Is It Possible To Feed The Dog Fish

Feeding pets should be balanced and have a sufficient amount of useful vitamins and trace elements. This will help pets to stay healthy, be active and not get sick, which will make it easier for owners to care for them. The latter need to be well aware of exactly which foods should be included in the dog’s daily diet. Not least in the dog’s menu is a fish – a pantry of protein. We learn about this product, its composition in the dog menu in detail.

And what’s the use?

River fish, in contrast to sea fish, contains less vitamin D and iodine. But its use is good for dogs. The vitamins of group B and magnesium contained in the product are necessary for the healthy functioning of the nervous system of dogs. Protein as a component of fish is the main building material for the muscles and tissues of animals. This useful product contains phosphorus and calcium, supporting the teeth and skeleton of dogs; iodine, essential for the health of the thyroid gland; zinc, which is responsible for the normal functioning of the reproductive system of animals. Present in fish and iron, which saves dogs from anemia; copper, supporting dog coat color. The fat contained in fish protects blood vessels, supports the work of the heart, blocks the inflammatory processes that cause arthritis and cancer in animals.

Fish in the dog menu

This product, on the basis of the foregoing, can and should be given to pets, adhering to some tips. Among them are the following:

  1. Include fish in the diet of the animal only once or twice a week. The product contains an enzyme that can have a destructive effect on the pet’s body and, if it is consumed too often, provoke vitamin deficiency. The warning does not apply to boiled species.
  2. Use caution when giving your dog fresh river and lake fish, it may contain various parasites. It will be safer if you thoroughly soak such a product in the refrigerator for a while or boil it before use.
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Meat in a dog’s diet

A rich source of protein is not only fish. This meat of different types, and offal. You can feed the animal low-fat beef, not necessarily the first grade. It is not necessary and at all desirable to include high-quality varieties of meat products in the consumer basket of dogs. You can feed your pets lamb, horse meat, rabbit. Moreover, such meat can be given to animals of all ages. But you should not feed pork – it is too fat.

Chicken and turkey meat, offal can be given individually, taking into account the reaction of the digestive system and the skin of the dog. But the skin of the chicken from the menu should be deleted.

All meat products should be offered to four-legged pets in raw form, but they should be pre-frozen in the refrigerator. Additional treatment with boiling water after this is not necessary. Do not chop meat to a state of minced meat – let the dog chew it, creating a load on the teeth.

Is It Possible To Feed The Dog Fish

You can feed the animals and internal organs, and less valuable parts of carcasses of slaughter animals. It can be kidneys and heart, udder and offal of chickens, turkeys, which are also useful. It is not often allowed to feed pets with liver and lungs, as they are heavily tolerated by the pet’s digestion system when raw. It is better for old dogs not to give them at all.

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