IPod Touch 4 Battery Replacement

Have you encountered a problem? Is the iPod battery running out very quickly? This is one of the most common malfunctions that you have to deal with. If you need a replacement battery for your iPod and you still don’t know who to contact for help, then come to us and the telemama service center will be able to get rid of all the breakdowns of your MP3 player. We solve any problems efficiently and as soon as possible. Our main advantage is that here you can purchase any component necessary for repair at a wholesale price. We have a wide range of spare parts that we purchase directly from the manufacturer. We do not work with resellers, which means that our prices are the lowest. Come when iPod Touch 4, 4g, Nano 6, Classic is quickly discharged, and be convinced of it yourself.

IPod Touch 4 Battery Replacement

Why does it happen that iPod Touch 4, 4g, Nano 6, Classic is quickly discharged?

  1. This is a fairly common occurrence. Sooner or later, every user is faced with this problem. In most cases, this happens for the simple reason that the battery has reached its end of life. He just lost capacity. That is why the iPod is quickly discharged. Naturally, only a complete replacement of the battery on the iPod will solve this problem.
  2. Most often, it is through the ingress of liquid into the device that the battery needs to be replaced with iPod Touch 4, 4g, Nano 6, Classic. over, you should not put off going to the workshop, as the more time passes, the more components fail. If necessary, we will carry out cleaning and conduct a comprehensive diagnosis of the entire device for free.

Video: IPod Touch 4 Battery Replacement

IPod Touch 4 Battery Replacement

Tip. Is it possible to reduce the cost of iPod repair and what needs to be done?

As a rule, the iPod suffers the most from moisture, as well as severe mechanical damage. We do not recommend waiting until the problem resolves itself. If you notice a malfunction, immediately go to the telemam service center, as there is a high probability that the number of malfunctions will increase as much as possible.

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And. when the cause of the breakdown is known.

If you know what happened to the Apple MP3 player and what the consequences can be, and they are 100% sure of it, then you can determine what consequences await you in the future. If you are confident that the situation may be complicated, do not delay the repair. Our experts will repair iPod Touch 4, 4g, Nano 6, Classic.

B. when the cause of the failure is unknown.

  1. If you do not know why the equipment began to behave strangely, and how it happened, then come to our service center. To determine the breakdown, we conduct a complete diagnosis. This is especially true for cases when liquid has got into the device or there was a strong blow. If you continue further operation, then there is a high probability that over time the number of breakdowns will increase.
  2. If the battery quickly sits on the iPod or another serious problem arose and you immediately turned to us for help, then the repair cost will be minimal, since in 99% of cases only one part will initially fail, which will not be so expensive to replace. Also, do not try to repair the equipment yourself. We are often asked to correct the situation after such unsuccessful experiments. over, you run the risk of being completely without technology.

For many years, our craftsmen have been solving all the most difficult problems, so we recommend you to immediately go to our service center.

Until the promotion ends
2 weeks !

Modules screen with glass for:
iPod Touch 5. 3400 2950
iPod Touch 4. 2500 1090
iPod Nano 7. 2600 2500
iPod Nano 6. 2500 1800
Installation. 680
(original 1 year warranty)

Replacing Parts on iPod:
Headphone Jack. 1200 650
Power Connector. 1100 500
Home Button. 1100 600
On button. 1400 550
Installation. 680

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