IPhone Music Processing Applications

It is difficult to imagine a modern society without audio recordings and headphones. Just go to the subway to see this. Consider the best free apps for downloading music on your iPhone, as well as listening online.


We have compiled a rating for you from 3 programs that have wide functionality. Also added the popular social network Vkontakte, which is popular in the CIS.

We will get to know each of these applications separately.

Short review

These programs are united by one task. playing music. Despite this, each of them has its own unique set of functions. Consider the application in more detail.


It is worth noting immediately that 3 months of use are available for free to the user. Despite this, the application ranks first in our ranking because of its simplicity, excellent navigation and convenience.

You can install applications from the App Store. [Appbox appstore id520797969]

After the first launch, the user will be authorized through Yandex, after which the “My Music” tab will be displayed.

For further usage:

  1. Go to your profile → click “Subscribe”.
  2. Select “Monthly” → confirm the action.
    IPhone Music Processing Applications

Now consider the features of Yandex.Music. On the device screen, several tabs are available for selection:

Categories are displayed on the main page, as well as new tracks by popular artists. I would like to note that the collections are collected more on life situations, and not on genres (for example, “For a wedding”, “Eternal hits”, “Background”, “Peppy”, etc.), which is very convenient. You wanted to be sad. they opened the selection “Sad” and enjoy it.

The “Recommendations” tab displays audio recordings that the artificial intelligence system has considered the most suitable for you. The selection is based on the latest tracks listened to, playlists compiled, and many more factors. The system also makes up the “Playlist of the day”, which, according to the program, you will like. Updating occurs daily.

The name of the Radio tab speaks for itself. Choose one of the categories and turn on the necessary radio station, which is broadcast via the Internet.

My Music displays all your collections, saved tracks, and playlists. Very convenient in terms of use.

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You can download a musical composition as follows:

  1. Start playing the song → open the playlist.
  2. Click on the three dots in front of the track.
  3. The following actions are available in this menu:
  1. Share
  2. Save;
  3. Add to favorites;
  4. Add to playlist;
  5. Show lyrics, etc.
  • Select the desired item.
  • You can also download the entire playable playlist. Just click the "Download" button.

    The last tab is “Search.” Through it, you can quickly find the desired song, artist, etc.

    Finally, we suggest looking at the screen recording where interaction with the Yandex.Music service is shown.


    An application that is popular not only among Russian-speaking users (like Yandex.Music), but also around the world. The peculiarity is that it can be used for free for an unlimited period of time. There are almost no differences from the Pro version for the average user.

    The App Store is available for download at this link. [Appbox appstore id336353151]

    At the first launch, the application will ask you to log in using your account or register. You can also log in through your Google account, which is very convenient.

    After logging in, the user enters the SoundCloud main screen. It displays recommendations, trends, various collections and TOPs of the most listened.

    The second tab is called “Stream”. Here, in chronological order, the actions of the users you are subscribed to are displayed. You can like or repost the record.

    The third tab is designed to search for the desired track, artist or playlist. Here you can find an artist and subscribe to him in order to monitor the emergence of new songs.

    The last (fourth) tab displays the tracks that you like, as well as playlists and albums. You can go into the necessary and include any song.

    To view the profile and settings, click the three dots in the upper right corner. The program can not boast of a variety of parameters, but the most necessary is available.

    To add an audio recording to your favorites, you need to open the track → put a heart.

    Below is a short video that demonstrates interaction with SoundCloud.

    Music lover

    The application is different in that it does not have its own library, as in previous applications. To use it, you need to download music from one of the cloud storages (Dropbox, Google Drive, Yandex, etc.), and then give the application access to the specified files.

    The service is installed through the App Store. [Appbox appstore id1289293705]

    The program is completely free due to the displayed ads at the bottom of the screen under the navigation menu. The principle of operation is as follows:

    1. Add tracks to one of the supported repositories.
    1. Google Drive
    2. Box Drive
    3. One Drive
    4. Dropbox
    5. Mega
    6. Yandex.Disk.
  • Go to the application → the “Import” tab.
  • Click on the cloud.> login under your data.
  • You can listen to music directly from the cloud or download.
  • We turn to the tab overview.

    The first one is for importing files. they found out. The second tab is called “Music”. It displays downloaded tracks. To listen, just click on one of them. In the “Playlists” tab, you can create playlists of your choice. "Recent". shows the last listened songs. To add to the "Favorites", just while playing a track, click the heart next to it.

    The application has not so much functionality as in the previous versions, but it copes with its task 100%. A simple player with the ability to import or listen directly from the cloud is a convenient service.

    And now a short video with experience with the application.

    In contact with

    This application fell into our rating because of its popularity in the CIS. Despite the limitations, VK holds a leading position among users.

    It does not make sense to fully describe the functionality of the program. it will take a lot of time. We will only touch on musical possibilities.

    1. Go to the application → the “” tab → open the “Music” item.
    2. All your tracks, as well as playlists, are displayed.
    3. To play, click on the desired song.
    4. By clicking on three points opposite the track you will see a menu:
    • Add to playlist.
    • Download (for subscription only).
    • and other items.

    To search for music, click on the corresponding icon in the right corner.

    It is worth noting that in the free version, the user can listen to audio recordings unlimitedly in an open application, but in the background the playback time is reduced to 30 minutes. Also, playback without the Internet is not available (cache).

    A paid subscription will cost you 3.99 / month. It opens the full functionality of the music features of the application, as well as disables advertising. You can purchase through the settings:

    1. “” tab → settings → “Subscribe to music” item.
    2. "Try" → confirm the purchase.

    The social media library has a huge amount of music. Through the search you can find anything. Since this is a huge platform, other functions are also available to the user, among which:

    • Private messages.
    • Search for friends.
    • Watch the video.
    • Subscribe to groups.
    • and much more.

    Below is a small video fragment of a screen recording that shows the interaction with the musical capabilities of the application.


    In conclusion, I would like to draw up a comparative table.