Is It Possible To Feed A Dog With Bones

Is It Possible To Feed A Dog With Bones

Is it possible to feed a dog with bones?

All dog breeders are arguing about this. Some say that it is possible, others say – it is impossible! But most people still think that giving bones to a dog is possible and even useful.

Delving into the study of this topic, it will be clear that to feed the dog with bones is not only pointless, but also dangerous! Any veterinarian will tell you how the feeding of a dog ends with bones, and if it is convenient, it will show the results of frequent operations to remove bone fragments from the dog’s digestive tract.

What is bone is a piece of mineral water with an insignificant nutritional value.

Many breeders believe that the dog must be given bones so that it would sharpen their teeth. The dog is not a rat and does not have a physiological need for grinding teeth. Alas, the dog grinds his teeth while consuming bones, reducing their resource! Stoned teeth are not the only dog ​​problem. Bone fragments often get stuck between the teeth, injuring the gums and tongue of the dog, causing it pain and discomfort when eating. Often, dogs break their teeth on the bone and necessarily scratch the tooth enamel, which also entails premature tooth decay and loss. If the dog is constantly given bones, it will happen. All these factors over time impair the ability of the dog to chop food, which ultimately upsets the digestive system and shortens its lifespan.

A more serious danger when eating bones is injury to the stomach and intestines. Quite often, the bones are not digested in the dog’s stomach and passing through the digestive system, injure the mucous membrane in its path. As a rule, in dogs, after eating a large number of bones, diarrhea or constipation is observed, which is a violation of the bowels and worsens the condition of the dog. Very often dogs swallow large pieces of bones and this can lead to more serious consequences. A large bone cannot pass from the stomach into the intestine, which causes constipation, vomiting and death of the animal if the dog is not operated on time.

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Bird bones dog generally can not be given. Argued that the predator eats everything – the beak and the bone does not leave. The tubular bones of birds easily split into needle fragments. And life shows that needle fragments of bones pierced the stomachs of dogs more than once, causing peritonitis and death of the dog. In nature, wolves practically do not hunt a bird, preferring to hunt larger game. And having raised a game, they will prefer to eat bones of entrails and meat to bones. Moreover, modern domestic dogs are already far from a predatory lifestyle, their digestive system, jaws and teeth, especially decorative dogs, are already more adapted to eating homemade food than to those harvested from the wild.

In addition to these troubles, the bones do not carry any nutritional benefits. They are completely useless and should be sent to the trash.

If you already have a great desire to give the dog a bone, then you can give the dog a large “sugar” bone or a large joint with leftover meat. The bone should not have sharp edges or log houses, about which the dog may be injured. These bones from the two ends end in cartilage, which the dog will start nibbling first. As soon as the dog gnaws cartilage, the bone should be picked up and thrown into the trash. But we would not advise this, because There have been cases of a large bone being swallowed by a dog, which is also dangerous for the dog’s life.

On the Internet you can often find advertisements of enterprising businessmen who paint that bones are super premium food that can replace any vitamins and minerals, they contain a lot of useful substances for dogs, they brush their teeth and the dog’s musculature becomes stronger and everything This complex has a positive effect on the psychological state of the dog and the quality of its life … Duzya, this is nonsense! Bones are not food, but dangerous garbage in a dog’s digestive tract, which leads to disorders of the digestive system, peritonitis and death of the animal.

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Many will argue, saying the mongrel eat bones and everything is fine! No, you just do not see how the mongrel die, this is the truth of life. Dogs do not need bones. If you love your dog and want to give her a pet, give her meat.

Take care of your pets and do not give them problems, and they will longer delight you on the path of life.

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