Iphone X Green Stripe Appears

Some iPhone X users are faced with a problem. a green bar suddenly appeared on the display of new gadgets. In the week since the news on the Apple support forum, on Twitter, Facebook and Reddit there were at least 40 complaints about the annoying green bar on the screen.

Iphone X Green Stripe Appears

Compared to the multimillion-dollar circulation of the iPhone X, four dozen is a very small number, but the problem does not disappear.

“I was playing with my new phone, and suddenly it happened. This is a very bright strip running along the entire right side of the screen, ”complains one of the users of the MacRumors forum.

According to the owners of the problematic iPhone X, when they just got the gadget out of the box, there was no band. The problem appeared later, although the devices were used as usual and under normal conditions.

Nobody dropped them or hit them. Neither rebooting, nor even full recovery helps. The annoying green stripe, as a rule, stretches across the entire screen to the right or left, although it may appear elsewhere.

The problem, already dubbed the “green bar of death,” is not related to any particular iPhone X model, nor to a specific location. The owners of both 64- and 256-gigabyte versions of smartphones in silver tint and the “Space Gray” color report a green bar. Messages come from the USA, Canada, Poland, Austria and other countries.

Video: Iphone X Green Stripe Appears

Apple has not yet commented on the situation. However, one must pay tribute to the Cupertinians, they are free to exchange problem iPhone Xs for new ones. In addition, they collect problem data to find the best solution. If a green bar suddenly appears on your iPhone X, contact Apple, and the company will definitely not leave you in a hopeless situation.

It is possible that the green bar is a problem used in the iPhone X OLED displays. Recall that last year, users of the Samsung Galaxy S7 with OLED displays faced a similar problem. Only the strip was not green, but pink. As Samsung explained, the defect was hardware related. All problematic devices have been replaced. In addition, a similar defect appeared on some Motorola DROID Turbo 2.

According to TechCrunch, the appearance of the strip may be due to the new arrangement of pixels and subpixels. The red and blue diamond-shaped pixels are arranged alternately, while the green ones form a line.

On some devices, a power failure may occur, due to which voltage is transmitted to the green subpixels, and a bar appears on the screen.