Is It Possible To Give A Dog Bones (Chicken, Pork, Turkey, Fish)

Very often, having heard the question “what kind of bones can a dog have?” – the neobachniki are very surprised. They are the very essence of the issue is not clear. After all, the overwhelming number of people are 100% sure that dogs should be fed with bones, well, not meat should be given to them.

So what, can dogs bone? There are two answers to this question – yes and no. Right now, let’s try to figure out what kind of bones you can treat your pets to, and which are under strict prohibition.

Can I give the dog chicken bones

Not. Chicken bones, when they are broken by dogs, turn into sharp fragments that can damage the throat or, even worse, pierce the intestinal walls.

Some veterinarians and part-time – good owners sometimes feed their pets with soft cartilage from tubular bones.

Is It Possible To Give A Dog Bones (Chicken, Pork, Turkey, Fish)

Pork bones

Not! Not that bones, even pork meat is impossible for dogs. Having eaten raw pork, your dog runs the risk of contracting various worms, and boiled one is very fatty for pets.

There are times when the owners, having welded jellied meat, rush to treat their pet with bones from it. Well, do not disappear well, is not it? The result of such a feeding is that you will be able to get off at best with a slight fright, namely petroleum jelly and enema.

In the worst case, an operation during which the intestines are cut and the bones are removed from it. Then comes the postoperative period when the dog needs to limit the maximum amount of time and attention. Do you still want to treat your dog with boiled pig bones? Many have already seen that such “savings” cost too much. Do not be one of them.

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Beef bones

  • Raw beef bones can be given to the dog. But not all. You can give the dog bones with melov and young calf ribs that are in the stage of cartilage. You should not treat the dog with solid ribs, because when crushing they turn into sharp fragments.
  • Boiled beef bones can not be given to the dog. Are you surprised? Especially after long cooking, the bones become softer and easier for the dog to use. But already in the intestines, they turn into "rubber", that is, a very dense mass. The result is intestinal blockage.

Turkey bones

Not! Turkey bones are strictly prohibited. Having treated with such a "delicacy", you can simply lose your pet. During chewing, the tubular bones become very sharp and can severely damage the intestines of the dog. As a result, the pet may die from internal bleeding.

Is It Possible To Give A Dog Bones (Chicken, Pork, Turkey, Fish)

Lamb bones

Yes. There is an opinion that the sheep bones for a dog are a delicacy. But is it really? The bones of these animals are composed of various useful minerals, including so useful calcium, which is so useful to puppies during growth. But this does not mean that you can give all the bones of a sheep.

You can not treat your pet boiled bones, as they in the intestine are converted into a dense mass, which is very difficult to get out. It is not necessary to give the ribs of the ram, because when they are bite through, they become very sharp.

Is it possible to give a dog bone fish

Not. Fish bones absorbed by a dog can lead to the following consequences:

  • Obstruction of the stomach;
  • To obstruction;
  • Rupture of digestive organs;
  • Can scratch the throat.
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Now you yourself are convinced that it is better to feed the dog with normal and wholesome food, and not try to save falsely.

Is it possible to give a dog rabbit bones?

Not. The fact is that the bones of the rabbit are very small and no less sharp during fracture, especially their paws, ribs, and also the spine. If you want to treat your pet with rabbit meat, give it a stew or meat.

So, now you know what bones can be given to dogs and we hope that if you feed the pet with bones, then it is with those that you can eat. You also learned what bones dogs can not and feed them their pets, we hope you will not.

Note that it is not always to eat the bones, but it is useful to bite their pets. It is necessary that the bone was quite large. Dogs are predators, they need to nibble something. And more fun and useful for the teeth.

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