Is It Possible To Give A Puppy Bovine Bones

Can I give bones to dogs?

Can I give bones to dogs or not? This question is asked almost every novice dog breeder. Almost all dog owners are sure that their pets need solid food, and its lack is on the menu, many owners compensate for the bones – pork, chicken, beef. Generally, there are two types of dog owners. Some people say that bones are a delicacy that replaces a favorite toy, and combines the benefit and the way to take a pet, others consider it unacceptable as a type of food in the diet of the animal. In principle, both are right in their own way! So all the same, can or should not give the bones of your dog? Now we will sort everything out in order …

Is It Possible To Give A Puppy Bovine Bones
Is It Possible To Give A Puppy Bovine Bones

What bones can be given to dogs, and what not?

Many owners, at the first convenient opportunity, try to give their pet everything that they have not finished. But many of them do not take into account the fact that fragments of many bones, getting into the stomach and intestines of a dog, can very seriously harm her and damage the internal organs. This can lead to very serious problems, including surgery.
The most dangerous type of bones that can NOT be given to your dog are tubular chicken bones.
The first and main danger when feeding your dog is bone formations of chicken, turkey, goose or any other bird. When hit in the dog’s teeth, these bones quickly break open and crumble into small sharp pieces. Getting into the stomach, they can cause very serious harm to the dog, while severely damaging the mucous membrane, and cause perforation of the stomach or intestines. In the latter, to save the animal from death, can only be done in time for the operation, which may entail the removal of damaged internal organs.

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Is it possible to give a dog pig bones?

How is it that the dog and the bone, these essentially two absolutely logical and fully compatible things, were contraindicated to each other? But no, there are still bones that we have bypassed and have not touched, these are beef bones.

Can a dog give beef bones?

Yes, beef bones can be included in your dog’s diet, but there are exceptions. This type of bone can only be given in the form of raw ribs or meat from the femur. From the femur, you can give meat to gnaw, and then be sure to pick up, so that the dog does not start to gnaw the bone itself and not harm itself. The ribs in the cartilage stage, the puppy can be given without problems, but in solid form, they are contraindicated. If you want to surprise an adult dog with some delicacy, then the date of her calf ribs, only necessarily cartilaginous.

Boiled beef, calf, lamb and, in principle, any other bones are not recommended, they can cause indigestion or constipation.

So, let’s repeat once again what is possible and what should not be given to your pet:
Do not give the dog any meat in boiled form. But if all the same, then be prepared for possible problems with the stomach.
You can give your dog beef or calf bones in its raw form, and after eating meat from it, be sure to pick up the remaining bone.
Do not give tubular bones, they include the bones of chicken, goose, turkey and other birds. They can cause great damage to the internal organs of the dog, and in severe cases, even be fatal.
You can give beef or calf ribs raw, but only if they are in the form of cartilage.
Do not let the dog off the table

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