Iphone 6 S Battery How Much Holds

Iphone 6 S Battery How Much Holds

Last month, Wandera experts conducted a study that compared the battery life of smartphones and tablets with iOS 11 and iOS 10 on board.

We, too, in the editorial office decided to see how long an iPhone with iOS 11 can live. Testing was carried out on the first version of the operating system on three iPhone 7 Plus, one iPhone 7 and one iPhone 5s.

What happened to us

The test examines various usage scenarios for greater clarity. The results were surprising.

1. Artyom Bausov, iPhone 7, Moscow, Russia

Iphone 6 S Battery How Much Holds

Battery status: 97%

Firstly, to write news, it took about 2 hours. After that, he switched to a MacBook and handed out internet to him in modem mode.

In parallel with this, I actively corresponded in Telegram, iMessage and Messenger. In total, 40 minutes. Well, I listened to music for 6 hours in a row.

My iPhone 7 discharged in 8.5 hours.

Total: a big load went during the activation of the modem mode, then the smartphone was used even more than in normal mode.

2. Nikita Goryainov, iPhone 7 Plus, Voronezh Moscow, Russia

Iphone 6 S Battery How Much Holds

Battery status: 92%

Most of the time was killed surfing in Google Chrome. 2.5 hours. It took about an hour to chat on Skype, Messenger and Slack.

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The rest is trivial: the use of Instagram, Twitter and other lightweight programs, as well as mobile shooting.

Editor-in-chief smartphone discharged in 7.5 hours.

Total: The greatest load occurred during Internet surfing, as well as during mobile shooting.

3. Roman Yuriev, iPhone 7 Plus, Chernihiv, Ukraine

Video: Iphone 6 S Battery How Much Holds

Iphone 6 S Battery How Much Holds

Battery status: 95%

He used the smartphone to a minimum, spending a charge of 15 minutes of games, 10 minutes of conversations, 10 minutes in Tweetbot and video recording for 5 minutes.

In fact, this is the best indicator among all tested models.

In the end, his smartphone discharged by 45% in 12 hours. Particularly heavy load on the gadget did not go, the result is obvious.

Total: Most of all, Viber, WhatsApp and Messenger “ate” the charge in the background activity mode.

4. Maxim Klimenchuk, iPhone 5s, Secret

Iphone 6 S Battery How Much Holds

Battery status: 96%

Behind 3.5 hours smartphone managed to discharge, although they played Clash Royale on it for an hour, Instagram flipped through for half an hour, spent the same amount on web surfing through Safari, and we talked for 28 minutes.

At one point, Maxim spent about 40 minutes in the zone of a bad signal. The network was searched periodically.

Total: The most problematic was the Clash Royale application, which spent 38% of the charge. Instagram also made its mark during a low-signal background update.

5. Maxim Kurmaev, iPhone 7 Plus, Moscow, Russia

Iphone 6 S Battery How Much Holds

Battery status: 90%

The first thing you should pay attention to is the constant connection to the Wi-Fi network, he did not use mobile Internet for the day of testing.

Of these loads, Maxim noted: 3.5 hours on Telegram, 1.5 hours on VKontakte, 1 hour on Facebook, 1 hour on Tweetbot, 1 hour on Apple Music, and half an hour surfing the web in Safari.

His smartphone discharged in 10 hours of active use.

Total: The main load on the processor came from messengers and social networks. Not surprisingly, they use a permanent Internet connection.

To summarize

In general, iOS 11 lives quite confidently on modern gadgets, which can not be said about old people, like the iPhone 5s.

It seems that the main load on the battery comes from social networks working both in the background and actively. On average, they consume Internet traffic at 50% of the time.

And if the network is lost, the battery runs out a little faster (by about 10-15%). Personally, I myself noticed that such problems in iOS 11 occur much more often than in iOS 10.

The firmware ceased to adequately maintain the signal level, which led to a greater consumption of energy.

However, the difference is small, but can sometimes be palpable. It remains to wait for corrections from Apple. We hope that this will happen with the release of iOS 11.1.

(4.00 out of 5, rated: 4)

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