention.

If you really want to pamper your pet with delicious, you can separate the cartilage from the bones, this part does not harm your faithful friend in any way.

Pet can be pampered with bones, but such food is absolutely not suitable for a daily diet..

Note! A healthy dog’s gastric juice has a high acidity index and actually turns the bone into a softer substance for 2-3 hours. In fact, the bone becomes a solid piece similar in structure to rubber. Nothing useful in this "gum" is not, but for 2 hours with a sharp bone in the stomach, trouble can happen.

Is It Possible To Give Dogs Bones

Allowable bones for the dog’s diet

Nothing bad will happen if you feed the dog with boiled bones brought to the state of a stew (soft). There is no benefit in this special, and only factory chicken or fish can be used for such a boil. In recipes for homemade canned food for dogs, chicken necks are often taken as a basis. If you decide to stock up on semi-finished products, use only raw by-products. Necks are interrupted in an electric meat grinder until smooth, and vitamins and vegetables are introduced into the mince.

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Important! Dogs can not be fed boiled chicken neck and spines of any bird. The bone tissue of the vertebrae, which has undergone heat treatment, becomes fragile and vitreous, that is, it crumbles into many small fragments.

It is permissible to give the dog and beef bones, more precisely, moslaki, large heads of the hip joints. After the pet has eaten up the cartilage tissue and meat, it should be removed, as the dog may dislocate its jaw while trying to gnaw it. As a raw material for broth or toys, it is permissible to feed the caudate with spongy beef and mutton bones. However, you must be sure that the animals were slaughtered at a young age, as the too rigid spongy bones break, forming sharp fragments.


Bones can be replaced by well-digested cartilage. You can feed the dog with pork ears, which are wholesome food, but they must be heat treated.

Also dogs with great pleasure absorb boiled bones with a soft structure. You can give your pet beef bones, or rather large head hip joints. After the dog has gnawed meat and cartilage tissue, it is better to remove the bone, since the pet may dislocate the jaw, trying to gnaw the bone.

If you still decide to feed the bones of your pet, remember that the size of the bone should correspond to the size and age of the animal. Limit beef seed consumption to twice a week.. It is better to feed the animal with raw beef bones, as boiled have a negative effect on the pet’s intestines.

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