Iphone X Quickly Discharges What To Do

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Address: Kiev, pr. Obolonsky 1B.

(Shopping center Dreamtown, 3rd floor, atrium Greece. Entrance from metro station Minsk)

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Iphone X Quickly Discharges What To Do

Despite the high quality of smartphones in California, Apple, the battery capacity is still decreasing every year. Customers of our service center often encounter a problem when the iPhone X quickly discharges and shuts down under minimal load. There are many factors that cause a malfunction, but in 90% of cases the owner of the device is the culprit. If the autonomy of the smartphone is in doubt. rather, seek help from specialists. The team at our Re: Store service center will carry out detailed diagnostics, preventive maintenance, and repairs on the iPhone X.

Why is the iPhone X draining fast?

The main reason that the Iphone X quickly sits down is the decrease in battery capacity with a large number of charging cycles. The problem is that the battery is designed for a certain number of discharging and charging cycles. At the end of this period, the capacity decreases and directly affects the duration of the smartphone. The process can be significantly accelerated if the operating rules are not followed, the battery overheats and the long-term storage of a fully discharged smartphone. But, fortunately, the problem by which the smartphone is quickly discharged can be eliminated quite quickly in our service center.

Video: Iphone X Quickly Discharges What To Do

How to save battery power?

A popular way to troubleshoot and conserve battery power is to minimize the time you use apps and features on the iPhone X.

  • Decrease screen backlight. Practice shows that with a high brightness of the screen, a large amount of energy is used.
  • Turn off 3G cellular transmission. If you use cellular data in the background, then it consumes a high amount of energy. By disabling this feature, you can extend the talk time of your smartphone from 4 to 10 hours.
  • Turn off Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS. If you do not use these functions, we recommend disabling them. This action will help to save energy and extend the operating time of the smartphone.
  • Disabling applications that are in standby mode. Programs that are in standby mode consume a significant amount of energy. To maintain the duration of the smartphone, you must close applications that are not used.

Why choose us?

Having discovered that the iPhone X is quickly discharging, we recommend that you visit the Re: Store service center in your city. The company’s engineers are ready to eliminate the breakdown daily, regardless of its complexity. The use of modern repair and diagnostic equipment allows you to repair IPhone X not only efficiently, but also quickly. Entrusting the Re: Store equipment, you will receive a quality guarantee, a worthy and long-term result, free diagnostics, delivery and much more. Contact us, we are always happy to help!

  • In Re: Store, they have been working with many years of experience, which will constantly increase their qualifications.
  • Repair of texniki at the whole territory of Ukraine through the transport company “New Post”.
  • The diagnostics in our server center are carried out absolutely free.
  • Strict observance of the agreed terms.
  • Service Center Re: Store will remove your quality and quality.
  • We use professional equipment and quality tools to make it possible to carry out any work in any short term.
  • You can contact our service center, and our consultants will answer all your questions.
  • The employees of the Re: Store service center will carefully and qualitatively repair the tehnika of any level of complexity.

Dates: from 20 minutes.

Equipment: plastic spatula, mounting hair dryer, screwdrivers, tweezers.

Materials: original components and quality analogues.

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