Iphone 7 Plus Reboot

In this article we will analyze the reasons why the iPhone restarts by itself periodically or continuously (cyclically) and what to do in this situation to solve the problem.

This article is suitable for all iPhone 11 / Xs (r) / X / 8/7/6 and Plus models on iOS 13. On older versions, the menu items and hardware support specified in the article may or may not be present.

Reasons to permanently or periodically restart your iPhone on iOS 12

This problem includes the appearance of a red screen, a cyclic reboot, a reboot when restoring / turning on / charging, a reboot without end or stop, a reboot by itself, a constant reboot of the gadget, etc. Let’s look at the causes of this problem:

  • Problems with the firmware. Errors and bugs are often found in new versions of the iOS system. In this situation, you need to wait until a new assembly with a fixed bug is released or return the device to a previous version of the system.
  • Failures in the iPhone motherboard. The problem is a result of a device crash.
  • Battery exhausted. Often, it is because of an outdated battery that crashes. When the smartphone reboots during any increase in the load on the central processor, it is necessary to replace the battery with a new one.
  • Software crash. Does the gadget restart if you only work with one specific application? Then you should remove it from the phone and reinstall it again. If the problems continue, then the program is incompatible with iPhone.

Tenorshare ReiBoot App

Using the Tenorshare ReiBoot app, you can get rid of a cyclic reboot in iOS 12 and restart the phone:

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  • Download and install the Tenorshare ReiBoot application on your computer. We connect the gadget to the PC using the USB cable.

The free Tenorshare ReiBoot app is the most popular, with iOS 12 perfectly compatible. The utility solves problems with the blue / black screen, overheating, freezing, cyclic reboot, freezing on the logo and freezing in recovery mode.


When the iPhone is constantly rebooting, you must immediately copy all the important information from it. To do this, you can use numerous utilities or manually transfer documents and folders to the cloud or to a removable hard drive.

This is an important process, because in certain cases (when restoring factory settings or after updating the software), information from the iPhone is permanently deleted. If, after performing this operation, the iPhone constantly reboots, you must try other methods.

Software Update

The reason may be in “broken” firmware, so it is best to upgrade the system to the latest version. This can solve the problem.

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The process can be performed independently, in the iPhone there are standard tools for this:

  • Go to the general settings.
  • We find the menu “Update Programs”.
  • The device will offer to install a new version of the software. Install it.

In some situations, the phone may not perform such an operation. There is a possibility that the notification function about new software versions is disabled in the device. You need to activate the option:

Video: Iphone 7 Plus Reboot

  • Go to the settings and find the line “Notifications”.
  • We activate notifications for the entire system and for each application.

After that, the smartphone will report about new versions of the software, ready for installation. If the method did not help, then you can use the more cunning method, which does not require special efforts.

Change the date

Updates generally come at regular intervals. The installation of new software is most often tied to specific dates. If a malfunction occurs, the phone starts to perform this procedure all the time. In this situation, it’s easiest to change the current date to December 1 to “trick” the gadget:

  • Go to the general settings.
  • We find the item that is responsible for the date and time.
  • There you need to manually install December 1.
  • Save changes.

After that, the phone may begin to function normally. If the iPhone still reboots, then try the following methods.

Device reboot

This operation will allow the device to return to the factory settings. With its help, processes that can cause trouble with constant reboots will be stopped.

  • We hold down the Home keys and the power key at the same time.
  • We are waiting for a specific logo with an apple to be displayed on the monitor.
  • Then the device will reboot, and the problem should be solved.

This method is relevant for all versions of the iPhone, except for the 7th model. If iPhone 7 constantly reboots, you need to perform identical procedures, but after displaying the logo, you should additionally hold down the Home button and at the same time press the volume down or volume up side of the device.

Iphone 7 Plus Reboot


This method has some differences from the option of returning to the factory options of the smartphone. To perform a reset and stabilize the gadget, you need to do a few simple manipulations. Please note that after this you should reinstall the ringtone and so on.

We perform the following actions:

  • Go to the general settings of the device. There we find the corresponding key.
  • Click on “Reset all settings”, the device will reboot.
Iphone 7 Plus Reboot

Although this method does not delete the personal information of the owner of the smartphone, it is better to be safe again and copy the most important files to a separate medium.

Updating or uninstalling applications

Sudden reboots of the gadget can begin immediately after a popular messenger or a new utility has been installed. In this situation, the problem may be that the phone itself is not trying to update, but a specific program or game.

In this situation, you need to carefully study all the programs. If possible, reinstall them. Many do not want to delete their own achievements in games, so applications can be updated to the latest versions offered by the manufacturer.

Firmware rollback

Using iTunes, you can restore the system via firmware rollback, after updating iOS 12. Rollback is performed to the version that is available in the backup copy of the smartphone used. If it is absent, then before restoration we create it.

Reason for rebooting iPhone. hardware failure

  • Often, the battery becomes the “weak” link in the iPhone. The battery may simply lose contact, which causes unstable operation. Remember, over time, any iPhone gives a “backlash”. a small gap appears in the cover of the device between the locking elements.

If the cause of a spontaneous reboot of the iPhone was a hardware failure, then the gadget should be entrusted to professional engineers. With independent attempts to restore its work, small elements can be damaged, which will lead to more expensive repairs.

Clean device port

When the device reboots when the headphones are connected or when charging, it is necessary to carefully remove the Lightning connector. It is possible that fluff, dust or other debris has collected in the connector, which leads to poor electrical connections when connecting the device to the charger.

You can clean the port with a toothpick, small needle or hairpin. Experts advise you to purchase a special can of compressed air. It can be used for reliable cleaning of various equipment.

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