Is It Possible To Give A Dog Bone

Serious danger to your beloved dog can lurk in the usual dainty – bones! There is a myth that dogs gnaw everything that gets on the tooth, only to sharpen their teeth. In fact, it is not.

Only rodents need to grind their teeth, because their incisors grow all their lives. If the beavers did not gnaw the trees, their teeth would grow to a terrible size. And they would cause unbearable pain to the beasts. In dogs, teeth change in childhood, after which they grow up once and for life.

You do not need to grind them, so these very hard foods are not needed by these pets. It turns out that the bone does not fulfill its main purpose simply because it does not exist. Another common reason for the popularity of dog bones is the desire to feed the pet with calcium. Indeed, in the bones, this useful element is.

But how well it is absorbed – this is a question for veterinarians. Veterinarians themselves are increasingly recommended to give pets vitamins and special supplements. But the bones can be a dangerous treat …

What are dangerous bones for dogs?

The bones are very hard, so teeth suffer from them first: enamel is erased from them, which gives an extra chance for the development of treacherous caries in dogs. There is a risk of deformation of the teeth, even pieces can split off from them. In other words, a whole bunch of dental problems.

It is worth remembering how much money, time, effort and nerves a person needs to spend in order to cure teeth. And dental treatment in a dog is even more problematic – it is extremely difficult to find a good canine dentist, and dentistry for dogs can get you a good penny. Another problem that bones can cause is cuts and scrapes in the mouth and esophagus.

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While the dog selflessly gnaws a bone, splinters are scooped from it, some with sharp edges. Cuts of the tongue and gums for a pet are unpleasant and very painful. But that’s not all. The dog may swallow small pieces of bone.

Is It Possible To Give A Dog Bone

And here a blind case comes into play: a fragment can secretly do the usual way prepared for food (by the way, the bones are not digested). And can dig into the pet’s mucous somewhere along the way. Moreover, not necessarily in the digestive system. If the splinter is small, the dog may inhale it. As a result – internal bleeding, pain and suffering of the pet. Unfortunately, bone fragments often have to be removed by surgery. And an extra operation is always an extra risk to life.

What to replace?

The consequences from bones may not be as fatal. Favorite dog can get rid of an ordinary upset stomach. Also unpleasant, but not fatal. Although watching the animal suffer is not a fairy tale at all. But how then to be with puppies? After all, their teeth are only cut, and they want to scratch them about something.

They are created in such a way that the dog will eat enough, clean the teeth, and refresh with vitamins. Another option for dogs is tendons and cartilage. They are hard enough to brush your teeth, but not enough to damage the enamel.

And the rest of the problems they can not bring. So the pork ear is a good alternative to the dangerous bone. For a dog to be happy, it must first of all be healthy. Therefore, a loving owner will always show care and attention. And apply your knowledge. A good owner should clearly know how to properly care for a pet. And do not believe the word for everyone.

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The best consultants are veterinarian and dog handler. But not a neighbor on the porch. Of course, only if he is not a veterinarian or a dog handler. Only your attention and love can protect your pet from most evils.

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