Iphone 7 Camera And Flashlight Not Working

Causes and Symptoms

With each new iOS update, the manufacturer adds new chips, trying to improve the operating system. But sometimes such actions, instead of a positive effect, bring problems to the end user. So, after the update, users of the iPhone 5, 5s and iphone 6s, 6 plus may encounter a problem. the camera and flashlight do not work. Many do not know what to do and run to repair phones to familiar techies.

You should not panic and fuss, you need to understand the reasons why the camera does not work on the iphone 5s, or any other model. The causes and solution of the breakdown, when the camera does not show signs of life, is the same for all iPhones, is suitable for 4, 5, 6, 7 models and even for new 8 iPhones.

Causes of camera malfunction

  • Impact on a hard surface. a train has flown or broken inside.
  • Drowning a smartphone in liquids, what to do, read the phone fell into the water
  • Install iOs updates
  • Installing “crooked” applications from the App Store
  • Overheating of the device in direct sunlight or in a place too warm
  • Poor repair of iPhone mount by craftsmen


When the camera does not work on your iPhone 5s, this is the most important symptom, but in rare cases you need to clarify them. On the Internet, people on the forums wondered why, after installing regular updates, the front camera does not work on such a reliable device as iPhone 5s. The situation is not entirely clear if the flashlight still does not work at the same time, or when the message “it needs cooling before using the iphone flash” appears on the screen, so here is a list of frequent breakdowns:

Iphone 7 Camera And Flashlight Not Working

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  1. When you turn on the application of the same name, a black screen appears
  2. The video recorder does not transmit or distort the image.
  3. Sometimes, for no reason, the flashlight does not turn on
  4. A warning pops up. “The flash is off. Cooling is required before using the iPhone’s flash. ”
  5. The camera and the flashlight do not work at the same time


Before you begin to find solutions to the problem when the camera on the iphone 5s stopped working, you need to make a clarification, the rear camera and the flashlight are tied to the same cable, so they should be considered together as one spare part. It is impossible to fix the main camera separately, without replacing the flash module, and it’s not worth it, spare part prices do not bite. The module costs about 1,500 rubles, the replacement work is not complicated, the master will ask for opening and installation from 1,000 to 1,500 rubles. As they say, repair is worth the money if you compare the price of the device as a whole.

You can fix the phone yourself, if the front camera of the iphone does not work, it will turn out only in a number of cases, 70 percent, that you still have to contact the service center. Below is a list of both popular and official ways of resuscitating the camera on an iPhone. The instructions are suitable for all phone models starting with iphone 4 and 4s. To begin with, we’ll try to repair the camera without opening the phone’s case, I’ll give a solution from the officials and from ordinary users.

Recommendations from users

  1. We are trying to switch the power saving mode.
  2. We try to switch cameras from the main to the front and back, repeat up to 10 times.
  3. Gently push on the case next to the iPhone 5s camera.
  4. We clear the iPhone’s memory from all running applications, one of them may freeze and “drag out” the camera’s hardware
  5. Reboot device

Apple Support Solution

Tips from Apple officials if the front or main does not work on the iphone 6 and shows a black screen.

  1. We make "Hard Reset", how to do it correctly, read how to restart the phone
  2. Reset iPhone to factory settings
  3. Trying to restore your phone using iTunes

We repair it ourselves

If the camera still does not work on the iphone 5s, we stock up on the tool and open the case of the device. For a list of the instrument and what else you may need, see the video instructions, it will also show how to open the iPhone correctly so as not to break the cables and not add extra problems. You should immediately bring the warranty phones to the official masters, they will do everything for free, of course, if you did not drop the gadget into the water a couple of days ago.

The first thing you should pay attention to, after opening, these are loops and connectors for connecting nodes. With a high degree of probability, one of the connectors will hang in the air. In this case, we thank ourselves and fate, we attach everything back, and close the case. If a miracle did not happen, we watch the video further and begin to disassemble your favorite iPhone in cogs to get to the main camera connector. The front will remain on the panel with the screen.

In custody

Does not work? Once again, carefully read all the information, re-read and revise the video. And most importantly, follow the wisdom of the people, “I’m not sure. do not fit in”, it fits our case perfectly. If you do not know why the camera does not work on the time-tested iphone 5s, it is better not to do it yourself. Ask a friend or, as a last resort, save money and take the device to a service center.