Iphone 7 Doesn’t Work Proximity Sensor

What to do if the proximity sensor does not work on the iPhone?

The proximity sensor in the iPhone is one of the main elements of the phone. It is needed for:

  • adjusting the display backlight during conversations;
  • to dial a number;
  • to enable the Siri voice service;

Accordingly, users cannot use all of the above functions if the proximity sensor does not work on the iPhone. A particular inconvenience is the constantly lit screen during a conversation. Due to an inoperative sensor, buttons and icons are pressed that can interrupt the call.

Reasons for the malfunction

A non-working sensor may be the result of:

  1. mechanical damage (due to the fall or impact of the iPhone);
  2. loop wear;
  3. excessive dust entering the sensor;
  4. moisture in the phone case. In this case, you should disassemble the phone and dry all the components of the display separately;
  5. problems after updating the firmware.

Note! In some cases, the inactivity of the sensor may occur due to the cover that closes it. Poor safety glass may also interfere with the proximity sensor.

Firmware rollback

Often a sensor problem appears after installing updates. Developers do not always have time to fix all bugs. If you do not want to wait for a new firmware version with a solution, you can roll back the OS to a previous version. Follow the instructions to return the previous version of the OS:

  • connect the device to the PC and open the iTunes application;

Iphone 7 Doesn't Work Proximity Sensor

  • Hold down the Shift key on a personal computer and at the same time click on “Restore iPhone”. In OS X, hold down the Alt button;

Iphone 7 Doesn't Work Proximity Sensor

  • Select the most recent backup. Wait until the components are installed. It takes no more than 40 minutes.

Sensor stops working after display replacement. solution

If you changed the screen of the iPhone and after that the proximity sensor stopped working, this indicates that the position of its frame has been violated. As a result, the sensor cannot perform its function. You can independently adjust the position of the element. Disassemble the phone (use only the tools designed for the iPhone. picks, five-sided screwdriver, suction cup, Phillips screwdriver, spudger). Unfasten the back cover of the device, before disconnecting all the cables of the motherboard.

Locate the proximity sensor holder:

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Iphone 7 Doesn't Work Proximity Sensor

Remove the sensor frame and reinstall it. Remember, the element must be located exactly in the frame of the case.

Iphone 7 Doesn't Work Proximity Sensor

A correctly installed frame is shown in the figure:

Iphone 7 Doesn't Work Proximity Sensor

IPhone Flex Cable Replacement

Thanks to the instructions described below, you can replace an inoperative sensor yourself. Before buying a new loop, pay attention to its marking. The original product contains digital and symbolic codes, QR codes and inscriptions of the manufacturer’s company with the corresponding symbols. The original loopback cable for the iPhone is as follows:

Iphone 7 Doesn't Work Proximity Sensor

As a rule, a breakdown can only be fixed by replacing the loop part. It contains the front camera mechanism of the phone and the proximity sensor. Unfasten the back cover from the iPhone display module and proceed with the replacement of the part.

Place the module on a flat surface and unscrew the screws indicated in the figure:

Iphone 7 Doesn't Work Proximity Sensor

Disconnect the top speaker cover, and then the speaker itself.

Iphone 7 Doesn't Work Proximity Sensor

Using a spudger, disconnect the loop of the front camera and proximity sensor.

Iphone 7 Doesn't Work Proximity Sensor

Using tweezers, carefully remove the sensor (painted in purple tint) from the cable and replace with a new part. You can also replace the entire loop.

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