Iphone Se First Turning On And Setting Up A Video

In practice, many people do not know what to do after turning on the device. There are also those who are willing to pay for the work of an assistant so that he takes the right steps. Given that the process is simple, it’s worthwhile to figure out how to do this work yourself.

Iphone Se First Turning On And Setting Up A Video

Immediately after switching on, the greeting message appears on the screen, and you should not be scared if you see hieroglyphs. By clicking on the button "Home" A selection menu opens in which you can find your country and language.

Activation methods

How to activate iPhone 7 after turning it on? There are three ways you can help you do this:

  • via cellular;
  • using Wi-Fi;
  • using iTunes.
Iphone Se First Turning On And Setting Up A Video

The easiest way to work with the card is if you connect mobile Internet to it. The presence of a 3G network will also help. Then you only need to insert the SIM card into the iPhone, and he will connect to the Apple server, allowing him to check the status. Then activation will occur, and on the screen you will see the logo of your mobile operator.

Video: Iphone Se First Turning On And Setting Up A Video

The video explains how to properly insert a SIM card into iPhone 7.

The process via Wi-Fi is also not complicated. First you need to turn on the device, insert the SIM card and press the touch button "Home", opening the menu for selecting the country, then the language. Having decided on this data, connect the iPhone 7 to Wi-Fi with the presence of the Internet. The settings assistant will tell you the next steps: just follow the on-screen captions.

There is also a third activation option, in which you need a computer. Such a need arises if there is no 3G, mobile Internet and Wi-Fi network. In this case, iTunes will help you.

How can I activate iPhone 7 in this way? You will also need to insert a SIM card, and then select the country and language of the device. Connect the smartphone to the computer by choosing a certified USB cable. On the screen, select “Connect to iTunes”, click on it if the program does not continue automatically.

Next, the program will contact the Apple server to activate the device. Upon completion, you will see an unlock message.

Then you can use the activated iPhone, setting it up as you wish.

Activation without a SIM card

Often questions arise, do you really need a SIM card to successfully unlock. Working with iOS versions 7.0 to 7.0.6, you could make an emergency call at 112 to activate the iPhone. New iOS 10 does not give such an opportunity.

As you can see, the process is not so complicated that, using the tips, not to do everything yourself. When buying new equipment, be prepared to study it and use all the features.

The activation process itself begins with 5 minutes of video.

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