Iphone 7 Home Button Repair

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Address: Kiev, st. Slotted, 8.

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Phones: (044) 333-60-78; (068) 494-73-37
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Address: Kiev, pr. Obolonsky 1B.

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Iphone 7 Home Button Repair

Urgent recovery button home iPhone 7

The home key is designed to unlock the phone, exit their applications, enable voice control and navigation. The Home button of the iPhone 7 device differs in functionality from other models of Apple smartphones. Instead of diving when pressed, the element determines the touch of the finger (Touch id) and the strength of its pressing. The element is used quite often, so it often fails as a result of careless operation. “Home” is connected to other systems of the device using a special loop, the restoration of which must be performed only in a hospital environment and with the close attention of specialists. The team of our service center is always ready to help and restore the functionality of the smartphone from Apple promptly, efficiently and with a guarantee.

When is it necessary to contact a service center?

  • The button does not respond to touch. The malfunction occurs as a result of a strong fall and shock, which leads to damage or disconnection of the home cable (touch id) from the system board. To return the functionality to the smartphone, you must connect the element back to the board and restore its integrity.
  • The key is sticky. The reason is the accumulation of fine dirt and dust in the gap between the key and the body of the smartphone. Also, this symptom may indicate that the device was filled with a sweet liquid. You can fix the problem by cleaning the item or replacing it.
  • It works every other time. Failure occurs as a result of mechanical damage, and is manifested by damage to the cable of the home button (touch id), which can be repaired by specialists of our service center.
  • Water has entered. Despite the moisture protection of this model, with prolonged contact with water, the ingress of liquid inside is still inevitable. In this situation, cleaning and prevention of the element will help. In more severe situations, water can damage the loop (Touch id), which will need to be restored.

Video: Iphone 7 Home Button Repair

How does the loopback repair of the home button iPhone 7?

It is impossible to restore the loop of the Home button on the iPhone 7 with one’s own hand, despite the apparent ease of eliminating this breakdown. The procedure in our service center is performed only after a detailed diagnosis. Having discovered a problem and outstripping the cause of its occurrence, the master selects an effective repair method, and also informs the client about the cost and timing of the work. Next, you will need to disassemble the device, strip contacts and repair the defective part. Without special knowledge and practical experience, this cannot be accomplished. An employee of the company will notify you of the completion of restoration work by phone call or SMS message.

Why us

Repair Apple technology requires special skills and experience from the artist. Specialists of our company use unique service technologies, which are the key to successful restoration work. Entrusting the repair of your smartphone to the Re: Store service center, you will receive a high-quality result, free diagnostics, a guarantee for up to 180 days and advice from competent employees. Contact us, we will return your favorite technology functionality for the shortest possible time!

  • In our company you can make free device diagnostics.
  • We carry out the replacement of defective components with high-quality new ones.
  • Our consultants will provide all the necessary information on the repair of your device.
  • Service center Re: Store provides urgent repair of equipment of any complexity.
  • We have a large warehouse of spare parts, so we can eliminate any malfunction of your equipment at any time convenient for you.
  • Our engineers will repair your equipment efficiently and inexpensively.
  • Warranty for repair and replacement of the Home button.

Dates: from 20 minutes.

Equipment: mounting hair dryer, tongs, soldering station.