Iphone Does Not Light Up Screen After Talking

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The situation when the screen does not turn on after talking on the iPhone 8 was an unpleasant surprise for iPhone users. Until recently, the occurrence of a similar problem was relatively rare and was solved by installing an update or simply restarting the smartphone. Now, when iPhones of the 8th model have actively filled the market, the frequency of calls with this problem has increased significantly, as well as the number of reasons, and therefore solutions. This article will help you understand the problem.

Why iPhone 8 screen does not turn on:

  • Mechanical damage. This category of reasons includes both the negligence of the owner himself and the mistakes made during the repair. These are mechanical damage to the display, deformation of the case or moisture. So that moisture leads to a black screen, it is not necessary to drop your phone in water. It is quite enough to talk frequently or to operate the gadget in high humidity, in the rain, splashing your smartphone several times, and so on. This category of reasons includes the installation of low-quality components.
  • Software issues. Due to the fact that the iPhone operating system is becoming more open to third-party software developers, conflicts have begun to arise more often between the OS itself and installed applications;
  • Battery problems. Forgetting to disconnect the iPhone 8 from the mains when charging after it ends, you wear out the battery more intensively. This is due to an increase in battery temperature, which can also often lead to a black screen.

What can I do if the screen does not turn on on the iPhone 8:

Due to the variety of reasons why the screen does not turn on after talking on iPhone 8, there is no single advice that will allow you to 100% eliminate your problem. As its solution, we recommend:

  • make sure that your smartphone is not installed beta version of iOS. To prevent the installation of test versions of operating systems, we recommend disabling the automatic receipt of test assemblies;
  • monitor the iPhone charging process and adhere to the manufacturer’s recommendations on the use of its products in the winter;
  • refuse to use applications that are embedded in system programs or be careful when choosing them. Add-ons for iMessage, extensions for Safari, additional applications for third-party keyboards or other programs can cause problems in the OS;
  • simultaneous operation of functions "Raise to activate" and “Opening with your finger” can also lead to crashes in iOS. To prevent this, disable one of them in the phone settings;
  • reset the smartphone to factory settings. The gradual addition of previously used applications from the App Store will determine the program that led to the black screen;
  • remove the protective coating (film, glass) or decorative cover.

If the above recommendations did not resolve the problem, then in order not to aggravate it, we recommend that you do not take any further steps to “make” the screen turn on. These attempts can lead to the fact that your mobile phone stops ringing, slows down, other problems arise in its operation, or it finally fails.

If your iphone x does not catch the network well or does not find an operator at all, do not panic right away. In most cases, you can deal with this problem yourself.

If for some reason the iPhone 8 does not turn on, then the easiest way to bring it back to life is to force a reboot of iOS. This action is being carried out.

After the conversation, the iPhone X screen does not go out of standby mode until the other person hangs up. What to do?
– Alexander

In your case, both a software glitch and a hardware failure can occur.

Do not forget that you can end a call yourself by double-clicking on the side button during a call.

Iphone Does Not Light Up Screen After Talking

To check the software part, you must first backup the data via iTunes on your computer or in iCloud. After that, you need to reset the device (Settings. Basic. Reset. Reset All Settings)

If a reset does not help, you will have to do a firmware recovery via iTunes. If, after this, the problem recurs, then there is a mechanical breakdown.

There is a chance that the cause of incorrect operation of the device may be a protective film or glass, which blocks the proximity sensor.

If there is no film or glass, most likely, the upper sensor unit has failed and a qualified repair will be required. In this case, you will have to contact the service center.

Iphone Does Not Light Up Screen After Talking

It is worthwhile to understand how the iPhone display behaves during a conversation. Especially if a film or glass is glued on the display.

Sometimes the screen may don’t go out When iPhone is approaching your ear with an active call. Or vice versa, not turn on back when moving away from the head to the end of the conversation.

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There may be several reasons for this, so we will analyze each one separately.

Software Issues

Iphone Does Not Light Up Screen After Talking

The first step is to eliminate the possibility of software crashes and errors. You can do this at home, while you will save time while the gadget is in the service center, if it turns out that the cause of the malfunction is in the breakdown of components.

1. First, make sure that you are not using test versions of iOS and firmware for developers.

We already told in detail how to roll back to the stable version of iOS and disable the ability to download beta releases of the system.

2. Reboot the device and try to track the problem.

Sometimes such glitches disappear after rebooting the gadget or Hard Reset. Read more about how to do this here.

3. Remove applications that are embedded in standard programs.

All kinds of extensions for programs can sometimes lead to such crashes. Telephone (Caller IDs and filters for calls), Messages (add-ons for iMessage) or third-party keyboards from the App Store.

Remove such programs while checking your smartphone.

4. Disable two important system settings. IOS chips may affect sensor malfunction "Lift for activation" (Settings. Screen and brightness) and "Opening with a finger" (Settings. Universal Access. Home Button) on iPhone models without Face ID.

Turn both off and check for glitches.

5. Restore the firmware on the device.

The last way to verify the functionality of the software is to reset the device and restore the factory firmware. So you can get rid of glitches associated with jailbreak or system crashes due to regular updates by air.

First, you can try resetting the settings, and then restoring iOS. Detailed instructions are attached.

Accessory Issues

Iphone Does Not Light Up Screen After Talking

If all manipulations with the software did not give any result and the glitch appears with the same frequency, you should proceed to check the accessories used.

1. Get rid of cases and cases.

The first in the list of unsuccessful accessories may be the iPhone case. This is especially true for accessories that cover the screen or the top of the gadget on the front side.

A case may interfere with the proper operation of the sensors. This will happen both because of the banal closure of the sensors, and because of the presence of magnets in the design of the cover.

2. Do not use removable accessories.

The problems with triggering sensors on the top of the smartphone can be caused by removable accessories like patch lenses for a camera, aquabox or tripod with a powerful mount.

Discard such accessories for testing.

3. Remove the glass or protective film.

How would you not like to remove the protective coating from the front panel, but in any case it will be removed when checking the gadget in the service center.

Perhaps it is poor-quality protection that prevents the correct operation of the proximity sensor.

Iron problems

Iphone Does Not Light Up Screen After Talking

If all the procedures described do not give any effect, then the problems are with the components of the iPhone.

1. The device was damaged as a result of a fall.

Glitches and crashes may not begin immediately after a fall, but after a few days or even months.

2. The gadget does not work after a poor repair.

If the device was in the hands of the masters from the basement SC, it could well damage something or connect it in the wrong way. The loop could have been incorrectly laid, which frayed during operation, the module could be completely forgotten to fasten and eventually it moved off and stopped falling into the corresponding hole.

If the iPhone changed the screen, then it may be in a poor-quality unit with sensors.

3. The smartphone did not survive swimming in the water.

The presence of moisture protection does not guarantee that after the next hit of liquid on the body, it will not be inside.

So even after a long time after getting wet, some iPhone components may fail.

In any case, there is only one way out. a trip to the service center.

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