Iphone 7 Plus What's Included

recently, Apple introduced a new smartphone, and very surprised many fans of their products. The new line of smartphones iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus have become a real sensation of recent days. The update, which raised a lot of discussions on social networks, still worries many. It’s not about the new practical and beautiful design of smartphones, but the fact that Apple completely got rid of the standard headphone jack. According to rumors, the iPhone 7 comes with a special adapter for those who cannot part with their favorite classics.

Was this change so unexpected? Information leaks from Chinese factories, where today they are collecting an American novelty, have happened before. And now, at the end of September this year, we received official confirmation from Apple. the new line of phones has completely new characteristics. It seems that a well-known company decided to switch to new and modern technologies right now.

New iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. what’s included?

IPhone 7 has standard equipment, but also some interesting new products:

  • The phone itself, iPhone 7,
  • Standard charger with USB port,
  • Comes with a Lightning cable,
  • Special headset with cable connector,
  • Lightning to standard mini-jack adapter.

As you can see, everything remained the same in the box, only in addition received a Lightning cable. So those who can’t leave the standard headphones can connect to the smartphone through this special adapter.

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Iphone 7 Plus Whats Included

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Headphones. how to use them now?

The bold decision to get rid of the connector was perceived by people differently. Some people think that this is just such a new marketing move to attract attention to other accessories that the company produces. The new update will be convenient for those who like to listen to music on the go and on the go, because the wireless headphones that are not included are quite modern and convenient to use.

These headphones look beautiful, cool and practical. But, the minus is that the purchase of new ones, in the event of the loss of one of them, will cost a pretty tidy sum. So, time will tell whether such a change will be perceived by the consumer, or will be impractical for most people. Those who could not part with the standard 3.5 mm jack will be able to use the special adapter included in the kit.

Other smartphone lineup updates

Seven, the favorite of many, finally received the long-awaited camera update. Now it is dual and equipped with optical zoom. So neither moisture, nor rain, nor any other liquid, is no longer scary. The new camera will be very practical for those who like to shoot videos or love taking photos, since the quality of the pictures has become much higher.

In addition, the manufacturer pampered with two new options for black coloring phones. Now, in addition to the standard pink, gray and gold, black glossy and matte black colors have appeared. Of course, black lovers will appreciate such a novelty. But be careful, the black onyx color model will store all your fingerprints, and not just yours, on the case. In the same way as the front panel of a smartphone. Therefore, the matte version of the new phone remains more practical.

In any case, the new line of smartphones iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus attracted a lot of attention, which seems to be what the manufacturers expected. She created a real sensation around herself and her updates, so she can only wait for what else Apple will please us in the future. In the meantime, we are evaluating new phones, testing new adapters and enjoying the long-awaited updates.