Iphone 7 Or 8 What To Choose

Iphone 7 Or 8 What To Choose

Introduced on Tuesday, the iPhone X was undoubtedly the most talked about topic of yesterday. The new design, the lack of a Home button, Face ID. all this is wonderful and interesting, but it’s time to go down from heaven. Not everyone is ready to give 80 thousand rubles for a smartphone (albeit innovative).

Apple, as usual, updated its last year’s flagship, but instead of the usual model with the "S" prefix, we got a smartphone with the prefix 8. The new one in the minimum configuration costs 13 thousand rubles more than the previous model. But, is it really worth considering the iPhone 8 as a “budget” purchase this year?

Or, for example, is it better to take the iPhone 7 bundled with AirPods for the money? We understand.

1. Old design, new materials

Iphone 7 Or 8 What To Choose

We were again “sold” the old design, introduced back in 2014 (!) With the announcement of the iPhone 6.

If you put the latest iPhone models on the table with the front panel up, it’s easy enough to make a mistake, where is which. A conscious move by marketers or idleness by designers? Let us leave the answer to this question on the conscience of people who make the final decision on design.

But, everything changes when there is no cover on the smartphone. New eye-catching body colors and a rear glass surface do the trick.

According to Apple, the iPhone has not yet had such strong glass on both sides. It will be harder to break.

For those who want to get a new tactile feel from owning an iPhone, the “8” is your choice. Unless, of course, carry a smartphone in a case. And you will be satisfied with the choice of only three colors.

2. Cool processor, the fastest on the market

Iphone 7 Or 8 What To Choose

The iPhone 8 has the same processor as the new flagship iPhone X. That’s all you need to know about the power of the 8-ki.

There is no doubt that the most powerful processor ever created for the iPhone will cope with any tasks for the next few years.

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The chip got the name A11 bionic and has six cores and 4.3 billion transistors. Its four cores (responsible for efficiency) work up to 70% faster than in the A10 Fusion processor. At the same time, it is more energy efficient due to the “smart” power distribution between the cores.

The performance of the new flagship is enough for the eyes. The Seven will solve everyday tasks without any problems, but the A11 Bionic is imprisoned for using the capabilities of augmented reality. Is this item important and interesting? It is worth looking towards the iPhone 8.

3. True Tone Display

Iphone 7 Or 8 What To Choose

As we predicted back in the spring, the screen in the 8-ke got a chip from the iPad Pro called True tone. This is a unique adjustment of the color rendering of the screen depending on the environment. For this technology, a four-channel ambient light sensor is used.

We have long been waiting for this technology on the iPhone, because the image on the display looks as natural and comfortable for the eyes as possible.

You can read about how nice this feature is in the iPad Pro tablet in the review by Roman Yuryev.

4. The coolest camera got even better, but not everywhere

Iphone 7 Or 8 What To Choose

If you compare the technical specifications of cameras in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 8, then you understand that changes are minimal. New Slow Sync flash function, but slightly improved video recording. Now video recording is possible with new frequencies of 30 or 60 frames / s, and slow-motion video with a frequency of 240 frames / s is written in 1080P.

In the iPhone 8 Plus, due to the dual camera, the “Portrait Lighting” function appeared, which was advertised at the presentation. Also updated is True Tone Quad ‑ LED flash with Slow Sync and slightly improved video capabilities.

All the tastiest things. the “Portrait” mode, “Portrait lighting” in the front camera, as well as the dual stabilization system are only in the iPhone X. Expected and sad.

Be careful, the cameras in smartphones are almost identical in their parameters. You are unlikely to get a serious increase in photo capabilities when buying an iPhone 8. Want a new feature called Portrait Lighting? Take the iPhone 8 Plus.

5. New Bluetooth version

Iphone 7 Or 8 What To Choose

They did not manage to tell about this at the presentation, but in vain.

The iPhone 8 has a Bluetooth module version 5.0. A smartphone with the support of such a module is capable of supporting a connection from a distance more than 100 meters. In other words, now there will be no interference during music playback and unexpected disconnects from the smartphone

The data transfer speed is 4 times higher compared to version 4.2, which is just used in the "old" iPhone 7.

We talked about the main features of the Bluetooth versions in a separate article:

6. Wireless charging

Iphone 7 Or 8 What To Choose

Perhaps this is the most important difference between the iPhone 8 and iPhone 7.

The novelty was taught to charge wirelessly and faster. Chargers of the Qi standard are supported, and a quick charge function has also appeared (up to 50% charge in 30 minutes).

It is interesting to know how much the branded AirPower wireless charger will cost, which will allow you to charge multiple devices at once. The design of AirPower will be much more complicated than similar gadgets from other manufacturers, which means the price tag will be higher. Who would doubt that.

The good news is that the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus use the generally accepted and widespread Qi standard.

Apple solved the problem of torn wires. Nearly.

What to take as a result

iPhone 8 is the real iPhone 7s.

Everything as usual. Slightly improved the screen, a little camera. “Delivered” the main difference from the “7ki” in the form of wireless charging and introduced new colors to the public. It seems that this is not enough to overpay?

Remember that the most installed inside top flagship (!) iron. The novelty will "fly" with iOS 11-12-13. We don’t need more. The absence of any brakes in the coming years is an excellent occasion to take the new product.

Share in the comments if you will be updating your iPhone and on which model.

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