Iphone Se Light Sensor Replacement

Check the operability of the light sensor as follows:

  • 1 call someone
  • 2 During a call, put your finger in the place highlighted in red in the picture on the right (there is a light sensor)
  • 3 If the screen does not go out, then the sensor is not working and will need to be replaced

We will carefully disassemble your device, remove the defective light sensor cable and install a new one in its place. Then we will assemble your iPhone 5S and test it. After we give it to you. working and with a guarantee.

Owners of new smartphones iPhone 5s often face damage to the earpiece. This is due to the fragility of the part. The speaker cable is sensitive to moisture, sudden temperature changes and mechanical stress. Replacing the iPhone 5s hearing aid loop requires specialized intervention. You can try to repair the iPhone yourself, but there are no guarantees that this will not lead to even more trouble.

Iphone Se Light Sensor Replacement

When the owner of the iPhone 5s may suspect that the earpiece is broken in the phone:

  • Wheezing is constantly heard in the dynamics.
  • From the speaker comes the sound with a bang.
  • The owner of the iPhone does not hear his interlocutor.

No less discomfort when working with an iPhone causes a breakdown in the light sensor. It would seem that such a small detail, but she is responsible for a very useful process in a smartphone: when a person brings the phone closer to the ear during a conversation, the backlight of the display stops working. In addition, there is the possibility of pressing the touch screen with your cheek while talking on the phone. The best way out of this situation is to replace the iPhone 5s light sensor cable.

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Video: Iphone Se Light Sensor Replacement

What causes the breakdown of the loop of the light sensor in the smartphone?

  • The sensor itself may be faulty.
  • The loop of the sensor can also fail.
  • Displacement of the sensor to the side can negatively affect its operation.
  • Clogging of the sensor reduces its sensitivity.

After carefully studying and diagnosing the smartphone, specialists will decide how to help the device: replace the sensor cable or it will be enough to clean the part.

Replacing the top loop of the iPhone 5s is one of the most popular repair procedures in the service shops of the iPhone. This is due primarily to a large number of phone functions, which depend on the correct operation of the top loop.

What features in the iPhone 5s is the top loop responsible for?

Iphone Se Light Sensor Replacement
  • The vibro motor is connected to the board through the top loop of the phone.
  • You can switch the smartphone to silent mode only if the upper loop is functioning normally.
  • On the top loop are buttons that control the volume.
  • The operation of the Power button is also connected with the operation of the upper loop.
  • During conversations on the Internet and recording video with sound, a microphone is used, which is connected to the top loop.

All of these parts may be interrupted by moisture, dropping the phone, or severe pollution.

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