Is It Possible To Give A Dog Bone

Bones in the diet of dogs

Despite the fact that the bones are on the list of products that are prohibited to be given to the dog (read this list here), many owners continue to persistently ignore this recommendation, mistakenly thinking that a boneless dog is in no way like a cat without fish . However, this product in the diet of your pet can lead to sad consequences and even to the death of the animal. Doubt? Do not want to take on faith? Well, perhaps, for someone our article will be a revelation …

Bones in the diet of dogs

Since childhood, we have been taught that the bones are the most for dogs. Remember the pictures from children’s books – there are Bobby and Tuziki with bones in his teeth. Many of us grew up on this stereotype, and already in adulthood, having gotten a dog (in more detail about whether to get a dog), they continue to support him, occasionally giving his pet bones. But why a dog need bone? Do they have something useful and valuable? Let’s figure it out.
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Composition of bones

To do this, we propose to study the composition of bones. These are mainly minerals with negligible nutritional value. Therefore, if you expect that the bones of the dog will replace vitamin complexes – you are mistaken. It will not happen. And, although the dog’s stomach is able to digest such bone fragments, the acidity of the pet’s gastric juice is enough to turn them into a soft consistency substance in a few hours, but there will not be any particular benefit to the animal’s body. So, if you give the dog the bones, motivating yourself that they have vitamins – you are wrong. There are other, more worthy sources of vitamins in the pet’s diet. About vitamins for dogs.
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The benefits of bones for dog teeth

Okay, some owners will give up, the nutritional value of the bones is minimal, well, God be with her. The main thing is that the pet wears teeth. But who told you that dogs need to grind their teeth? They are not rodents, in which they grow throughout their lives. Dogs do not need to sharpen their canines, and they don’t need bones at all. And, in the process of unnecessary facing, breaking a tooth, damaging tooth enamel, grinding a tooth off a bone – all this can happen to your animal. Moreover,

Is It Possible To Give A Dog Bone

Regular inclusion of bones in the dog’s diet leads to the fact that the life of the dog’s teeth … is reduced.

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By the way, one of the reasons why wild canids live so little and rarely live to the age of pets is a specific diet, which largely consists of the bones of wild animals.

Not convinced? Well, then let’s remember that puppies’ milk teeth change to permanent teeth when the baby reaches 3.5 months. And, this process lasts up to 6.5 months. After that, the dog had permanent teeth in its mouth and Nature did not take care of their backup or replacement. And then, how much “enough” they will depend not only on heredity, on caring for them (how to care for the dog’s teeth), but also on what the dog eats (the better to feed the dog). If you include bones in the diet of a four-legged friend, then do not be surprised that when he is 6-8 years old, where the dog had teeth, only small hemp will remain in the mouth, and besides premature grinding and crushing pulp (soft tissue), pulpitis, as a result, and in the absence of adequate treatment, the dog is likely to lose its teeth, which are most of the load, as well as neighboring ones.
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Bone damage to dogs

Bones can cause your pet to die.

Well, we have established that bones do not grind teeth to dogs, but only spoil them, and their nutritional value is the most minimal. On this list of possible harm, unfortunately, does not end. Fragments of the bones can easily injure the pet’s stomach and intestines, as it is not always the gastric juice in the body of the animal is produced in the right quantities to dissolve the bones. If the dog has eaten tightly before it, or it has disturbances in the work of the gastrointestinal tract, then the stomach produces an insufficient amount of gastric juice. Accordingly, the bones will not be able to digest the dog, and will transit, traumatizing the mucous membranes in its path. By the way, quite often in dogs that have eaten a lot of bones, one can observe constipation or diarrhea – all these are consequences of intestinal failures.

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In addition, swallowing large sharp pieces of bones, the animal can injure the throat, they can get stuck in it, and they can be removed only under anesthesia. Bone can get stuck in the stomach and not go into the intestines, thereby provoking regular bouts of vomiting in a pet. In this case, only timely surgery can correct the situation.

If the bone gets stuck in the intestine, then it becomes the cause of its obstruction (more on this here) and injures the intestine. It may even occur intestinal perforation – experts call this problem the most dangerous. Treatment in this case involves surgery, bowel resection. After such a complex operation, the animal must remain on a strict diet for a long time, and will not soon be able to return to a full and habitual way of life for itself. More about postoperative care.

In the case when bone fragments still reach the large intestine, there they can be compressed, and prevent the dog from emptying the bowel. This is manifested as follows. The pet has taken a comfortable position for a bowel movement, however, it cannot empty the intestines, it experiences sharp pain, blood may come out of the anus, and the dog whines and squeals from pain. In this case, an oil-based cleansing enema may help, but only under the supervision of a veterinarian, after which the dog is prescribed a strictest diet for several days. By the way, it is with this problem that the owners of dogs that feed the last bones often face.
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Damage to bird bones

And what about bird’s bones? After all, they are softer, respectively, the harm from them should be less. Despite this opinion, they are strictly forbidden to give animals. Even in nature, wild dogs, wolves do not hunt birds. They avoid them instinctively, but you and I will not be prevented from knowing that a sharp piece of a tubular chicken bone (so small and completely harmless) can pierce an animal’s stomach. The consequences, as you understand from this, are very terrible.

By the way, if you suspect toxinfection in an animal – before going to a veterinary specialist, take care to give it Biseptol and Bactisubtil, in dosages according to the weight and age of the animal.

Dog treats

Treats for dogs

As an option, you can offer rubber or silicone bone toys.

By the way, such toys are also useful because with their help the animal, without harming its teeth, will be able to get rid of plaque, which later threatens it with tartar.

Video on why dogs should not be given bones

Today we talked with you about why dogs should not be given bones, and what sad consequences such a violation of the rules for keeping a pet can lead to. We hope that every dog ​​owner will make the right conclusions for himself from this publication and follow the recommendations and advice from it, as they can really keep your pet healthy.

Oh, do you give your dog bones? What kind of dog treats do you buy for your pet? Share your experiences and stories with us. We are also waiting for photos of your pets, which you can post on the pages of our group Vkontakte – My pets.

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