Iphone 7 Plus Portrait Photography

As you may remember, the Portrait mode or in another way the “Bokeh Effect” appeared in the iPhone 7 Plus in the fall of 2016.

For those who are not in the know, using this function, you can take very interesting pictures with a blurred background. It was Apple that spawned fashion for such photos that were taken on a mobile phone.

Today I want to discuss a question that is sometimes asked by users of devices such as the iPhone 6S, iPhone 7 and iPhone 8. Do they have the opportunity to take the same miracle photos?

Is there a portrait mode on iPhone 7 or iPhone 8?

If you are holding your favorite iPhone 7 or iPhone 8 in your hands now, and try to find the camera mode “Portrait”, then you certainly will not see him there.

Iphone 7 Plus Portrait Photography

Every year, Apple loves to highlight a specific device by installing one or more unique features in it. I think you should not explain the reason for such a policy. After all, such a process is usually done with the most expensive devices and this can bring the campaign more profit.

In 2016, the iPhone 7 Plus became such a device. It was in it that we first saw a smartphone that was equipped with a dual camera and the main explanation for this action was two functions: two-time optical zoom and portrait mode.

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Now in Uee Street, 2018 and this time, two devices have received the same benefits, only now it’s the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X.

Video: Iphone 7 Plus Portrait Photography

If you read carefully, then most likely you have already guessed that there are no hints at all about the presence of portrait mode in the iPhone 7, iPhone 8, and especially iPhone 6S. Unfortunately, this technology is not implemented in these smartphones, since this requires a dual camera.

Of course, you can do this using different applications and blur the background manually. But practice shows that this process is long and it will be very difficult to get a good result (examples: Depth Effects, Patch: Smart Portrait Editor and others).

Why is there no portrait mode on iPhone 7 and 8?

By and large, I have already voiced the main reasons and a little later I will list them. For now, I want to discuss a bit why they did not implement this feature in iPhone 7 and 8.

Iphone 7 Plus Portrait Photography

As practice has shown, it is possible to implement such a function in a conventional camera. They were shown to us in such a smartphone as Pixel 2, which incidentally leads various ratings on the quality of shooting among all smartphones.

This once again confirms the theory that Apple loves to highlight devices and make them special. To be bought more, more expensive devices are wanted, so to speak, and are forced to overpay.

On the other hand, if Apple uses a second camera to blur, then the phone from Google just uses good software. Just the same function is implemented in different ways.

Well, the main reasons that you will hear everywhere are such moments:

  • there is no dual camera and less RAM, which simply does not make it possible to take such photos;
  • I want to make more profit, leaving the best features to my flagships.

If you have anything to add to this, just write about it in the comments. I will be interested to know your opinion on this approach of Apple.

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