Iphone Wrong Password Wifi

Currently, iPad and iPhone are very popular. These devices have won over a wide range of people who like them. But most people who use the iPhone often have difficulty connecting to a Wi-Fi network.

After trying to connect to a saved network, iOS displays an error, “Wrong password” is displayed on the phone screen. Therefore, many people have a question why the wrong Wi-Fi iPhone password is displayed on the screen and what needs to be done to make the device work in the usual mode.

Iphone Wrong Password Wifi

Causes of Invalid Password Errors

After the error is displayed on the smartphone screen, the user understands that the code that he entered is correct. The presence of this problem in the iPhone and iPad is very annoying to users, as it makes it difficult to use the phone too much.

First you need to find out the causes of this problem. It is necessary to execute the algorithm of actions presented below:

  1. Step 1. Make sure that the password you entered is correct, because it could be changed.
  2. Step 2. You need to make sure that the phone is connected to the correct network, because it is possible that there are networks with the same names in one place. This option is possible at the initial factory settings by the manufacturer.
  3. Step 3. It is necessary to carefully check the letters and characters in the password, namely their case.
  4. Step 4. Make sure that when writing the password, the user on the iPad did not have Caps Lock input mode or another keyboard layout. It is also possible that the user has put an unnecessary space or an extra letter.

Note! For example, the owner of the phone originally set the code. Zorro321, which means that in the future it must be entered in the same way. without a space, with a capital letter, the numbers in the same order. If you ignore this, the warning message “Wrong password” will appear on the phone.

These completely simple actions in some cases can immediately solve the question of why Wi-Fi writes that the password is incorrect.

Correcting the Wrong Password Error on iPad and iPhone

After looking on the Internet for ways to resolve the issue of why the MacBook does not connect to Wi-Fi and the password is correct, you can highlight the most famous methods to date.

Device reboot

This method involves the usual restart of the iPad and iPhone, which usually solves minor malfunctions in the functioning of Wi-Fi, as well as if you can’t connect the device to the Internet.

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In order to restart the device, you need to take several steps:

  1. You must press and then hold the key that is responsible for power until a slider appears on the screen.
  2. Then drag the slider to disable the device.
  3. You need to wait a couple of seconds until the screen turns black. After that, you should again hold down the power key until the logo appears on the phone screen.

Note! After the iPad or iPhone boots up, you need to try connecting to Wi-Fi again.

Often this method immediately helps to resolve the issue. But if nothing has changed and the wifi writes that the password is incorrect, you should proceed to the next step.

You should forget the access point, after which you must reconnect to it

In the case where the previous method did not help, it is recommended to re-save the network information of the user’s device. You will need to forget the access point:

  1. You need to go to the "Settings" menu, then to the Wi-Fi section.
  2. Next, select the icon (i) located next to the name Wi-Fi (a network to which the user cannot connect).
  3. After that, you need to click on the button “Forget this network”.
  4. Then, confirm the action by pressing the “Forget” button.
  5. Then you will need to wait a couple of seconds.

Note! After that, try connecting the device to the local network again. To connect to Wi-Fi, you must enter the code again.

Reset network settings in iOS

Using this method, the user needs to be prepared for the fact that he will have to completely reset all Wi-Fi settings, as well as previously saved access points. That is, the owner of the phone will need to enter the password again in order to connect his iPad to the network. In addition, the user should adjust the Wi-Fi on the tablet or on the smartphone.

In order to reset the network settings in iOS, you must perform the following steps:

  1. Go to the "Settings" menu, then to the "Basic" tab, and then to the "Reset" section.
  2. Next, click on "Reset Network Settings".
  3. Then you need to confirm the previous action. It will also depend on the device settings, whether the system asks for a password or not.
  4. After the settings are deleted, you should again connect to Wi-Fi.

Important! You should carefully check whether the user has selected the item or not. If the owner of the smartphone is mistaken, then he may lose all the information from his phone.

This is how it is possible to solve the question of why Wi-Fi does not accept the correct password and other problems. After the settings have been reset, the user may need to configure the network components of the iOS system and again have to enter the necessary values.

Restarting the router and modem

So, what to do if the Wi-Fi writes “Wrong password”? You can use the following advice. reboot the modem and the router. To perform this procedure, you must disconnect the router or modem from the network, then wait about 20 seconds, then reconnect it.

Note! It is worth noting that this method is recommended to be used by the user only at home. Since in a public place or at work it will not work to do this procedure for many reasons.

You must ask someone to share the password with the user

IOS 11 is equipped with a wonderful option. “Share password from Wi-Fi”. The essence of this function is that it is possible to connect one device to the local network using another, which is located near the first.

How to do this and what is needed for this is recommended to read below.

On a smartphone that issues a network access error, first you need to perform the second method. “Forget the access point”. Then you should reconnect to Wi-Fi. There is no need to enter a password yet. After connecting, you need to go closer to another device on which the password is stored. The second smartphone should display the entry “Share password”.

It is worth noting that for this method you don’t have to do anything else, because the system will do everything necessary on its own. A huge plus of this method is that you will not need to take an iPhone or iPad in order to manually enter any passwords again.

Note! This method completely eliminates the possibility of an error when entering a password. And, most likely, after this method, the device will again be able to work in normal mode.

  • You should connect the device to another access point to exclude that Wi-Fi on the device does not work.
  • If the iPad and iPhone cannot log in to any network, then there is a chance of a hardware error. For this reason, you need to contact the official Apple center for diagnosis and repair.
  • If none of the above helps, you must proceed to the desperate step. you should create a backup. This method involves a complete reset and restoration of information from backups created earlier.

In conclusion, we can say that in the event of a situation with wi-fi, it is recommended to begin with to identify the cause of the malfunction. If the user is not sure that he will be able to perform all of the above methods, then you need to contact a specialized center for help.