Iphone 7 Can't See Sim Card

IPhone does not display the presence of a SIM card

If the iphone does not see the SIM card, then you do not need to immediately run to the service center, for sure you will be able to fix the problem yourself by using the contents of our article. Despite the fact that iOS works much more stable than the Android OS on cheap Chinese phones, problems still occur. One of the common problems among iPhone users is a non-working SIM card. You can encounter a similar problem on a very old device, but sometimes you encounter difficulties on a new gadget. Let’s look at the reasons for which the iPhone may not see the SIM card and tell you what to do in this situation.

Outdated SIM Card

Modern SIM cards have been available for over 20 years and for a long time their design has remained unchanged. But not so long ago they began to make notches in Mini SIM, so that the subscriber could break out a Micro and Nano format card from them without any difficulties. But the chip placed in the card is modernized over time. If you purchased a new iPhone and cut the card according to the instructions, but the smartphone does not see it, then the problem probably lies in the outdated version of the chip. This problem is often observed when using very old sims. The way out of the situation is quite simple. contact the customer service center and replace it with a new one. Usually replacement is free.

Incorrectly trimmed or damaged card during trimming

If you purchased an iPhone, but previously used a SIM card in Mini-SIM format, you will need to trim it. You can do this in person or by contacting any communication salon. If the device does not see it after trimming, then the problem is probably the damage to the chip during this procedure. The situation is solved in the same way as in the first case.

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Locked iPhone

What to do in this situation:

You need to use one of the free or paid services where you can check the binding to the operator. If, after checking, it turns out that the iPhone is attached to a specific operator, then it does not see the SIM card for this reason.
There is nothing left to do in such a situation, except to make a free untie in the communication salon, but we will immediately warn you that this is a complex and lengthy procedure. You may be required to prove the fact of the purchase. But you can do it easier by filling out an application on the official website. But here it all depends on the operator to which the phone is attached. Also, you can unbind using paid services. Depending on the complexity, the procedure costs from 1 to 100. If possible, return this iPhone to the seller and get a new one.

Firmware issues

It happens that the iPhone does not see the SIM card due to a software failure. For example, the firmware of a cellular modem may fly off. You can verify the problem with the software by installing another SIM card. If in this case he does not see her, then the problem is for sure this. To restore performance, you need to download iTunes to your computer, download a new firmware and update it on your phone.

SIM card tray issues

Sometimes the cause of the loss of communication is a contact failure in the tray itself. The card can go away in the event of a fall, especially if it was not properly cut and does not fit tightly in the nest. Even a minimal loss of elasticity by the contacts on the board can lead to the fact that the iPhone does not see the SIM card.

Take out the card tray and make sure it is positioned correctly. If it is offset to the side, then correct and place it back in the tray. If the SIM card freely “walks” along the slot (a lot of plastic was removed at the time of trimming), then it is better to replace it with a new one. This is important, because accidental closing of contacts by a moving card can lead to a breakdown of the communication module.

Physical failure iPhone

If the device’s operating rules are violated. moisture gets inside the case, or the original charger is not dropped or used, physical damage to the parts often occurs. The problem can be very diverse. short circuit, damage to chips, burnout of resistors and other defects. In such a situation, you need to make repairs, having instructed it by competent specialists of the service center. Initially, diagnostics are performed to accurately identify the nature of the breakdown. Further, with the help of experience and specialized equipment, the breakdown is eliminated. If everything is normal with the SIM card, the smartphone is official, there are no problems with the firmware and the tray, then the culprit is probably a physical malfunction.

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Hello, the sim card of a certain operator does not work, the first time you put it up the second time you put it does not see, what could be the reason?
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