Is It Possible To Give Bones To A Dog? Answer In Detail!

The majority of dog-theoreticians, the phrase "I feed the bones," causes a true horror and a stream of indignation. For a dog’s diet, the product, frankly, is doubtful, however, the dog contained on the natural diet should receive solid food. So is it possible to give dogs bones? You can, if wisely and carefully.

Is It Possible To Give Bones To A Dog? Answer In Detail!

Important! Bone can be considered as a toy or a temporary leisure for a dog, but not as food!

Bones that can kill a dog

In case you do not read the article to the end, we will start with the most important, with the prohibitions. It is important to understand that improper feeding of the dog will necessarily lead to health problems, it is a matter of time. With bones, the danger is much higher fragments can accumulate in the stomach and intestines for years, and it happens that only one bone causes the death of a pet. So below A list of bones that should never be given to a dog under any circumstances:

  • Tubular chicken bones – The ban applies to both factory and poultry. The tubular bones are in the hips and wings.
  • Turkey bones – It is a rather large bird, which is slaughtered as an adult (2-3 years), that is, when the bones have already grown strong.
  • Goose bones – probably the most dangerous type of bones and for damage to the health of the dog, can only be compared with duck. Geese and ducks are slaughtered at the age of 12-24 months. By this time, the backbone of the bird is fully formed. Broken bones, especially tubular, have very sharp edges.
  • Rabbit bones small and sharp at break, especially in the ribs, hind legs and spinal column. If you really want to pamper the dog rabbit, choose meat or stew, which may contain fragments of cartilage.

Is It Possible To Give Bones To A Dog? Answer In Detail!

Important! Boil the porridge, you can on any bones, but after preparing the broth, it must be filtered, eliminating the ingress of small fragments in food. Cartilage taken from boiled tubular bones can be left in the porridge.

Dog with a bone in the teeth – dangerous stereotypes

Dogs love bones, cats milk and fish – these are stereotypes imposed on everyone since childhood. Fairy tales, cartoons, stories lay in our minds unshakable truth. That is why it does not even occur to the adult owner of the tailing friend that the bones can kill a pet or significantly shorten its lifespan. We offer you to debunk the main clichés related to the relevance of the bones in the dog’s diet:

  • A pet should receive solid food every day, because this is how wild dogs live – solid food, perhaps, but not bones, but raw vegetables and fruits. For reference: wild and stray animals rarely live to 8 years of age, because they lose their teeth early and begin to experience difficulties with digestion. If you feed a dog with industrial food, feeding “dangerous treats” is not at all appropriate.
  • Bones are necessary for a dog to grind its teeth – mammals change milk teeth for indigenous ones. The teeth of dogs do not grow and become dull with age. But the dog does not sharpen the teeth with bones, it grinds them, scratches the enamel and runs the risk of breaking the fangs or incisors!
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Is It Possible To Give Bones To A Dog? Answer In Detail!

Note! A healthy dog’s gastric juice has a high acidity index and actually turns the bone into a softer substance for 2-3 hours. In fact, the bone becomes a solid piece similar in structure to rubber. Nothing useful in this "gum" is not, but for 2 hours with a sharp bone in the stomach, trouble can happen.

Feed the dog bones? Get ready for trouble!

You decided to give the dog raw bones in spite of all prohibitions, for example, relying on grandfather’s experience, the Ball of which all his life he ate only chicken bones and lived to be 15 years old. Well, it’s up to you, however possible list of consequences recommend to read:

Is It Possible To Give Bones To A Dog? Answer In Detail!

  • Throat injury – swallowing fragments from the bone, the dog can not only scratch the mucous membranes, but also pierce them. In the area of ​​the vocal cords lies a lot of vessels, the damage to which will lead to severe bleeding. Damage to the trachea is also deadly. Usually, if a dog has injured a throat or trachea, it does not have time to take it to the hospital, the animal either dies from blood loss or is choked in it.
  • Asphyxia – no less common cause of death of animals. Usually, if the bone gets stuck in the gaps of the chewing teeth, the dog begins to choke on its own saliva. Without timely help, the dog is killed by suffocation. A very popular outcome if the pet is fed by the spines of a large bird.
  • Constant vomiting and, as a result, dehydration and danger of life. – usually, this happens if the dog swallows a large bone and it is stuck in the stomach. The body’s natural reaction is vomiting, but no bone with vomit comes out. The situation is resolved only by operational means.
  • Accumulation of bones in the stomach – the case is similar to the one described above, but implies a blockage of the stomach with small bones and their fragments. Most stray dogs die because of this disease. Impaired metabolism associated with prolonged malnutrition, leads to a decrease in gastric acidity. As a result, the bones do not soften, do not go out into the intestine, but accumulate forming a “ball of needles”. The animal dies from obstruction or bleeding. The state is stopped by the operational way.
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Is It Possible To Give Bones To A Dog? Answer In Detail!

  • Perforation of the small intestine – occurs if the fragment passed through the throat and stomach. The most dangerous injury associated with incompletely digested bones. Perforation leads to severe bleeding and even necrosis. The situation is solved by a complicated operation technique (bowel resection) and long-term rehabilitation.
  • Closure of the large intestine – semi-digested bones accumulate in the colon and form a dense tube. As a result, the dog cannot normally empty the bowels, the process of defecation is accompanied by pain or even bleeding. The blockage of the large intestine is the most common consequence of feeding dogs with bones.

Remember! Bone is a piece of mineral structure, no more. The dog’s intestines are not able to absorb calcium or potassium from the bone, so there is nothing useful in this product for the dog.

Allowable bones for the dog’s diet

Nothing bad will happen if you feed the dog with boiled bones brought to the state of a stew (soft). There is no benefit in this special, and only factory chicken or fish can be used for such a boil. In recipes for homemade canned food for dogs, chicken necks are often taken as a basis. If you decide to stock up on semi-finished products, use only raw by-products. Necks are interrupted in an electric meat grinder until smooth, and vitamins and vegetables are introduced into the mince.

Is It Possible To Give Bones To A Dog? Answer In Detail!

Important! Dogs can not be fed boiled chicken neck and spines of any bird. The bone tissue of the vertebrae, which has undergone heat treatment, becomes fragile and vitreous, that is, it crumbles into many small fragments.

It is permissible to give the dog and beef bones, more precisely, moslaki, large heads of the hip joints. After the pet has eaten up the cartilage tissue and meat, it should be removed, as the dog may dislocate its jaw while trying to gnaw it. As a raw material for broth or toys, it is permissible to feed the caudate with spongy beef and mutton bones. However, you must be sure that the animals were slaughtered at a young age, as the too rigid spongy bones break, forming sharp fragments.

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